The 5 Most In-Demand Content Marketing Skills in 2021

Today’s digital era is creating a new world, and more than ever, brands are prioritizing digital channels to connect with their target audience and drive bottom-line growth for their business. As a result, the demand for high-quality, creative, human talent and newfangled digital skills are increased.

For instance, every year Google fills more than 6,000 job roles. (Google receives more than 1 million applications every year but, hires less than 1% from them.)

Recently, QuestResearch Group conducted a Study at Kaplan University, and published the results in Forbes, found that:

“There is a very little number of people who believe in the work readiness of university graduates. And, just 6% of university trustees, 11% of C-level executives and 13% of U.S. adults strongly agree with statements about the work readiness of university graduates.”

Maybe traditional education methods failing to prepare our next generation for what’s really essential to succeed. That’s why self-built skills are becoming more and more important.

So, Good News? A university degree isn’t always a prerequisite to success.

In fact, big brands like Google don’t even require a degree and they’ve been open about online career certificates instead. Also, brands like Apple, IBM, Tesla, and even Hilton, Costco, Bank of America, Whole Foods are following the same and don’t require a degree.

That means you can get a great job without a university degree! But how?

You need to build real, market-ready skills.

5 Market-Ready Skills to Win a Placement in the Content Marketing Industry.


1. Having a Good Understanding of Brand Content Strategy


Unless you understand the mechanics of content strategy, you can’t get any content marketing job. The content strategy is barely 10 years old, but, the base foundations of its techniques go back hundreds of years.

If you’ve no idea about brand content strategy, there are six core factors that build a brand content strategy.


The Six Core Factors of Brand Content Strategy

  1. Knowing how to define a content strategy and the different parts of content strategy.
  2. Get to know your target audience and build a brand differentiation factor.
  3. Discover a strategy to find and put together great keywords
  4. Knowing the ways to build authority with a dedicated brand website
  5. Knowing the tactics to consistently create well-optimized awesome content
  6. Having an organized process and system to manage and maintain the content and content strategy (editorial calendar, promotional strategy, etc.).

The above six steps don’t sound light, right? Because truthfully, they aren’t.

If you’re new to content marketing but want to be taken seriously in this industry and build your skillsets, consider getting a mentor and investing in a course led by industry-best practitioners to learn how to build a content strategy. Another best way is to join an internship in a job where you can learn and practice real-time tactics to build these content marketing skills.

2. Having a Better Understanding of SEO


There are valid reasons why more marketers and brands are focusing on SEO:

Inbound SEO content is a win in today’s scenario because over the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020 to present), Google search traffic spike up to 6 billion searches/day from 3.6 billion searches/day. In short, the number of people using Google to search for answers to their questions has increased to a greater level.

SEO skillset revolves around things like knowing how to write and optimize content for search, maintain and update older content, monitor your content performance, and effectively using tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush and Yoast. Basically, companies that hiring content marketers are looking for a good understanding of SEO.

So, building your knowledge and skills in SEO is essential. To enhance your SEO knowledge you can find and follow SEO experts and take an SEO course.

3. Having a Great Understanding of Online Content


Can you quickly identify great online content?

If you haven’t sharpened your content recognition skills, you can’t survive in the content marketing industry for a long time. Brands are expecting their content marketing team to produce quality content. So, sharpen your content recognition skills and get to know how to identify good content across these content formats:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Posts
  • Blogs
  • Headlines
  • Web Content
  • Meta Content
  • Emails
  • Ebooks
  • Case Studies
  • Lead Magnets
  • Whitepapers
  • Video Scripts

Regardless of the industry, all of these above content formats are used across a wide variety of content marketing campaigns. So,  if don’t have good content recognition skills, build them by joining an internship at a content marketing agency, take a lower-paying gig in exchange for building your content- skills, or investing in an online content writing course.

4. Having the Ability to Do In-Depth Research


‘Sourcing a statistic” in your content isn’t working any longer.

You should know the ways to find the original study, plus make sure you’re never linking to anything that’s outdated.  For instance, if you’re sourcing a link to a study from 2019 in your blog post, depending on your industry, it’s quite possibly outdated and won’t add authority to your blog post.

You need to research a bit more deeply than an average person to find great sources and statistics for the content you build or manage in a content marketing campaign.

Statistics and facts matter more than before because now trust is one of the most important buying factors consumers consider when purchasing a product/service from a brand.

5. Commitment & The Ability to Stick with It


This is a simple yet most important trait for a content marketer.

Above all, the success of a content marketing campaign depends on the commitment of the person who is spearheading the campaign.

The founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi has said that it takes 12-18 months to see the success of content. Also, Pulizzi said that one of the biggest reasons for content marketing failure is that the brands don’t have patience and kills their campaign too early, even, it sounds crazy, it’s the true fact.

If you’re heading into the content marketing industry, you should be committed and build your ability to stick with it until you achieve the results. Simply, be a proponent for a brand’s content marketing success.


There are many other content marketing skills. But, these five are extremely important content marketing skills to master. Now you have the path to build your content marketing skills. Once you built these skills, you’re ready to hustle your dream content marketing job.

Go ahead and prosper your career!

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Top 20 Full Stack Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 You Must Know

Many businesses worldwide have had to endure a big hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, after the pandemic, buyers are started to shop effectively on the web, and numerous brands have gone online to keep in touch with their customers. With this monstrous expansion in internet shopping, the business can’t ignore the rising of full stack digital marketing trends in 2021.

Regardless of the niche of the business or the type of services and products they offer; brands need to adapt the digital transformation to scale their business growth.

Considering this significant change, today, in this article I’ve put together the top 20 full stack digital marketing trends in 2021 that you must know to make a winning online presence for your business. However, most of these digital marketing trends are not new, but they all evolved over the time that you need to know!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top full stack digital marketing trends in 2021.

Top Full Stack Digital Marketing Trends in 2021


 1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence helps brands to personalize their digital marketing campaigns based on user behaviors as AI technology can analyze the behavior of consumers and detect their search patterns more effectively. You can also use Artificial Intelligence to extract data from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to analyze how consumers look for services and products. Although AI will be the driving force behind many digital marketing services in the future, as of now it’s implemented in Product recommendations, Content creation, and Email personalization.

2. Chatbots


Digital marketers can use chatbots to ask customers what they are looking for, give them answers, guide them through purchasing, and collect information about their experience. In nutshell, Chatbots allow brands to engage in interactive conversations with their customers to create better customer relationships and drive more sales for their business. According to an Oracle survey in 2016 “Nearly 1 in 3 brands say customers and prospects prefer to complete their purchase or resolve services issues without speaking to a human, if possible.” And a recent study from Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that 15% of businesses who are ahead in their use of data intelligence and latest technology had grown more rapidly than their business competitors and are better positioned their business for the future.

3. Programmatic Advertising


Simply saying, programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising rather than buying directly from publishers. A great example of programmatic ads buying is real-time bidding. It’s faster, more efficient, and helps brands to increase their conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.

4. Conversational Marketing


Conversational Marketing is one of the most important full stack digital marketing trends in 2021. Conversational marketing helps marketers and consumers to have one-to-one and real-time communication across multiple channels. Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing is available across numerous channels which allows brands to communicate directly with their consumers at their convenience means conversational marketing let brands communicate according to the platforms, devices, or timing that suits the consumers’ needs the best.

5. Omnichannel Marketing


Omnichannel marketing was one of the most popular buzzwords in 2019. Even though the buzz around omnichannel marketing may seem a little worn out now, still omnichannel marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. The main goal of omnichannel marketing is to ensure a seamless and consistent customer interaction with a brand, regardless of the channel. Whether it’s a social media post, digital ad, or a visit to an online store, the key is promoting a business on different platforms to connect with customers in a better way. When omnichannel marketing is done right, it can offer the customers an enhanced user experience that boosts your brand awareness and sales.

6. Video Marketing


Video marketing is all about using videos to promote and market your brand’s services and products that help you increase engagement on your brand’s digital and social channels. This is the reason video marketing is one of the most important full stack digital marketing trends in 2021, and most likely to remain the same for the next five to ten years. The below stats will show you the importance of incorporating video marketing in your digital marketing strategies.

7. Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing, and it has risen to be one of the effective full stack digital marketing trends in 2021. Influencer marketing focuses on getting the word out about your brand, its services, or products through well-known social media influencers and celebrities. However, more often, the influencers are Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube personalities with a massive fan following in a particular niche. According to data, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search, and email marketing. It is also found that 51% of businesses got a higher quality of customers through influencer marketing. However, influencer marketing may be a little costly, especially if you want to collaborate with popular and high-level influencers. Do your research to choose the best fit influencers according to your budget.

8. Visual Search


In simple words, Visual Search focuses on using images to promote online searches of a brand’s products by consumers. If done correctly, visual search can take the whole user experience to an all-new level that helps you to increase your search visibility and lead generation. Visual Search allows users to upload products’ pictures to get more accurate search results. For example, Google Lens is a visual search engine powered by Google that identifies landmarks and objects with the help of a camera app.

9. Voice Search


The use of voice search among consumers has increased over the last few years. It allows the users to do their searches conveniently with the help of voice search assistants. Now that AI technology is getting smarter, the number of mistakes and errors made by voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google, and Cortana has reduced significantly. Considering the fact that 40% of adults depend on voice search every day, improving your voice search readiness by adding keyword phrases that better suit voice search queries to find the exact ways to approach local SEO can bring the results you want for your business.

10. Customer Segmentation


Customer Segmentation is not one of the new full stack digital marketing trends in 2021, it has been around for quite some time. The idea behind Customer Segmentation is to have many small digital marketing campaigns targeting a specific group of the audience instead of a small number of digital marketing campaigns that target a general audience. Through the customer segmentation process, digital marketers can group their target audience based on specific factors like age, gender, demographics, shopping habits, etc. Customer Segmentation can help you promote the right services or products to the right group of audience that’ll help you increase your sales opportunities.

11. Progressive Web Pages


In simple words, Progressive Web Pages are websites that function like mobile apps and they are growing in popularity, particularly among online retailers, as they look to improve their business mobile experience and increase sales. These progressive web pages offer functionality similar to that of mobile apps such as push notifications, fast load times, working offline, etc. With the rapid increase of mobile users across the world, progressive web pages can prove to be one of the efficient full stack digital marketing trends in 2021.

12. Social Media Stories


Social media stories are one of the other emerging full stack digital marketing trends in 2021. Began with Snapchat in October 2013, the stories feature quickly rose in popularity among social media users. In a few years, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and LinkedIn incorporated these stories feature in their social apps as well. Social media stories provide benefits like constant engagement with followers, cost-effectiveness, increased brand awareness, and the opportunity to interact with the younger audience.

13. Social Media Shopping


As both eCommerce and social media are growing at a fast rate, many businesses and brands have started using the two together to increase their sales opportunities. One of the most popular social media shopping platforms is Instagram. In 2019, Instagram launched the Checkout feature which allows Instagram users to purchase within Instagram. Now, with the introduction of Facebook Shops, eCommerce brands can create engaging and interactive social media posts on their Facebook and Instagram platforms to allow users to do shopping through social media with ease.

14. Web & Server Side Security


Maintaining your web and server-side security will help you safeguard your website and sever from server-side vulnerabilities and attacks. Besides, if an online user lands on your website and senses that it is not safe and secure, he/she will immediately exit from your website which increases your website’s bounce rates. If this occurs regularly, and increased website bounce rate will lower your business ranking in SERPs. That’s why displaying a sign of security on your business website will help the consumers to understand that you’re concern about their safety.

15. Structured Data & Technical SEO


Adding structured data and following all the technical SEO elements help you ensure that your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines which improve your website’s organic rankings. Structured data is also known as schema markup which helps you inform the search engines about your website through neatly organized information that boosts your SEO performance. On the other hand, technical SEO elements like crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture help you boost your organic search engine rankings and traffic. All these factors make structured data and technical SEO one of the important full stack digital marketing trends in 2021.

16. Interactive and Valuable Content


Technically, now, interactive content is the boss. Many digital marketers rating interactive content as highly effective at educating prospective customers about their brand, services, and products. And, in today’s digital world, online shoppers want to interact with brands. They want to actively engage with services and products before making their purchase. This is where interactive and valuable content comes in, as interactive and valuable content help brands to promote engagement, improve customer experience, and increases customer loyalty. The types of interactive and valuable content that can do wonders for your brands include giveaways, ebooks, infographics, quizzes, surveys, contests, etc. Interactive and valuable content also helps you increase the amount of time a user spends with your brand.

17. Long-Form Content


As per the Search Engine Journal Study, long-form content gets 77% more backlinks as compared to short-form content. Generally, a blog article that is longer than 3,000 words attracts the most traffic as it provides the consumers with in-depth information and knowledge for their questions or queries. Long-form content also reduces the chances of your target audience visiting your competitor’s websites after visiting yours as they can get all the necessary information from your website.

18. User-Generated Content


User-generated content has been around as long as social media networks and customer review sites have. And, user-generated content is a great option for digital marketers who want to attract Gen Z or millennial audiences. You can get user-generated content for your brand by encouraging your business customers and users to share content about your products on their social media channels and in turn, you can offer them enticements like special offers and discounts. Besides, according to research 90% of online shoppers said that user-generated content influenced their buying decisions more than any other form of advertisements, which means user-generated content not only help you build your brand awareness but also helps you generate more sales for your business.

19. Browser Push Notifications


Browser push notifications are kind of web notifications that can be sent to a user via desktop web and mobile web. Browser push notifications are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile screen anytime they have their browser open, regardless of whether or not the user is on your website. And, in recent times we can see increased usage in push notifications. In 2019, 85% of eCommerce brands and online stores used browser push notifications to re-engage users who show interest in the brand but fail to make a purchase or a decision, These browser push notifications are used based on the website visitors behaviors.

20. Digital Marketing Automation


Digital marketing automation helps marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online through automotive software platforms and technologies. Digital marketing automation helps you improve customer loyalty and retention, scale up your content marketing with AI-generated content, optimize your voice search queries and improve your blog outreach. So, digital marketing automation is one of the effective full stack digital marketing trends in 2021 that you shouldn’t miss.


The above-mentioned are the top 20 full stack digital marketing trends in 2021 that you cannot ignore. If you are a digital marketer, you must get yourself familiarized with these new full stack digital marketing trends and strive to embrace new strategies, tools, and technologies in your digital marketing approach according to these trends.

If you wish to grow your business digitally, check out our full stack digital marketing services!

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The New Facebook WiFi to Enhance Your Business Growth

In today’s digital era, from staying connected with family and friends to executing business operations, the internet has a strong impact on every aspect of our day to day lives. And, WiFi is one of the vital elements required to access the internet. When you are at some place and get access to a Free WIFI, how do you feel? It’s always a pleasing experience, right? But, in order to access the free WIFI, you may need to get the passwords from the admin, if they are not mentioned already.

As a solution to this, recently, Facebook has launched its brand-new feature known as Facebook WIFI in which you can promote your Business and reach more people while your guests access your free WiFi without even giving the passwords to them.

Let’s check out what kind of features Facebook WIFI is offering and how they can boost your business growth.

1. How to Set Up Facebook WiFi?

If you have a functioning business with a physical location, you can set up Facebook Wi-Fi to attract more customers. Facebook WiFi permits your customers to access your business’s guest WiFi after they check in to your business location on Facebook. The check-in shows up on their News Feed, which is visible on your Facebook Page.

To Set Up Facebook WiFi

  • You must have a Facebook Page for your business.
  • You must be the admin of your business Facebook Page.
  • Your business Facebook Page must have a location or address in your business Page info.
  • You must have a WiFi router that is compatible with Facebook WiFi.
  • You must be connected to the WiFi network that you’re trying to set up Facebook WiFi for.

If you have the above-mentioned things, you can set up Facebook WiFi for free in 20 minutes or less.

Here is the list of routers that are supported by Facebook WIFI:

  • TP-Link
  • Intelbras (Brazil and Latin America only)
  • Netgear
  • Ubiquiti UniFi
  • Meraki
  • D-Link
  • Zyxel
  • Aruba
  • Ruckus
  • ASUS
  • Open Mesh

2. Facebook WiFi Benefits for Your Business

Basically, Facebook is a platform to get free word-of-mouth advertising for your business. And, by utilizing the Facebook WiFi Feature you can amplify the word-of-mouth advertising for your business that helps you to build trust and brand awareness. With that said, here are some significant benefits of Facebook WiFi for your business.

1) Attract More People Towards Your Business

Once you’ve installed the Facebook WIFI and linked it to your Business, people visiting your business’s physical location can avail free access to your WIFI just by checking in. Once a guest checks in your place on Facebook, their activity is displayed on their Facebook news feed, which can be seen by their friends and family, which might help you connect with more people and get more organic reach for your business Facebook Page.

2) Get More Organic Likes for Your Business Page

After checking in for your Free Facebook WIFI, Facebook directs the guests to your Business Facebook Page, where they can like your Page and learn more about your business, its services and products. This will generate more engagement and likes to your business Facebook Page. Many businesses observe a significant increase in the activity of their Facebook Business Page. If people find your business page interesting, they can interact with the content published on your page, and you may get more likes, comments and shares as well.

3) Free Social Exposure to Thousands of People

You know what? Millions of people daily search for the keyword WIFI on Facebook. So, If your business has a Facebook WIFI linked, Facebook can automatically suggest your business in the search results that provide your business with massive exposure. isn’t it great? Without any paid ads and spending, your business will get free social exposure to thousands of people.

4) No Need to Share WiFi Passwords

The people who visit your business’s physical location no need to ask any of your employees for the WiFi passwords. To get access to the internet, all they need to do is to log in to their Facebook account and check in your business location, once they check in your location on Facebook; they will automatically get access to the WIFI. However, you can also limit the WiFi usage time for each of your customers for every established session.

5) Get Demographic Insights Into Your Visitors

Facebook WiFi Feature enables a dashboard for admin in which you can get insights and monitor how many customers are accessed to your WIFI and how many of them are new or returning customers. These insights might also help you predict how much a customer is interested in your business, and its services or products. Facebook provides a visually appealing dashboard that showcasing the WiFi Visitors’ insights using infographics. So, you can easily access, monitor and analyze those insights. Simply, you will get all insights in one place.


Having a Facebook WiFi for your business will contribute to your business social media marketing. Now you know all about Facebook WiFi. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Set Up Facebook WiFi for your business to avail its advantages.

Guys, Feel Free to share your thoughts about Facebook WiFi in the Comments!

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Top 30 Global Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2021

Keep seeing the same digital marketing influencers in your social feed? Or are you feeling that you’re following the same old digital marketing strategy?

I know, keeping up with the latest trends and ever-changing landscapes in digital marketing can be very difficult.

But, don’t worry I’ve got a solution for that…..

Digital marketing influencers are the most versatile and creative professionals and they operate in such a broad digital landscape. So, following these greatest digital marketing professionals is one of the best ways to ensure you have the most successful digital marketing strategies for your business.

Keeping that in mind, today, I’ve compiled this list of the top 30 global digital marketing influencers.


Top 30 Global Digital Marketing Influencers Who May Change the Fate of Your Business.



1. Neil Patel – The SEO Leader


When it comes to SEO, Neil Patel is a leader. He consistently posts amazing content as he says, his goal is to teach one new digital marketing tactic each day. Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. Not only that, he is a New York Times best-selling author and has received numerous accolades for his successful ventures. Besides, he is labeled as one of the top digital marketers by Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Also, he is recognized as a top 100 Entrepreneur Under the Age of 35 by the United Nations. Being a digital marketing sensation, Neil Patel has proven his skills in many areas like search engine optimization, link building, content marketing, keyword research, conversion optimization, marketing automation, social media optimization, and many more.

Subscribe to Neil Patel’s Blog and YouTube Channel for a daily dose of practical digital marketing and SEO tips.

Get Connected with Neil Patel:

2. Ann Handley – The Content Marketing Queen

Ann Handley is a leading digital marketing pioneer who paved the way in Content Marketing. She is a keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Head of Content at MarketingProfs and co-founder of ClickZ. Ann Handley has been named one of seven people who’re shaping modern digital marketing by IBM, also notably, she is the world’s first Chief Content Officer! As a leading digital marketing pioneer, Ann Handley inspires business owners and marketers to obtain real results with achievable strategies. Ann’s blog is the perfect place to learn the latest and greatest content writing and content marketing skills.



Get Connected with Ann Handley:

3. Ryan Deiss – The Digital Marketing Expert

You may know Ryan Deiss from his popular podcasts like ‘’ 3 Reasons Why College is (still) a Lie’’. Ryan Deiss is the founder of Moz and the creator of the “Customer Value Optimization” tactic which has been very successful in bringing in strong results for any business trying to succeed online. Being the Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, Ryan Deiss continues to lead the most efficient and effective digital marketing techniques in the present time which makes him one of the best digital marketing influencers around the world.




Get Connected with Ryan Deiss:

4. Rand Fishkin – The Leading SEO Expert

If you’re into digital marketing, then probably you have seen this iconic mustache floating around the internet. Rand Fishkin is a leading SEO expert and entrepreneur, best known for being the co-founder and former CEO of the SEO software company, Moz. He also founded SparkToro, a software company that provides audience assessment and intelligence software solutions, allowing digital marketers to better understand their target audiences. Rand Fishkin is an inspiring figure in digital marketing; he is a well-known author and a keynote speaker who offers talks and training on digital marketing and entrepreneurial topics around the world.



Get Connected with Rand Fishkin:

5. Larry Kim – Iconic Digital Marketer

Digital marketing enthusiasts and content writers know Larry Kim as the founder of MobileMonkey Inc and WordStream, both are leading brands in the digital marketing industry. MobileMonkey Inc is proving to be one of the leading platforms in Facebook Messenger while WordStream has been a leading provider in keyword research. Larry was ranked as the #8 most popular author on Medium and he is a great contributor to CNBC and Inc. Magazine. As one of the best thought leaders and experts in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Startups, Larry Kim is definitely not a digital marketing influencer to miss out.




Get Connected with Larry Kim:

6. Jay Baer – New York Times Best-Seller

Being the successful founder of five multi-million dollar companies and the author of six New York Times best-selling books, Jay Baer doesn’t require any further intro, but, he is best known as the founder of Convince & Convert. Jay’s digital marketing firm helps the world’s most iconic brands like The United Nations, Nike, Oracle, Hilton and Cicso. He is a web genius who has 26 years of experience in marketing and customer experience expertise. As one of the most iconic authors in the business world, it comes as no surprise that he makes the list for the top digital marketing influencers 2021.




Get Connected with Jay Baer:

7. Lilach Bullock – The Digital Marketing Queen

Lilach Bullock is not less than a digital marketing queen herself and that’s how she got crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, not only that Forbes featured her on the list of Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers and Career Experts names her the #1 Digital Marketing Influencer. These titles don’t just come to any marketing professional, Lilach time and again proven herself to be one of the leading names in content marketing, sales funnels, coaching and website conversions. Also, she is the author of three Amazon best-selling books. All in all, Lilach is a well-known content marketing expert, strategist, professional speaker and social influencer with a long list of accomplishments.


Get Connected with Lilach Bullock:

8. Joe Pulizzi – Award-Winning Author

Joe Pulizzi is best known as the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and host of Content Marketing World, the world’s largest physical content marketing event. The Content Council honored him with the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary skills in content marketing. Pulizzi wrote best-sellers books such as Killing Marketing, Content Inc, and Epic Content Marketing, which was named a “Must-Read Business Book” by Fortune Magazine. Joe Pulizzi is a digital pioneer, keynote speaker, award-winning author and fundraiser for the Orange Effect Foundation – a charity organization founded by Pulizzi and his wife to help children with speech disorders.


Get Connected with Joe Pulizzi:

9. Justyn Howard – Expert Social Media Marketer

Justyn Howard is the CEO of Sprout Social – A social media management and analytics Software Company that is helping more than 24,000 businesses, brands and agencies run their social media channels & campaigns more efficiently, now you know why he made the list as one of the top digital marketing influencers. Justyn Howard is a great leader to follow for any new advancements in the social media industry.





Get Connected with Justyn Howard:

10. Eric Siu – Brilliant Digital Marketer

Eric Siu is best known as the co-host of the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel, but there is so much we need to know about this brilliant mind. Having worked with international companies such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and UBER, Eric Siu is able to bring in business growth with his custom digital strategies. Besides, if your business makes more than $5m in annual revenues, you can reach out to him through LinkedIn and get his custom marketing strategy for your business for FREE.


Get Connected with Eric Siu:

11. Barry Schwartz – Innovative Search Engine Marketer

Being the Editor of the Search Engine Roundtable and News Editor at Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz is an important specialist to follow for any innovative topics in search engine marketing. Also, Schwartz is the President and Owner at RustyBrick Inc and he specializes in helping businesses decrease costs and increase sales. If you’re interested in the changes and trends in search engine marketing, Barry Schwartz is one of the best digital marketing influencers to follow.





Get Connected with Barry Schwartz:

12. Pam Moore – Queen of Conversion Optimization

Pam Moore is the Founder and CEO of a social media and consulting agency Marketing Nutz that specializes in conversion optimization through digital methods. Pam Moore is one of the most outstanding international keynote speakers and specialists in digital marketing, social media, social selling and branding. She has been featured as a Social Power Influencer by Forbes. Also, Pam Moore has over 2 million followers across several social media platforms.





Get Connected with Pam Moore:

13. Tommy Griffith – The Popular SEO Manager

If both the AirBNB and PayPal bagged Tommy Griffith as the SEO manager just imagine his proficiency and skills in search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, which started as an SEO course in 2017 and has now turned into a full training ground for all topics in digital marketing including content marketing, email marketing and paid advertising. Definitely, Tommy Griffith is one of the leading digital marketing influencers to follow.




Get Connected with Tommy Griffith:

14. Mari Smith – Queen of Facebook Marketing

Do you know about Mari Smith? If not, then you need to join the growing force of 1,7+ million followers that know just how influential Mari is when it comes to Facebook marketing and other key business strategies. With her strong proficiency on the internet, she strives to consistently deliver relevant and valuable content to help entrepreneurs and business owners to accomplish their professional and personal goals. All in all, Mari Smith is one of the best world’s social media thought leaders to follow.




Get Connected with Mari Smith:

15. Matt Bailey – The Famous Online Marketer

If you are in the digital marketing field, it’s important to know the leading authors in the industry and Matt Bailey is no exception to that. As Matt Bailey has quoted earlier he teaches us how to turn data into action. He is the person who developed online marketing workshops for big brands like Microsoft & Orange Telecom and presented search marketing training to Procter & Gamble. Surely, Matt Bailey is one of the best digital marketing influencers around the globe.



Get Connected with Matt Bailey:

16. Scott Stratten – Enthusiastic Digital Marketer

Scott Stratten is the president of UnMarketing. Not only that, Scott is one of the leading keynote speakers when it comes to the topic of disruption in digital marketing. He is well-known for his energy, passion, knowledge, and humor. Scott’s presentations help to bridge the gap between virtual business and real-world business, they not only make people laughing and thinking, but also doing. Nowadays, you can find Scott speaking at events for big companies like Walmart, Adobe, Microsoft, 3M, Saks Fifth Avenue and PepsiCo to name a few.





Get Connected with Scott Stratten:

17. Joanna Wiebe – The Queen of Copywriting

Joanna Wiebe is best known as the founder of CopyHackers the popular copywriting platform for startups and marketer, also she is the co-founder of Airstory. Joanna is a drag-and-drop document builder that is a great innovation for content writers. She has coached more than 50,000 people and well-known organizations to improve their content strategy and has also collaborated with big brands like Crazy Egg, MetaLab, Intuit, BT and Tesco. If you are looking for an expert in content marketing, then Joanna Wiebe is the person you need to follow.




Get Connected with Joanna Wiebe:

18. Heidi Cohen – The Popular Content Marketer

Heidi Cohen is the chief content officer of Actionable Marketing Guide that provides marketing insights on content marketing and social media marketing, also she is the president of riverside marketing strategies. Heidi’s blog named the top content marketing blog in 2011 and the top social media blog in 2012 & 2013, so, you can be sure to get valuable knowledge and insights from her content. Heidi Cohen works with big companies like the New York Times Digital and Cheap Tickets/Cedant as a consultant.




Get Connected with Heidi Cohen:

19. John Rampton – The Blogging Expert

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, a startup enthusiast, an investor a contributing writer for, Forbes, Inc, and The Huffington Post. John was listed #2 on the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine and honored as a blogging expert by Forbes. John Rampton is a world-famous connector who specializes in content, branding, conversion marketing, leadership, and motivation.


Get Connected with John Rampton:

20. Jennifer Polk – The Leader in Multichannel Marketing

Jennifer Polk is one of the leading experts in multichannel marketing and digital commerce. Jennifer conducts researches at Gartner for Marketers and she is proficient in digital marketing techniques to engage customers and to evangelize brands. She has a great understanding of the important needs of the Chief Marketing Officer and marketing leaders and her researches help professionals to meet their needs.





Get Connected with Jennifer Polk:

21. Jeff Bullas – Prominent Digital Marketing Influencer

Jeff Bullas is one of the most prominent digital marketing influencers in the globe and he is a respected keynote speaker, entrepreneur & best-selling author. Jeff has been named as Top Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers by Forbes and was featured on Entrepreneur’s Top 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch. He has expertise in content marketing, data visualization, analytics tools, marketing tips, social media, and blogging. You must follow Jeff Bullas to keep up with new and rewarding trends in content marketing.


Get Connected with Jeff Bullas:

22. Gary Vaynerchuk – The Renowned Digital Marketer

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most talked digital marketing influencers in the present time. Gary is the chairman of VaynerXcand the CEO of VaynerMedia. He is a well-known public speaker and angel investor who made early investments in Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, and Uber. Gary Vaynerchuk has emerged as a popular digital marketing influencer by building up more projects like women’s lifestyle brnad PureWow, cannabis branding, and Green Street.





Get Connected with Gary Vaynerchuk:

23. Tim Ferriss – The Best Leadership Blogger

Probably, you’d read the 4-Hour Workweek book, if not, at least you’d heard about it. Tim Ferriss has been featured as one of Fortune’s “40 under 40”. Not only Tim has consistently written best-selling business books but he has influenced millions of people with his “The Time Ferriss Show podcast“. Also, his blog has been ranked #1 on the Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs and Tim is well-known for his early-stage technology investments with Facebook, Shopify, and many other big brands.



Get Connected with Tim Ferriss:

24. Kim Garst – The Social Media Influencer

Kim Garst is best known as one of the most influential digital marketers in the social media space. She is featured as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers by Forbes. Kim provides consulting services to Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM and Mastercard. She helps businesses with her unique social media marketing approach and creative business growth approach. Undoubtedly, Kim Garst is one of the best social media influencers to follow for the latest social media updates and strategies.




Get Connected with Kim Garst:

25. Pat Flynn – Affiliate Marketing Expert

Pat Flynn runs one of the most influential blogs. With his blog, Pat provides insights into the latest and greatest strategies on affiliate marketing and other passive income strategies. Not only that, Pat Flynn is consistently publishing useful content on his podcast, newsletter, and YouTube channel. Also, Pat offers some of the best online business startup courses. All of these facts make Pat Flynn an “online digital marketing guru”.


Get Connected with Pat Flynn:

26. Joel Comm – The Blockchain King

Joel Comm jumped into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency in July 2017 with Martch leader Travis Wright. From their expertise, they came up with “The Bad Crypto Podcast” – one of the top blockchain-related shows in the world. Joel expertise doesn’t stop there, he has been an expert in live video marketing with tools like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Snapchat. With his proficiency in cryptocurrency and live video marketing, Joel Comm is one of the excellent digital marketing influencers to follow.




Get Connected with Joel Comm:

27. Travis Marziani – The Ecommerce Expert

Travis Marziani’s “The Effective eCommerce Podcast” is one of the best free resources for people who’re looking to start their own online business. In his podcasts, Travis goes through each step from the beginning stages to more advanced strategies and gives you the real perspectives. Travis Marziani is one of those digital marketing influencers in 2021 who is transparent and trustworthy with his teachings.





Get Connected with Joel Comm:

28. Brian Solis – The Expert Digital Analyst

Brian Solis is a leading anthropologist, futurist, award-winning author, keynote speaker, and blogger. People who’re following Brian best known him as the principal analyst at the digital analyst group Altimeter. Also, Brian Solis has been named as one of the “greatest digital analysts of our time”. Brian Solis’s books help both small business owners and executives understand the relationship between technology and evolution. You can find Brian speaking at business and marketing conferences around the globe.




Get Connected with Brian Solis:

29. Casie Gillette – Passionate Digital Marketer


Casie Gillette is a passionate digital marketing professional and consultant who is currently working with a popular B2B marketing company KoMarketing, in Boston. Casie also a great author, you can find her articles on popular websites like Search Engine Land and the Salesforce blog. Even though Casie speaks at various events and conferences around the globe, specifically, you can catch her each year speaking at SMX West or Pubcon Vegas.





Get Connected with Brian Solis:

30. Eric Enge – An Intuitive Digital Marketer


Eric Enge is the founder of Stone Temple Consulting and he leads the digital marketing team at Perficient Digital, and he creates digital marketing tactics that go beyond your typical marketing strategies. Eric is well-known for his lead author contribution to the popular book named “Art of SEO”, which is used as a textbook at many universities. Eric Enge expertise in digital marketing surely made him one of the leading digital marketing influencers in 2021.





Get Connected with Eric Enge:



Digital marketing is one of the emerging and rapidly evolving industries, and it’s really important to stay on top of the latest industry trends to thrive your business on the digital front. Thankfully, the above listed top global digital marketing influencers are kind enough to share their best insights and digital marketing techniques via their social media channels and blogs. That’ll help you to keep up with the latest trends, updates and strategies on digital marketing.

Our diverse list of top global digital marketing influencers will continue to grow, so check for new updates regularly.

Meantime, let me know your favourite digital marketing influencer in the comments below!

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Google Page Experience Update to Launch in Mid-June 2021

The Google Page Experience Update is set to launch in mid-june 2021. Here’s a guide to preparing for the Google Page Experience Update.

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10 Smart Ways to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

We can’t deny the fact that social media is part of our day-to-day life. All of us are connected with social media as consumers, marketers, or social beings. What started as entertainment now evolved to be one of the most powerful marketing channels for businesses. Therefore, it would be a real waste if you aren’t taking advantage of social media to grow your business.

Social media is a great way to digitally connect and interact with your target audience 24/7, which gives you the opportunity to create a loyal audience base for your brand. So, here are the ten best practices to use social media to grow your business.

Let’s get started!

1. Get to Know Your Target Market

Your target market

Knowing about your target market/audience is essential to growing your business through the power of social media. The clearer you are about your target audience, the better you understand what will appeal to your potential customers. And the less you know about your target audience, the less likely you’ll succeed through your social media marketing efforts. Find about your target audience by creating an imaginary customer profile or by watching out who your competitors are targeting.

2. Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy

It takes time and effort to build a popular social media profile. But, at the same time, it’ll take proper strategy and planning. Always, you need to create a rock-solid plan to accomplish your goals, the same theory will apply to your social media. So, create your social media strategy on how are you going to create your posts? How often will you post it? Will you use social media influencers? Power of your user base? Make use of social media ads? And so on. Once you’ve determined these facts you can easily craft your social media strategy that’ll help you to leverage the power of social media to grow your business.

3. Focus On Your Posts Quality, Not Quantity

Focus your posts quality

Definitely, your goal isn’t about attacking your social media users with countless posts. It’s not quantity but the quality of your posts that benefit your social media users. So, make sure each of your social media posts conveys an important message or provides some unique information that is relevant to your target audience. This you can increase your social media engagement and build a loyal follower base for your social media channels.

4. Add Real Value On Social Media

Real value on social media

Always strive to provide real value through your social media posts. What do your social media posts achieve? Is it motivational or educational? Does it answer a question your target audience might be wondering? Does it help to motivate people out there to acquire a certain lifestyle? Create useful social media content for your target audience, be it insightful infographics, blog posts, or tutorial videos. Adding value will make your social media content and brand stand out, and your audience will consider you as a reliable and thoughtful brand.

5. Follow High-Profile Social Media Accounts

High profile social media

When you started to follow other high-profile social media accounts that will create the first bits of visibility for your brand. You can also measure what was working for those high-profile social media accounts that were already at the top of their game. Altogether, following high-profile social media accounts will help you to gain your visibility and allows you to identify solid ways to thrive your social media performance.

6. Regularly Comment, Share, And Like 

Regularly Comment, Share, And Like

According to its name, social media is a very social platform. That’s why it’s important to get out there and find interesting pieces of content to comment on, leave likes, share that information, and reply to others’ comments. This practice gives increased visibility to your brand as well as makes your business more personal and approachable among your audience. In nutshell, if you’re really serious about leveraging social media to grow your business, regularly commenting, sharing, and liking is the best way to build a relationship with your social media audience and in return, you’ll receive their loyalty which enhances your business growth.

7. Leverage The Power Of Social Media Influencers

social media influencers

When you’re a newbie on social media, it’s a bit hard to reach your target audience, this where you need the help of social media influencers. As social media influencers can leverage the power of their large and highly engaged audience to promote your brand, products, or services on social media. Many businesses and newcomers use this approach to expand their reach at the earlier stage. But, just make sure that you work with social media influencers who have an audience base that is aligned with your own brand’s target audience.

8. Focus More On Social Media Networking

Focus social media networking

In-person networking is quickly being overpowered by social media networking. Now, social media networking can help you reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers online. Also, social media networking can help you reach new markets to expand your business and enhance your customer service. So, network as much as possible to grow your business and brand visibility. You can join fan pages and social media groups to expand your network and target market, also by participating in the group discussions and value to those discussions you can gain visibility for your brand.

9. Don’t Be Too Promoting & Hard Sell

Don't be too promoting

You need to understand that it’s not always about promoting. If you really want to use social media to grow your business, you have to spend some quality time deliver valuable insights, information, and resources to your customers that benefit them. It can be motivational, inspirational, or entertainment. Simply, you should always aim to add value to your social media posts. This is why it’s best to avoid pushing too hard with your selling and sales promotion because it’s will ultimately push your potential customers away from your business.

10. Make Your Buying Journey Easy For People

Buying journey easy

With smartphone usage sky-rocketing in recent years, most people accessing their social media accounts on their mobile phones. So, it becomes essential to make your social media channels accessible on mobile devices, also you need to make your business website responsive to mobile devices. Add your website link in your social media profiles, ensuring that your website has a mobile responsive design, and make sure your purchase process is refined for mobile devices so that people can simply and easily buy whatever they need that you’re vending. The easier you make it for them to buy, the more likely you’ll be to close the sale.


Thanks to the digital world we’re currently living in, social media has evolved from just being used as an entertainment channel to a marketing platform where you can build a strong connection with your target audience and effectively sell your products or services. Utilize the above mentioned ten tactics you can take advantage of what social media has to offer. Leveraging the power of social media will pave the path to grow your business successfully in no time!

Have you already started to leverage social media to grow your business? Do you follow any of the above-mentioned tactics? Let me know them in the comments!

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9 Free Ways to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your Website

Want to use Instagram to market your business? In the following post, I’m going to share the nine strategic ways to drive free traffic to your website with Instagram, stay tuned to discover how to drive Instagram traffic to your website.

Instagram is packed with lots of useful tools and features to grow your business and brand!

Even if you don’t have 100K followers, there are still lots of tactics to use your Instagram that can be your fast-pass ticket to more clicks and conversions.

Let’s get started with the nine easy-to-implement strategies!

How to Drive Instagram Traffic to Your Website?


1. Leverage Your Instagram Bio Link

Instagram allows you to include one clickable link in your Instagram bio, So, when you set up your Instagram profile, you most likely added your website (homepage) link in the bio, right? However, you can do so much more with this little bio link.

Instagram allows you to include one clickable link in your Instagram bio

You can frequently update your Instagram bio link to point to any webpage of your website. It can be:

  • A newly launched product page
  • A featured story
  • A new campaign page
  • A lead converting webpage

You can draw attention to the bio link by adding strategic call-to-actions in your Instagram post captions that explain the of the  link, your CTA can be:

  • Read the complete story at the link in our bio
  • For more insights, navigate through the link in our bio
  • Click on the link in our bio to learn more information about

To get better results for your “Link in bio” strategy, you need to be consistent and by adding call-to-action in your bio you can speed up your process. Link in bio is a significant way to drive more Instagram traffic to your website.

2. Use Instagram Shops to Tag Products

With the Instagram Shops feature, you can turn your Instagram into an Online storefront by tagging your products and creating shoppable posts on Instagram.

instagram shops feature

While tagging your products you can consider the following elements:

  • You can use nearly 5 tags in your Instagram posts or videos
  • Make carousel posts with up to 20 images that can be a lookbook album for your brand.
  • You can able to use one product sticker in your Instagram stories

In your Instagram profile, you can see a shopping tab where you can check out your tagged product range.

These product tagging features attract your audience’s attention and let them to click-through to the product on your website. Also, this one of the best organic ways to promote shopping on Instagram and drive Instagram traffic to your website.

While using the Instagram Shops Feature, make sure to:

Follow Instagram’s eligibility criteria.

Connect with Facebook catalog

Sign up in the Instagram mobile app with your business profile.

3. Add Links to Your IGTV Posts

Did you know that you can add clickable links to your IGTV post descriptions?

This simple hack is one of the great ways to drive your IGTV viewers to your business website, or other relevant links. The best approach to get more views on your IGTV posts and clicks on those links in your IGTV posts your description is to add a call-to-action and a swipe up the link from your Instagram Stories. You can also add a call-to-action on your IGTV title to attract clicks for your links in the description.

igtv post

Once you’ve created your IGTV video post, you can add a link to your IGTV channel and videos to your Instagram Stories to get your viewers’ attention. We all know videos are effective ways to engage with your audience, so, driving your viewers to your IGTV channel is a great tactic to get Instagram traffic to your website.

4. Include Links to Instagram Stories

If you have 10K followers or a verified account. You can add direct links to your Instagram Stories! Trust me this feature is an instant game-changer and there are several ways to make it valuable for your brand.

instagram stories

First of all, it’s always worth to provide a quick explanation for why someone should “swipe up” and click on the link, you can do it verbally or through a text caption on your Instagram Stories. It’s a good way to drive more clicks. Also, you can add eye-catching GIF images that encourage more “swipe up” from your Instagram Stories Viewers. Besides, by using “swipe up” call-to-action stickers you can make it more attractive for your viewers which helps you to boost the number of clicks from them and increase the Instagram traffic to your website.

5. Curate Traffic Via Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram direct messages

You can use Instagram Stories Highlights to consistently drive traffic from your linked Instagram Stories past 24 hours. This Instagram feature lets you group your Instagram Stories and forever feature them on your Instagram profile.


But, don’t add every story in a highlight, tactically curate a library of evergreen Instagram Stories that you want to put in the limelight in front of your Instagram audience or you can keep it simple by using a single story per highlight as navigation to the key pages of your website.

6. Leverage Instagram Direct Messages

Instagram direct message

Encourage your Instagram followers to start up a conversion with you through Instagram direct messages (DMs). Not only your followers, but you can also start the conversation by welcoming new followers and asking relevant questions. For this purpose, you can create a formatted text and insert it into a direct message of every new joiner, this way you can avoid typing the same thing over and over to different people. Besides, make sure to monitor your inbox daily.

With Direct messages, you’ll get a deeper understanding of your audience, and you will be able to link them to relevant pages of your website.

7. Allow Push Notifications on Instagram

Allow push notifications instagram

The best way to increase the reach of all these above link methods is to encourage your followers to turn on Instagram push notifications for your Instagram posts, IGTV posts, and Instagram Stories. For this, your Instagram audience must click on the “following button”, then need to enable the push notifications, and opt-in. After, completing these processes they will receive notifications on their phone every time you post new content on your Instagram profile. That’s why getting a small section of opt-in from your audience will certainly spike your Instagram KPIs.

So how do you get that opt-in from your Insta audience?

You could run a campaign on Instagram or you can simply ask your audience to do so. Trust me, you’d be surprised how many people respond to your direct request, and respect your audience for that.

8. Get Connected with Instagram Influencers

Find Instagram Influencer

In case, if you don’t have a large Instagram presence, have very few views on your Instagram posts, and can’t able to Link on Instagram Stories, you can partner with an Instagram Influencer who has the reach on Instagram. The influencer can be your brand ambassador and bring in more reach and traffic. This approach will amplify your brand awareness on Instagram.

While choosing your Instagram Influencer, consider how their Instagram audience aligns with yours and how they’ll receive the endorsement of your brand. When you’re working out your partnership agreement with your influencer, ensure you include the guidelines to the influencer to use actionable call-to-action to send their followers to your website.

9. Add Instagram Profile Action Buttons

Add action buttons

It’s worth to determine why you want to drive traffic. Is it for people to contact you? Book an appointment?  Or buy your products?

All these above-mentioned actions and more can be taken directly on your Instagram profile with profile action buttons. With this feature, you could directly drive more traffic and conversions without any mediators. By using the right Profile Action Buttons and strategy, you can grow your brand through Instagram.


Now, Instagram becomes a revenue-based social media channel. So, you can use your Instagram followers’ data to build your content strategies, drive revenue, and brand awareness from sharing clickable links. In nutshell, just ensure your Instagram strategy is driving leads to your website.

I hope you found these strategies are helpful for bringing Instagram traffic to your website. Have you tried any of the above strategies? Let me know how it impacted your website traffic in the comments below.

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10 Best Sales Automation Tools for Small Businesses in 2021

In today’s digital era, automation tools are transforming the way businesses operate, allowing brands to do more with less and scale in ways never before possible. As means, the size of the business doesn’t matter and automation tools can actually give benefits to small businesses that are often able to react to new trends faster than big brands.

The only drawback is most of the automation tools on the marketing geared toward medium and larger businesses, but, still, you can find hands full of automation tools for small businesses.

Today, in this post, I’ve listed down the top 10 sales automation tools designed with small businesses in mind that can help you to take your venture to the next level.

01.Hubspot Sales

If you’re looking for a well-established and trusted sales automation tools provider, Hubspot Sales is the best choice for you. Hubspot’s sales automation tool will automate your prospect’s outreach, help you make sales templates, and track key performance throughout your entire sales funnel. Hubspot Sales is one of the flexible and easy-to-use sales automation tools that incorporate well with other products. If you’re already a Hubspot’s CRM user, this might be the obvious first choice of you. Some of the Hubspot Sales users report minor bugs with email sequencing and reporting, but overall it’s one of the highest-rated solutions out there for sales automation.


Starter – $40/mo

Professional – $800/mo

Enterprise – $3,200/mo

sales software for small to enterprise companies


  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • Appointment & Meeting Scheduler
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Management Playbooks
  • Sales Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile CRM App
  • Pipeline Management
  • Account-Based Marketing

02. Outreach

This is one of the sales automation tools that have a lot of elements designed to help you get the most out of your sales team. With the standard features like email and scheduling automation, Outreach offers some exclusive and interesting features. It can allow sales reps to obtain live call coaching, and also features a comprehensive team performance dashboard so you can monitor your sales reps’ activities and results in real-time. Outreach is recognized to occasionally crash at inappropriate times, but most of the Outreach users seem to be happy with how well this sales automation tool streamlines their sales processes and boosts the effectiveness of their sales team performance.


Free trial available / Need to contact them to know the pricing details

 outreach reviews and pricing - 2020  


  • Sequences & Task Management
  • Integrated Sales Dialer
  • Email & Activity Tracking
  • Online Meeting Scheduler
  • Sales Intelligence Dashboards
  • Email & Content Templates

03. considers that sales lead prospecting is a boring activity. That’s why they’re looking to make sales lead prospecting more interesting and more operational with the effective multichannel sales automation tool. mainly focuses on two important elements of sales automation: abolishing the need for manual data entry and boosting your sales processes and performance via data analytics. While this is one of the highly recommended sales automation tools for its easy integration and usage, some users have reported problems with the quality of their customer service.


Essential – $89/mo

Business – $149/mo, the sales automation platform


  • Email Finder and Email Verifier
  • Email automation and drip campaigns
  • Email tracking
  • Sales automation
  • Advanced CRM integrations
  • Reporting and insights

04. Gong

Now, this is a totally different sales automation tool. Well, practically. Gong brands itself as a revenue intelligence podium; so, sales software is the core element for it. Besides, Gong takes a more personal approach for their automation processes by helping sales managers get the most out of each sales rep. Gong provides features like AI-based sales coaching and contextual deal pipelines that help you to get insights into what’s happening with your remote sales team, your deals, and your market.


Offer customized pricing

what is


  • AI-based sales coaching
  • Sales calls recording
  • Automate sales calls transcribe
  • Contextual deal pipelines
  • Analytics and reporting

05. Growbots

Companies that are looking for a structured solution with automated outbound sales should take a close look at Growbots. This sales automation tool offers to automate prospect outreaching from a pool of more than 100 million contacts, tools for A/B testing, facilities for multichannel follow-up sequencing, and comprehensive analytics & reporting. You can integrate Growbots with your existing CRM, but companies with long-established sales processes might prefer a more personalized solution. Growbots don’t offer a free trial, so, you have to contact them to get pricing information.


Need to contact them to know the details about pricing.

  what is growbots? Lead


  • Personalize your emails
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Multichannel sequences
  • Connect multiple email accounts
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics & reporting

06. SharpSpring

SharpSpring is actually a marketing automation and CRM solution provider with a sales automation tool. However, it can be a great deal for businesses that don’t already have a solution for their marketing and CRM management. SharpSpring is one of the easy-to-use and affordable sales automation tools for small businesses, but it doesn’t have all of the reporting features and integrations you might find in competing, enterprise-centered sales automation tools.


1,500 Contacts Plan – $550/mo

10,000 Contacts Plan – $850/mo

20,000 Contacts Plan – $1,250/mo

Agency Plan – Customizable Pricing

Enterprise Plan – Customizable Pricing

  smart email and crm marketing automation tools


  • Complete Sales & Marketing Platform
  • Marketing automation and CRM in one easy solution
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Tracking
  • App Marketplace
  • Third-Party CRMs

07. Autoklose

This is one of the sales automation tools that was purpose-built to launch, manage, and monitor B2B email marketing campaigns. Autoklose gives access to their lead database, reporting dashboard, and automated email sequencing. All these comprehensive features make it a good sales automation tool for companies that need to launch prospects’ outreach efforts from scratch. Even though Autoklose doesn’t have the greatest choice of CRM integrations, users praise it as one of the most cost-effective sales automation tools for email automation.


Starter – $49.99 month/user

Small Business – $149.95 month/5 users / paid annually

Enterprise – Customizable Pricing

  autoklose - close more deals faster and save time


  • Real-Time Reporting and Email Tracking
  • Contact Management
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Email Sequence Templates
  • Sales Intelligence and Data
  • Team Management
  • Time-Saving Tools
  • AutoVerify

08. Freshsales by Freshworks

FreshSales is a CRM platform with sales automation tools; Freshsales is designed with a clean and intuitive interface. It targets users who don’t prefer the full collection of complexity offered by other customizable CRM solutions. Freshsales offers crucial sales automation tools like AI-based lead scoring and pipeline tracking.


BLOSSOM – Perfect for small teams – $12 user/month, billed annually

GARDEN – Ideal for growing teams – $25 user/month, billed annually

ESTATE – Best value for large teams – $49 user/month, billed annually

FOREST – Made for enterprises – $79 user/month, billed annually

Offer Free Trials

  freshworks - freshsales - crm


  • Email templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Phone, powered by Freshcaller
  • Live chat powered by Freshchat
  • Sales Sequences
  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Multiple sales pipeline
  • Analytics and reporting

09. Voicent Sales Automation

Voicent offers a robust package of sales automation tools. The solution features lead assignment, cover pipeline monitoring, workflow triggers, visual performance reports, and many more. You also get access to powerful and multipurpose automation tools for making custom-made, multilingual voice messages. Voicent sales automation uses a one-time buying pricing model, so there aren’t any monthly or annual subscription fees. You can contact them to customize pricing for your business.


Offer customized pricing

  top 10 sales automation tools for 2021


  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Workflow automation
  • Email automation
  • Email Tracking
  • Voicent CRM

10. Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio is known for its business process management and sales automation software. This means you can get lots of advantageous features and customization options from this comprehensive sales automation tool. From lead management to email templates, Sales Creatio will have you covered all the sales processes. Some users may find the learning curve of Sales Creatio intimidating, but, luckily, Sales Creatio offers a 14-day free trial, so, you can decide whether Sales Creatio fit for your business.


Team – $30 user/mo

Commerce – $ 35 user/mo

Enterprise – $60 user/mo

  sales crm software - key features and benefits


  • Forecast sales
  • Sales Management
  • Lead Management
  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Analytics & reporting

Automate Your Way Ahead

For small businesses, growing their sales is an incredibly stressful task. But, with the right marketing and sales techniques, it is very much achievable. Sales automation tools provide the most effective and comprehensive marketing solutions, without much effort from your end. Before availing on one of the above tools, first, map out your sales processes, then use the above list of sales automation tools to narrow down your choices and select the right provider for your business needs. That would most definitely be the right move.

Get your sales automation process started with the tools we’ve looked at in this post!


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Best Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies To Maximize ROI

Content marketing has been a buzzword in the digital marketing industry for recent years. Without giving a second thought, you can leverage the power of content marketing to boost your brand awareness, acquire new customers, and even generate more repeat sales. Because businesses that use the content marketing approach receive more traffic and have higher conversion rates.

✅ Today, let’s talk about eCommerce content marketing strategies that drive the maximum ROI.

1.📌 What is Content Marketing?

Generally, content marketing is a form of inbound marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing various different formats of content like written articles, infographics, and tutorial videos for targeted audiences online with the goal of attracting attention, generating more leads, expanding customer base and building your brand awareness.

Good content isn’t about good storytelling.
It’s about telling a true story well


2. 📌How to Stand Out with Content Marketing?

In this digital marketing era, it’s truly challenging to stand out from your competitors with your content marketing efforts. And, in today’s marketing landscape, many brands and individuals are willing to offer free value through their content.

So, how do you get your content to stand out from this crowd?

For example, take the topic “how to start a blog” While this topic has billions of search results and thousands of competitors vying for the high rank in the organic search results. Neil Patel’s blog has been able to high up the ranking on the first page of results. How? By going way above and beyond the amount of value other pieces of the content offered on this particular topic. His guide is very in-depth, also contains tutorial screenshots and results.

how to stand out with content marketing

This example clearly defines that you’ll need to raise the quality bar of your content in order to get ahead with your own content marketing strategy.

Now, let’s discuss the fundamentals of building a content marketing strategy and how this will help you to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


3. 📌What Should You Write About?

Coming up with writing that inspires your target audience is a bit tough. The simple way to get started with your writing is to write about the biggest challenges that your target audience facing today.

If you offer free content to your prospects that immediately help them to solve some of their problems, you’ll give them more confidence in choosing you when they decided to invest in a paid tool, solution, or resource on the particular subject at hand.

So, how can you find out the most pressing challenges, hurdles, and questions of your target audience to provide your answers or solutions with high-quality, transformational content?

✅ Here are some effective ways to identify the biggest challenges of your target audience.

➡️  Directly Ask Your Audience – Ask your existing audience about the biggest challenges they’re facing and use their answers to create your future content. It’ll help you to prioritize your product features in the long run.

➡️  Research Competitors – Research and identity which challenges and questions of your audience that your competitors are answering with their content, and in what format they’re delivering their content. Then, identify the unique ways to provide your valuable content to your audience

➡️  Analyze Your Own Experiences – While building your business, possibly, you’ve got some unique experiences and insights that you want to share with your audience through your content, which can help your audience to replicate your success or get a result you’ve achieved.

In order to build well-defined eCommerce content marketing strategies, you need to focus on different types of content formats like videos, infographics podcasts, eBooks, written blogs and using paid ads to generate initial audiences who’ll connect and engage with your content.

Following that, you have to do the needful things to generate traffic to your website, and putting CTAs throughout your content to get leads from the audience who shows up to consume your content

For this purpose, you need to improve the domain authority of your website (a measure used by search engines to benchmark the authoritativeness of a website). However, it’ll take continuous efforts and time. You can improve your website’s domain authority by publishing fresh, relevant content, then getting that content shared and mentioned by other well-established individuals and brands in your related fields.

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or need an evaluation on your eCommerce content marketing strategies, the following step-by-step content marketing tips will get you started.

4. 📌How Should You Share Your Content?

Now, you have your content ready in your hands, so, it’s time to start sharing your content with your target audience. Begin with identifying where (which social media platform) your target audience spends most of their time. Social media marketing is just one aspect of your overall eCommerce content marketing strategies, but, it’s essential in this social media age.

Your wealthy content in social media

✅ Here are the demographics of each social media platform that will help you to decide which one to focus on your social media marketing strategy.

➡️  Facebook –Even though Facebook is an older social media platform, it still counts because Facebook continuously evolving and innovating itself according to users’ current needs. Probably, you’ll have a loyal fanbase on Facebook that help you to get real-time feedback. If you want to teach your audience, Facebook live is one of the best choices for you.

➡️  Instagram –Instagram is a visually attractive photogenic social media platform. So, If you have products that have lots of attractive images then this may a place to showcase your products.

➡️  Twitter –If you have informational and text-driven products, Twitter is the best choice for you. As it’ll allow you to give a short description of what you just wrote about on your content, blog, or website and point users towards it. It’s one of the effective ways of letting your users know there is new content without sending out an email every time.

➡️  LinkedIn –If you want to target business-minded professionals, LinkedIn is the absolute choice for you.

➡️  YouTube –Videos are engaging and generally have higher conversion rates, thus YouTube is a great way to share your video content and reach your audience.

By sharing your content on these above social media platforms, you’ll build your own communities on these platforms. For this purpose, you need to post frequently on the platforms and keep your audience up-to-date.

5. 📌How to Get More Backlinks for Your Content?

Guest posting is one of the best ways to gain backlinks for your content. You can guest post on blogs or similar websites in your niche. Once you find blogs or websites with similar content as yours, you can ask if they accept guest posts, if they do so, you can write a great article on their website and get a link back to your website in return. Just make sure you have quality content to submit before you try the guest posting method.

how to get more backlinks for your content

6. 📌How Should You Advertise Your Content?

For eCommerce particularly you can use PPC ads to get immediate traffic, but, just ensure you have a proper plan for your PPC ad campaign. Determine the goal for your PPC campaign, whether want to get sales, build your email list or build your brand awareness in the marketplace and customize your PPC campaign based on your goal.

how should you advertise your content

According to your PPC campaign results, you can determine what content to target and which keyword phrases to target for the long term. That’ll help you to build a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your eCommerce site.

7. 📌How Should You Drive Constant Traffic to Your Content?

Let’s check out the ways to drive sustained traffic to your content.

how should you drive constant traffic to your content


  • ➡️  Answer questions on Quora – Sign up for a free account on quora and start to answer the questions related to your business.
  • ➡️  Respond to Reddit subcategories –again sign up or a free account on Reddit and start to answer the questions related to your business.
  • ➡️  Comment on relevant blog posts and videos –Leave a comment on a blog post or YouTube video that is relevant to your niche.
  • ➡️  Create valuable assets for others –Offer value through your content by creating infographics, case studies, and tutorial teaching series videos.
  • ➡️  Reach out to relevant podcasts –Seek out the related podcasts and give interviews to get more reach for your content

🔔 Conclusion

Now, we have gone through the ways to create eCommerce content marketing strategies that drive the maximum ROI. Using these content marketing strategies you can build brand loyalty and trust among your audience that’ll help you to convert your website visitors into sales.

In nutshell, these eCommerce content marketing strategies help you to increase your conversion rate through brand awareness.

📢 Got any questions or thoughts about these eCommerce content marketing strategies? Let me know them in the comments below!

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10 Smart Digital Marketing Ideas During the COVID-19

Our world is facing a very serious challenge with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. However, still, there is hope on the horizon.

Businesses and organizations have been greatly impacted due to the economic hit caused by COVID-19. Businesses from grocery shops to multinational companies are facing huge losses. But, nothing can restrict human ingenuity; many business owners have shifted their companies’ operations online to remain functional. From retail to food, every industry is using digital marketing ideas to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance and need for digital marketing have increased manifold in this situation. Many of you may think that during this pandemic, emotional marketing is the way to success. However, companies need to engage in a sensible way. At this point responsible digital marketing approach not only promotes businesses but also contribute to society’s wellbeing.

To get you started, here are 10 smart digital marketing ideas that can help your business to survive during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Stay in Touch with Your Customers through Social Media.

Keep in touch with your customers

Now, more people are on social media, while stuck at their homes, they’re scanning for new updates on the pandemic situation and trying to stay connected with other individuals in a suddenly isolated nation. That’s why I put this one at first in my list of digital marketing ideas because it’s a great opportunity for your brand to stand out during this difficult time without being too salesy or pushy.

As your customers can no longer visit your physical stores to buy your products or place orders, staying active on social media is a great way to remind your customers that you’re still here to provide their needs. Practice empathy and reach out to your customers by leaving reminders to stay safe, and other educational information. These kinds of nonpromotional content can keep your customers coming back to your social media pages.

2. Ensure Your Business’s Online Presence

Boost your online presence

With social distancing and not much to do at home in the lockdowns, people are online right now than in their vehicles or walking on the pavements. Search traffic has increased significantly as we all are glued to our laptops and smartphones looking for updates within our community. Also, we’re looking for entertainment and ways to pass our lockdown time online. For many of us, that includes shopping online.

This means that if your company has an online presence, then there are higher chances of it being noticed by your potential buyers. Thus, being online top the list of digital marketing ideas to consider during COVID-19. The rise in your Website’s search traffic can be advantageous for your business and may bring in more exposure to your business website. Use SEO strategies to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs so your business can be easily found. Remember, anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before, so this is not the time for your business to go into a shell and poke out the head every once in a while to see if the sun has come out.

3. Give More Importance to Pay-Per-Click Ads.

PPC or pay-per-click advertising

As mentioned above, nowadays people are spending more time surfing the internet, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to connect with their customers and gain a competitive advantage. Because now, there is a higher probability for PPC ads to be seen by users.

According to Thrive senior PPC manager Jacob Wulff statement cost-per-clicks have diminished by 6% across all verticals. So, probably, CPC is going to keep on diminishing in the future as well, that means PPC ads give your business another opportunity to scoop up that lost market shares during this time.

4. Watch Out Your Competitors

Strategies for monitoring your competitors

Hope you all know the saying “Keep your friend close and your enemies closer” – we need to apply the same theory here as well. Follow and get to know how your competitors are handling their social media channels to keep well-informed of their digital marketing strategy.

To jump ahead of your competition, you need to follow a strong SEO strategy, So that your business website comes up first on SERP results when your prospective customers search for specific keywords related to your business. For this purpose along with your website content, you should also optimize your website’s images, descriptions, mobile applications, etc. These optimizations help you to increase your ranking on search engines so that you can easily jump ahead of your competitors.

5. Give Special Offers According to the Unique Circumstances 

Sales Promotion Strategies

Advertising special offers are one of the best ways to keep your customers interested and keeps your revenue flowing. During this uncertain time, your business has the opportunity to show support for your customers by offering your products or services with special discounts that will satisfy your customers’ needs as well as help you to keep your revenue flowing.

Identify the market-fit for your product or service, and then create a special offer accordingly. Now that people are locked in their homes, even the ones who don’t prefer to shop online are now searching for products online on sale, discounts, etc. Therefore, pushing out your special offers through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media promotion is a great way to engage with your customers and keep a steady stream of revenue that will keep your business’s doors open.

6. Focus on Your Local SEO

Business Should focus on local SEO

As we know, due to the pandemic everyone is restricted to their homes. This means when we do leave our homes, we’re looking for nearby shops for services and supplies. So you want to ensure your business is using local SEO strategies to optimize your business website for “near me” searches. You want customers in your geo region to be able to easily find you online so they turn to you first. At a time when people are looking for more convenience, this allows your business to provide assistance for people.

Another way to boost your local SEO during this time is getting positive reviews. Online reputation management is as important as ever because this is a great way to really connect with your target audience during a stressful time like this. Remember, the customer relationships you form at this time will be advantageous to your business in the long haul.

7. Be Ready For the Bounce-Back Surge

 Your business bounce back

As I mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 outbreak should fade after a few months. This means when normalcy returns, consumers’ spending habits also become stabilize. So, you have to remember that what you do today for your SEO campaign will affect your organic search traffic two months from now. Therefore, focusing on your SEO campaign now could have a great impact on your revenue potential two months from now when the COVID-19 starts to become a distant memory. And this will help you to bounce-back on track after COVID-19 pandemic.

8. Don’t Be the Victim of Panic Movement

Overcoming Panic Attacks

How much instant food packages do you have at your home right now? If your answer is a closet full, you’re likely one of the people who clustered to the grocery store when the COVID-19 hysteria started to accelerate. That’s not how you want to react if you really want to implement a smart digital marketing strategy for your business. Many businesses are making significant reductions to their finances by halving their marketing costs, but making knee-jerk decisions can cause harmful damage to your business. The economy is indeed uncertain, so, you need to use the metrics and analyze all of the data you have available before you make any big decision for your business.

9. Be Flexible to Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Flexibility important in customer service

This is the time to act empathetically; find ways to connect with your customers like never before. Recognize the issues your customers are confronting and then provide unique solutions that will endear you to your customers. For example, if you’re running a food delivery business, then at this point provide free delivery services for your customers or come up with other creative ideas to deliver food to your customers. Numerous food delivery organizations are offering drone deliveries, riderless deliveries, and curb-side deliveries to help their consumers.

This way, customers realize you’re all set to go for the extra mile to serve them better while ensuring their wellbeing. Your readiness to securely deliver their food orders will persuade them to turn to your business even when things return back to normal. It’s not just for food business, at this lockdown time gyms could offer online workout classes, dentists could offer online consultations and grocery stores could offer free curb-side pickup. All of these business opportunities can be boosted with strategically crafted social media campaigns.

10. Improve Your Website’s SEO

Professional search engine optimisation

Perhaps this is the time to give a fresh look for your business website. Now more than ever, consumers are dependent on Google and other search engines to search for products, services, and necessities. This means your website is the tool to attract these consumers. Onboard website design professionals to redesign your website, also it’s a great time to have a conversion rate optimization specialist perform a CRO audit of your website to make sure your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are making your leads into customers. Also, it’s an ideal time to do an SEO audit of your business website to ensure you’re improving your optimization strategies. These On-page SEO optimization strategies will help you to successfully drive traffic to your website and boost its overall ranking on search engines.



If you’ve been looking for some good digital marketing ideas recently, hope I’ve given hand-full of ideas to digest. Moreover, you can gather some insights from these smart digital marketing ideas during the COVID-19 and use them for your business growth.

Just because you don’t have any walk-in customers right now, doesn’t mean there are no other ways to reach out to your customers. Adapt your business strategy and digital marketing approach according to the COVID-19 situation by implementing these above listed digital marketing ideas, so that you can be helpful to your consumers and stay abreast of your competitions. Your proactive and strategic digital marketing approaches can save your business and boost your brand’s visibility amid the COVID-19.

Got any questions or thoughts regarding these digital marketing ideas? Let me know them in the comments below!

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