Social Campaigns and How They Work For Businesses

Results-Driven Social Campaigns for Businesses


In a world full of issues and passive publics, Social Campaigns are a great way to voice out against any matter, spread awareness, and address problems. However, when it comes to that subject, people often associate social campaigns with political problems, whereas it also applies to other facets of our lives. In this case, businesses should start applying social campaigns and events to establish themselves in the market.

Here at Prime One Global, formerly known as Extreme SEO Internet Solutions, we help businesses stand out through effective and innovative digital transformations. Based in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka, we are an award-winning performance marketing agency that takes your visions and executes them flawlessly.

A prime example of how social campaigns make an impact on startups is our recent project that was reviewed on Clutch. To help you get up to speed first, Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating platform dedicated to helping millions of users from across the globe. The site hosts a staggering collection of client reviews, data-driven articles, and other industry-related content.

An analyst from Clutch contacted Nevindaree Premaranthne, the senior manager of a government organization based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to gather their insights regarding our old project from 2019. The five-star review highlights our team’s efforts for their social campaigns and video production.

Clutch published the review back on June 11, 2021, and it showcases how our team efficiently and effectively handled the engagement. Throughout our partnership, the videos and the number of likes on the clients’ pages went off the roof thanks to the campaigns. We also handled content development, social media marketing, photography, and videography during the client’s events.

When the analyst asked about what was the most impressive aspect of our team, the client responded:

“The most impressive thing I’ve noticed was their friendliness. It was really easy for us to work with this team as they listened to what we really want and explained everything in a friendly manner. And the other best thing I’ve noticed was, they take ownership of the work. They worked with us as part of our team and we never felt that this is another service provider.”  

— Senior Manager, Government Organization

This review reflects how much effort our team exerts for each of our projects. It also speaks volumes about how powerful our social campaigns are. We are extremely proud to have this review, along with our other clients’ insights, featured on our Clutch profile.

As we move forward, we want to encourage our clients to think about how social campaigns can make a difference for them. We are always here to help them launch their plans, and we are looking forward to seeing more future projects like this.

Prime One Global also ranked highly on The Manifest’s list of the top 100 social media marketing campaign service providers from Philadelphia. For context, The Manifest is a blog platform that serves as a credible resource for those who want to learn more about the B2B space.

Their recognition is a massive endorsement for our team and it goes to show how driven we are. Still, want to learn more about us? Take a look at our services to see if our team suits your needs. Reach out and let’s get in contact!

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