8th Anniversary Invitation Letter From The Founder

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is a special day 🙂 Yes, it’s our 8th Anniversary 🙂

Unbelievable! How time flies. It only feels like yesterday when I was walking down an old apartment corridor on a mission to rent a small, dusty room, which would later give birth to such a beautiful company – Prime One Global. It only feels like yesterday! But, it’s been Eight Years. Eight beautiful, incredible, challenging years.

There haven’t been many constants in my life –  The beloved partners, stakeholders, members of staff, family, friends, and well-wishers. Starting from my first day of the vision, when I stepped into the world of Digital Marketing as an aspiring Entrepreneur, when I was deeply in debt, and I had no idea where to start, from the first five-dollar I earned after a tiresome day of Link Building (thank you for being with me still, you know who you are), to the incredible milestones of 2012, 2014, and 2015 where we completed 12000, 24000 and 40000+ Digital Marketing Campaigns respectively, you all have been there. And, I for one, am grateful that you have been a part of this Journey – Our Journey.

You have been there too in the darkest of times, when I faced lots of obstacles, I felt alone at times, and I am thankful for your presence. All our achievements would never have been possible without the beloved Prime One Global Family, friends Partners, Clients, Stakeholders, and every other person who is even remotely associated with us.

All through this journey, we have had to bid farewell to a few valued members of our team and friends, but we have also teamed up with a new, more energetic, enthusiastic army of individuals this year. No matter how much we expand, how many milestones we achieve, we at Prime One Global will be grateful to every individual who has been a part of our company. As I always say, we are what we are because of everyone who has had faith in our vision and the trust they have put in our company.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to our 8th Year Anniversary Celebrations of Prime One Global, where there will be lots of fun and entertainment and some mysteries to be unraveled.

Thank you all,
Sharanyan Sharma
Co-Worker @ Prime One Global

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