Bard Transforms into Gemini: Google’s Next-Gen AI Model and Mobile App

In a move to enhance its AI capabilities and provide users with more intuitive and accessible tools, Google has rebranded its experimental AI service Bard as Gemini. Alongside this rebranding effort, Also, Google has also introduced a new iteration of Gemini called Gemini Advanced, which leverages the latest AI model named Ultra 1.0. Additionally, Google has launched a mobile app for Gemini to cater to users’ increasing demand for on-the-go AI assistance.

Today, In this article, we’re going to explore more about Gemini. Let’s dive into the article!

1. Gemini’s Journey: From Bard to Gemini Advanced

Gemini, formerly known as Bard, has been a platform where users can collaborate with AI in various tasks, ranging from job interview preparation to creative image generation. Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager of Gemini, highlighted the widespread adoption of the platform since its inception, showcasing its versatility and usefulness across different domains. Gemini Advanced marks a significant milestone in Google’s AI journey. It incorporates Ultra 1.0, Google’s most efficient AI model to date, capable of handling complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, and creative endeavours. With Gemini Advanced, users can engage in extended conversations with the AI, which can comprehend context from previous interactions. This advanced version of Gemini serves as a personal tutor, coding advisor, and creative collaborator, empowering users to tackle diverse challenges with AI assistance.

2. Google One AI Premium Plan: Empowering Users with Advanced AI


To provide users with access to Gemini Advanced and other AI advancements, Google has introduced the Google One AI Premium Plan. Priced at $19.99 per month, this premium subscription plan offers a comprehensive suite of features, including 2TB of cloud storage and access to Google’s latest AI technologies. Subscribers will soon be able to integrate Gemini technology into popular Google productivity tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, enhancing their productivity and creativity.

3. Mobile Access: Gemini on the Go


Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, Google has launched a dedicated app for Gemini on Android, with integration into the Google app on iOS forthcoming in the future. Through the Gemini app, users can seamlessly interact with the AI, whether through text input, voice commands, or image uploads. And, if users need coding advice, creative inspiration, or practical guidance, they can easily seek assistance and collaborate with AI wherever they are.

4. Rollout and Future Expansion Ideas


The rollout of new features and services is underway, starting with availability in the USA in English and plans for expansion to additional languages and countries. Google encourages users to try out Gemini and provide feedback to further enhance the platform’s capabilities and user experience. As part of its commitment to responsible AI development, Google has conducted extensive safety testing and implemented measures to address biases and ensure the platform’s integrity.


Google’s rebranding of Bard to Gemini, coupled with the introduction of Gemini Advanced, the Google One AI Premium Plan, and the Gemini mobile app, represents a significant advancement in AI accessibility and functionality. With these new offerings, Google aims to empower users with cutting-edge AI tools that enhance productivity, creativity, and problem-solving across various domains.

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