Digital Marketing Partner Infotel 2015

Prime One Global and INFOTEL Tie-up to Host the Largest ITC Expo in Sri Lanka – 2015

Prime One Global is excited to announce a newly forged partnership with INFOTEL 2015 – “Connecting Citizens” as their Digital Marketing Partner. INFOTEL is South Asia’s premier and Sri Lanka’s largest ICT Exposition organized by the FITIS. It will be opening its 2015 edition from November 20th – November 22nd, 2015 at the BHICH. This will be its 14th run in the last 20 years.

Being the leading event of FITIS (Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka), INFOTEL has developed into one of the largest Technology exhibition held in South Asia, and the Premier Technology event in Sri Lanka. It is frequented by significant decision makers of leading organizations in South Asia. Setting a trend for the past 20 years, the exhibition promises a much pompous display of Technology and Services and will provide a rewarding stage for new and upcoming businesses this year as well.

Sharanyan Sharma, CEO of Prime One Global says, “ Though we have not been one of the luckiest to follow the Exposition since a very long time, we have previously attended INFOTEL 2013 and 2014 as Attendees, but this year is going to be different. We are not going to be just Attendees. We are looking forward to collaborating with the amazing minds behind this incessantly successful event.”

History of INFOTEL :

Two decades ago, with the speedy growth of Information Technology in Sri Lanka, the IT community had felt a need for a convention, a merger of minds. Like a place where the creative thinkers in this Industry would get a stage to share a part of their brains with the world. From the first time INFOTEL was hosted in Sri Lanka in 1992, it has come back every year with greater bang and charisma than the previous year.

Who Should Come To INFOTEL 2015?

There are no barriers – everyone’s welcome at Infotel. It is hard for someone to say that they do not connect with Technology today – it is a crucial part of life. So, if you are reading this piece – YOU should come to INFOTEL. And when you decide to come, keep all your perceptions about Technology at home – Since, INFOTEL 2015 is going to change your way of thinking. It’s going to challenge your current beliefs, break your thoughts about the future and inspire you in a way you could have never imagined.

There is opportunity for :

  1. ICT Professionals Software Engineers, Executives, IT Developers and anyone related to IT Professions.
  2. IT Students Students, Career Guidance and Opportunities in IT, Inventors, Creative Thinkers and Fresher’s’.
  3. General Public Hardware Equipment and Devices, Latest Gadgets, Gaming Industry, Software Licenses, Consulting and ICT Knowledge.
  4. Exhibitors – 300+ Stalls, 08 Side Events, and 100,000 Guaranteed Footfall at the Event.

“Year after year, INFOTEL has built the platform for unconventional thinkers and inventors to show-off their talents in front of thousands of people. I have witnessed ‘out-of-the-box’ people sharing ‘out-of-the-box-ideas.’ This is the place to be for businesses’ that don’t fit into a single mold and this is the place to be for entrepreneurs who want to increase their knowledge to expand their business in the coming days.” Says, Pratheepa Sharanyan, Co Founder of

Prime One Global’s Role in INFOTEL 2015

We are partnering with INFOTEL 2015 to improve their online presence and are directly responsible for the development, SEO and maintenance of their official website.  It is our ulterior motive to spread the word about INFOTEL to the deepest corners of the World by running result-oriented Social and Search Campaigns that drive more visibility for the event. As a result of this partnership, we will also be managing their online PR activities such as the administration of official social pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) covering press releases,  posting event related competitions and updates, taking Interviews of Stall Owners and more.

What is the Objective of INFOTEL this year?

If you are a follower of INFOTEL, you would have noticed that every year, INFOTEL Expo has a different catch phrase. The last year it was “For a Smarter Tomorrow”, the year before that it was “Enhancing Lives,” and till date our favorite has been “Vision to Reality” in 1998. The slogan for this year is “Connecting Citizens.” The expo will aim to connect Entrepreneurs (budding and pro) from different spheres of the ICT industry under a single roof to enable a rich bond between the citizens of different participating countries. The event aims to promote the Foreign Relations of Sri Lanka and thereby enhance the growth potential of the Island Nation.

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