At Prime One Global LLC, your privacy is important to us, and we are steadfast in protecting it. To protect your privacy in a superior way, we provide this “Privacy Policy” which explains how we handle online information and the choices at your disposal about the way your information is collected and used on our website, located at domain: Primeone. global (“Site”). To make this notice easy to find, it is accessible from any page of our website and at every point in the Site, your Personally Identifiable Information may be collected.


PII refers to any data about an individual that links, relates, identifies, or is unique to, or describes the person, For Example – a social security number[SSN], age, civilian grade, military rank, marital status, salary, race, home phone number, email address, other demographic, personnel, biometric, medical and financial information, etc. Such information is used to trace a person’s identity. Most organizations have PII of their employees and customers. They also manage this sensitive data appropriately and make every provision to safeguard it from loss, theft or unauthorized access.

How secure is my Data with

We have executed commercially equitable safeguarding measures to protect the information we collect from theft, loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and damage. Please take into consideration that despite all efforts, no data security measures can give 100% assurance on the security. You should take the necessary steps to safeguard your PII from unauthorized access. You must always access websites from ‘Incognito’ mode when accessing websites from shared computers. Choose a robust password that nobody else should know, always keep your login details private. We do not take responsibility of any stolen, lost, or compromised passwords or for any unauthorized activity on your account by an unauthorized password entry.

What Organizations Are Collecting The Information?

Apart from us directly collecting information from our esteemed clientele, associated third-party vendors such as banks, clearinghouses, and Credit Card Companies may collect such information, as and when deemed appropriate. We do not control how these companies utilize information, but, we ask them to divulge how they use Personally Identifiable Information, collected from our clients/job seekers/stakeholders. Some of these third-party vendors are sole links in the circulation chain and may not store or/and use information provided to them.

How does the Site use Personally Identifiable Information?

Personally Identifiable Information collected by is used to enhance the business development proceedings. We send our subscribers electronic newsletters and information, according to their liking. Subscribers can choose the type of materials that we send or unsubscribe anytime that they wish to.If you contact us using your personal information, we might save your Personal Credentials and use it to identify and process your request and reply. We might also store your questions or comments for future reference.


We may share and communicate your PII with the following people:

  • Agents / Service Providers – We divulge your PII to third parties, including agents / service providers,Strategic Partners, independent contractors and affiliates that execute functions on our behalf for your assignments / projects. Some Examples are – delivering packages, fulfilling orders, sending postal email and letters, Writing contents, Integrate contents, creating Video, Visuals and deleting repetitive info from customer lists (includes paid lists and links) and credit card links. These individuals / organizations are legally bound to protect your PII.
  • Trading Partners – Our product / services are offered globally in conjunction with select trading partners. We may share your PII with our trading partners under this policy.
  • Affiliates – Your PPI may be used by our affiliates or their subsidiaries for their own marketing, research and other purposes.
  • Non-Affiliated Parties – We do not disclose your PII to non-affiliates for their own marketing purposes.


Your Personally Identifiable Information may also be shared under the following circumstances:

  • Business Transfers – In case is acquired by or combined with another company, if considerably all our assets are transferred to another company or as part of insolvency proceeding, we are liable to transfer all the information that we have in our database to the other company.
  • To Protect Us and Others – We must release PII in case there is a legal subpoena – to comply with the law, a judicial proceeding, legal process or court order. This may be due to enforcement of our Terms of Service Documents or this policy and other agreements; to protect our safety, property, our rights and users, and others; as proof in litigation in which we will be involved. PII will be shared when suitable to investigate, take action against or prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud or circumstances that are potentially dangerous to the safety of our organization or our users. This may also include sharing PII with other organizations or companies for scam protection and credit risk reduction.

NOTE – You may at anytime decide to “opt-out” of receiving information / beings contacted by us or any agency or organization acting on our behalf. Please get in touch with [email protected] for doing the aforementioned.

How Is Personally Identifiable Information Stored?

  1. Personally Identifiable Information collected by is securely stored and encrypted for maximum protection. This information is inaccessible to any third-party member or the employees, except as mentioned above.

What Choices Are Available To Visitors Regarding Collection, Use And Distribution Of The Information?

Clients may choose to unsubscribe from promotional email or postal mail (applicable only within the boundaries of Sri Lanka) any time. You need to update your preferences by logging into your profile or by following the steps to unsubscribe, mentioned in every email. Please note that it can take up to 10 working days to process and activate a request to unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from postal mail, please contact our Customer Care executives at- #196, 1st Lane, Goodshed Road, Vavuniya, NP, Sri Lanka. If you unsubscribe from promotional email or postal mail about recommendations or services that we think might interest you, you will still receive email pertaining to your Account, or Services that you have requested or received from us. 


Yes. The website uses cookies. We use ‘Cookies’ to acquire information about the individual preferences of our visitors, resellers, clients and affiliates and about the services they select. Cookies help in keeping the preferences stored on your personal hard drives, so that we can identify repeat visitors and directly select their preferred settings. For Example, due to our ‘Cookie’ use, you would not have to log into the website more than once, saving time the next time you visit the website. Usage of ‘Cookie’ is in no way linked to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which is stored in our website servers.

How Does Prime One Global LLC Use Login Information?

Prime One Global LLC utilizes Log-in information including, but not limited to, the user’s ISP, IP address and browser type, in order to administer, analyze browsing trends and habits and keeping track of users’ online activity apart from gathering demographic information. supports Cookies. Cookies are a specific group of data that is automatically stored on the users’ hard-drive to help improve access and user experience, while helping us keep track of return traffic. For example, with the help of Cookies users need to type in their password the first time they visit our website. For subsequent visits, the webpage remembers the log-in credentials, hence, saving time and manual effort. Cookies do not store Personal Information on our website.

What Partners Or Service Providers Have Access To Personally Identifiable Information From Visitors And/or Authorized Customers On The Site? has entered into, and will continue to enter into partnerships with third-party vendors. Such parties need to gain access to Personally Identifiable Information time and again, for evaluating our esteemed customer base, eligible for service. Our Privacy Policies do not cover for their Terms of Service and use of Information. We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information to uphold the instructions of the Court of Law, Cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies or/and subpoena. We will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information, if necessary, to defend the rights of our Esteemed Clientele.

How Does The Site Keep Personally Identifiable Information Secure?

Every individual at Prime One Global LLC is familiar with the Terms and Conditions of anonymity professed and practiced by the company. Personal Information gathered from our users is accessible to a select few qualified employees who are in charge of these accounts. Periodic maintenance and audit are carried out for greater safety. Personal Information – such as Social Security Number and Credit Card Information – is guarded by a strict encryption network. Commercially reasonable methods are applied to ensure a secure website. However, electronic databases are subjected to errors and decryption, and we cannot warrant total protection under such circumstances. We will not be held responsible in situations pertaining to deliberate attempts of breaking-in.

How Can Visitors Correct Any Inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information?

Viewers, visitors, members, subscribers and customers can contact us at [email protected] with a request to update Personally Identifiable Information.

Can A Visitor Delete Or Deactivate Personally Identifiable Information Collected By The Site?

All Personally Identifiable Information stored on our secure database is accessible only to the employees of Under no circumstances is Personal Information leaked out for public viewing. Visitors can contact us and have their Personal Information deleted from our Server. However, due to a massive volume of in-bound traffic, it is impossible to delete a Visitor’s Entry entirely without retaining Residual Information. This Policy Statement clearly mentions the manner in which visitors can choose to deactivate Personal Information collected by this website.

FTC Statement

The disclosure that follows is intended to ensure full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s policy that demands be transparent about any affiliate relations may have on this website. In simple English, you, the visitor or customer, should understand that all links on this site are affiliate links. If you click on these links and go visit the subsequent site, a cookie will be set in your web browser that will make us receive a commission “IF” you purchase a product on the other end. This is a genuine way to monetize and pay for the operation of web sites and gladly reveals our affiliate relationships to you.

In addition, fully discloses that hyperlinks on this site are in most cases abbreviated, and in some cases cloaked to hide long ugly links for functionality and tracing purposes. have nothing to hide and are proud of our relationship with the products, services and vendors found on this site. Link abbreviation, cloaking and tracking is a very common practice on all types of web sites.

Further, does not receive cash or real products in exchange for any reviews or posts you find on this site. We are not paid to do review posts for any services or products. has to tell you that it is possible that our reviews and posts are partial to our affiliate relationships and may create a clash between personal interests. do not believe a clash of interest exists, but you, the customer or visitor, must decide by considering the affiliate relationships and link techniques have labeled. Obviously, would like you to buy the service or products writes about and is influenced by that fact. avoids conflict by only reviewing or posting about products and services, trusts. There are plenty of products that can choose from to promote, and  focuses on the ones that thinks will cause you to develop trust on us and come back to read more of our feedback. strives to always give our honest findings, opinions and beliefs or experiences on topics or products write about and promote.

Other vendors may also pay to place advertising on our sites in the form of banners, widgets, and hyperlinks. These are paid advertisements and while does its best to only allow superior quality services and/or products to be advertised on our site,  is not responsible for claims or testimonials made on paid advertising links.

Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is any commercial or unsolicited bulk email, including “junk/trash” email, which is not tolerable/uncalled for by the recipient. It is invasive and mostly extraneous or offensive in nature and it wastes precious resources and time of the recipient. Spam messages can be considered the direct opposite of permission-based email, as permission-based email messages can always be anticipated, personal, relevant and/or related to a business or personal relationship already in existence. prohibits the use of the Site and/or products or services in any manner linked with the transmission, circulation or delivery of any unsolicited commercial or bulk email (“Spam”). You may not use any services to send Spam messages. You must not deliver Spam or be the cause of Spam delivery to customers / clients of Prime One Global LLC.

In obedience to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (15 U.S.C 7701, et seq., Public Law No. 108-187, was S.877 of the 108th U.S.C), email sent, or triggered to be sent, to or through the website or service will not:

  • Contain invalid or duplicated headers
  • Contain invalid or non-existent domain names
  • Use any technique to otherwise falsify, obscure or hide any information in recognizing the point of origin or the path of transmission
  • Use any unauthorized or illegal means of deceptive addressing
  • Use any third-party domain name, or be transmitted through a third-party’s device without valid consent of the third party
  • Contain false of invalid information in the subject or content of email
  • Fail to obey the technical standards described hereafter
  • Violate our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and The Disclaimer does not allow the collection of email ids or other information from or through the website or through its services. Prime One Global does not authorize or permit others to use the services to compile, collect, harvest or mine any information about its subscribers or customers, including but not limited to subscriber email-ids. does not allow or authorize any effort to use its services in a manner that could disable, damage, and overburden or harm any aspect of any of the services, or that could hamper any other party’s use and amusement of any service.

If believes that illegal or improper use is being made of any service, it may without notice, take such action as it deems fit, in its full discretion, including but not limited to stopping messages from a particular domain on the internet, mail server of Internet Protocol (IP) Address. reserves the right to immediately terminate any service or account which it determines, in its full discretion, is relaying or is otherwise linked to any email activity that violates this policy.

It should be noted that, no statement is made in this policy that is intentionally granting any right to relay or send email to, or through, the website and/or its services or products. Failure to apply this policy anywhere does not amount to a waiver of’s rights.

Unauthorized use of any services in conjunction with the relaying / transmission of unsolicited email, including the relaying / transmission of email in infringement of this policy may result in administrative, civil or criminal penalties against the sender and those associated with the sender in the unauthorized activity of Spam.

Infringers of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 may be subject to “cease and desist” penalties or orders from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of up to $11,000 per infringement. A criminal trial is also possible in the case of atrocious offenders, which can call for penalties such as forfeiture of proceeds and equipment and fines. In worst cases, the offenders can also be sent to jail.

In the unlikely event that you receive a “Spam” message from or send using the systems and/or services or products, please contact using the details provided below and the matter will be taken into consideration at the earliest and amendments will be made to rectify the situation, if needs arise.

This Anti-Spam Policy is subject to intermittent change; please view this page from time to time to see if any changes have been made. Prime One Global will not inform before/after making any changes to the policy and the new updated policy will be effective from the moment of publishing on the website.

Testimonials, Case Study Disclosure

We reserve all rights to publish our client’s feedback, details pertaining to Public Project Research and Case Study, published on our website, except projects protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements. We do not publish insensitive information about our clients, affiliates or partners in any public forum. Clients who wish to keep their feedback and project results away from the public eye must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Please contact the Project Manager for access to MoU and NDA.

What happens if the Privacy Policy Changes? reserves the right to change its Privacy Policies any time. However, we will notify our esteemed clients of any such changes in advance, through email and by a NOTICE published on the website. In case of a change in materials, a notification will be issued before implementing any changes. If the change involves a Client’s Personally Identifiable Information, the Client will be instructed specifically, explaining how to opt-out of the change.

Links features links to affiliate websites. Please note that when you click on any of these links, you are entering the portal to another website. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of these websites, as it may vary from ours. We focus on conducting business in accordance with these principles, ensuring and protecting the confidentiality of information.