Will Workplace by Facebook Takedown Slack?

If you are annoyed by sending emails to your staffs to converse, collaborate and get tasks done, Workplace by Facebook is your solution at hand.

workplace by facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a software that was launched yesterday (10.10.2016) with 1K clients already on board. We are already familiar to collaborating software like Slack and Britrix24 which we use at work to keep in touch with our other colleagues. Now with Workplace by Facebook, we will be stepping into another dimension which will be similar to the Facebook we use for our personal use.

Enterprises normally don’t prefer its staffs using Facebook during the working hours. With Workplace, I think, it is going to be different. Here your senior officers are going to get you use Facebook’s Workplace since it is going to be a tool to be used for your office.

Although the mission of the Workplace is similar to Facebook – Connecting people – here it will be connecting you with your colleagues. While Facebook connects people with personal life, this software will be connecting different audience like your colleagues who you might not have even met, but are connected to the company network. So this is going to be a similar platform with different purpose like collaborating and connecting with your colleagues.

[blockquote photo=”” author=”” ] People do their best work when they have more knowledge of what’s going on at their company, and people work together better when they understand their colleagues. – Mark Zuckerberg  [/blockquote]

According to Julien Codorniou, the director of the project, since Facebook is not a new platform, enterprises doesn’t need to get its staffs trained to use it. 

The Workplace is going to be a competitor to Slack because of its primary feature – getting the colleagues collaborate in one platform. But, Workplace seems to overtake its competitor through its additional features like making the distant colleagues get accustomed to the company culture and make them feel that they are at the office virtually.

Since there are companies with branches around the world, like the automatic translation we see on Facebook, we can get an auto translation on this Workplace Platform too. So far they have covered like 100 languages, and they are working on the other languages.

Pricing. Since enterprises are the target of this product, this software doesn’t come for free. Not free, but cost-effective, I would say.

Slack has both free and a standard package. Still, the free pack doesn’t allow a permanent storage of conversations and shared files, while the standard package which costs $6.67 per user per month allows you with unlimited conversation storage.

But you can begin Workplace with 3 Month Free-Trail-Period, but from then on it charges $3 per user for companies with 1,000 monthly active users or low, $2 per user for companies with 1,001 – 10,000 monthly active users and $1 per user for companies with 10,000+ monthly active users.

Comparing to the features Workplace provides us, it is quite cost-effective. In this expense, you can have unlimited file storage, live streaming, monitoring tools and most importantly secured connections.

Workplace by Facebook

Expense and the features of Workplace


While Slack and other collaborative software should be worrying about bringing similar or advanced features of Facebook’s Workplace, it is going to be an email-killer. You wouldn’t be hereafter worried about file storage or in need to send documents over email fearing that your storage would be deleted over time.

But what Facebook wants is to bring a better change in the company style, its company culture and how every colleague works with each other.

Prime One Global has registered to get this Workplace, and once we start collaborating through the software, let me get back to you with the feedback. Meanwhile, if you are already using the software, feel free to let your thoughts on how it would bring down Slack and be an email-killer.

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