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How to optimize sales and marketing processes for efficient customer acquisition

Are you ready to transform your marketing and sales procedures into something more streamlined and effective in order to acquire new customers? Let’s explore the essential tactics that can improve your strategy and produce the best outcomes.

In this blog, you can learn new tactics to drive efficiency in your customer acquisition efforts and boost sales and marketing performance.

When it comes to achieving greater client acquisition outcomes, there are two extremes:

  • Expanding the team, hiring more salespeople or business development representatives (BDRs).
  • Cutting down costs on marketing and advertising.

All these strategies might be effective in certain situations. But strategically, Increasing the team or cutting costs isn’t the goal of a cost-effective acquisition. It concerns improving acquisition efficiency.

Instead of reducing expenses, you can:

  • Mix channels and experiment with approaches.
  • Invest more in those that bring more qualified leads.
  • Switch off those with poor conversion rates.

Additionally, you can set up CRM appropriately and automate the process rather than hiring a new sales representative or BDR. 

Let’s look at some strategies for enhancing your sales and marketing procedures to make your customer acquisition efforts more effective.

🔶  Boosting sales team productivity

Pay attention to both: people and procedures.

First of all, costly staff members shouldn’t squander their time on easy tasks. To drive nails, you don’t purchase an electric screwdriver, do you? Subsequently, release your sales executives (SEs) from manual activities like CRM entry and client follow-up so they can concentrate on really selling.


Check out what you can do to free up your sales execs.

🔶  Streamline your CRM

Most salespeople hate working with CRMs, and for a reason. Manual tasks like sending emails, entering data and scheduling appointments eat up more than half of their workday.

The good news is that you can automate processes and minimize the amount of fields you need to fill out in the majority of CRM systems. We can take HubSpot as an example to and here’s how the companies configured it to optimize our SEs routine: 


✅ Centralized storage for all resources. Keeping marketing and sales data in a single area allows efficient lead management and communication tracking. We can view the interaction history with each of our potential clients and plan the next actions to move them down the funnel.


✅ Clean and clear pipeline. Leads are added to one of the structured flows that assist us move them between various phases, such as MQL, SQL, Opportunity, and Customer, starting with the initial encounter. we can track leads from one step to the next, view the total number of leads, and keep an eye on client acquisition expenses as a result.


✅ Automatic workload planning. We set up an automated system to reduce communication delays and divide the burden evenly between the sales teams. New leads are therefore assigned to SEs one at a time. In order to get reminders about the actions the sales executive needs to conduct next, such as creating a sales deck or sending an email, we have also automated tasks.

In summary, sales leaders can streamline their daily responsibilities and improve their productivity with the help of an all-inclusive overview of all ongoing deals and a well-optimized pipeline. This frees them from having to deal with manual tasks and allows them to focus on interacting with potential customers and closing agreements.

🔶  Introduce the sales enablement process

Assign a group or individual the task of following up with leads and maintaining the accuracy of your CRM records. Belkins saw the following outcomes from having a sales enablement professional follow up with leads following a contact with SE:

✅ Two additional transactions.

✅ Revenue growth of up to 40%.

✅ a sales cycle that is 30% shorter.

Additionally, the sales support staff made it possible for our SEs to meet their KPIs for four consecutive quarters.

Working with your BDR team is another technique to reduce the workload of your sales executives and increase the effectiveness of your acquisition.

🔶  Increasing BDR team efficiency

While sales enablement specialists help SEs to follow up with the leads, BDRs do all the preparatory work for sales. Depending on whether you have a large or a small business development team, here are a few tips to skyrocket their productivity.


🔶  Split responsibilities and channels

If there are many BDRs on your team, assign different people to different areas of responsibility. For example, you can divide them by inbound or outbound acquisition channels. Inside each channel, the division may go even further:

✅  Inbound: Two BDRs are responsible for website leads, five for paid advertising, two for social media platforms, etc.

✅  Outbound: Three BDRs send cold emails and communicate with prospects from the marketing and advertising industry, four — with leads from healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, two — with potential clients from financial institutions, etc.

Your business development personnel will be better equipped to handle objections, communicate more personally, and process requests more accurately with this kind of distribution.

🔶  Automate internal processes

Just like with the sales team, help your BDRs focus more on communication. With dedicated tools like Chili Piper, you can set up round-robin automation from your website forms and assign new leads to different BDRs.

In addition, you may set up templates and initiate pre-written replies to schedule meetings, address commonly requested queries, and address concerns.

🔶  Extra tips on team management

📌 It’s crucial to consider the team members in addition to the technical aspects. Here’s how to enhance the team’s performance:

📌 Understand what motivates each BDR. One-on-one meetings are the perfect opportunity to spot and discuss individual goals. Understanding each team member’s motivation will make it easier to address any areas where performance is lacking.

📌 Assess the team’s time management skills. The majority of workers frequently experience difficulties managing their time, which can result in burnout. To assist team members in developing their time management abilities, offer resources or training.

📌 Clearly communicate the company’s strategy and goals. Help team members understand where the company is going. This will support them to see how their work fits into the big picture and make them feel more invested in the company’s success. Additionally, confirm that each team member understands the department’s objectives and how they will contribute to them. This will help everyone stay motivated and focused.

🔶  Optimizing your lead generation efforts

Make sure to get the most out of your lead generation efforts with the following tips.


🔶 Use an omnichannel approach

Align all the touchpoints your potential clients have with you. While unifying them can be tough, start small with specific landing pages for each of your services, retargeting ads and tailored social media advertising campaigns.


For example, a person who expressed interest in our appointment-setting service and visited a relevant website page can see an ad with a custom message on Google or an ad leading to downloadable material with the best appointment-setting templates on LinkedIn.

🔶 Work with the existing lead database

It’s excellent to get new leads, but only if you don’t exhaust your specialty. It’s far better to learn how to collaborate effectively with the leads you’ve already gotten in touch with.

🔶 One way to go here is to utilize email marketing:

📌 Establish some email flows that start working automatically when a person satisfies specific requirements. They include nurturing, re-engagement, onboarding, and other strategies. They should be updated often to provide pertinent information and evaluate the most effective methods. For us, emails are just text messages with obvious calls to action. There aren’t many graphics.

📌 Send out urgent campaigns that highlight your company’s accomplishments, report on breaking news, or reveal the release of new goods and services. This is a fantastic chance for you to maintain brand awareness.

Another way to work with your existing leads is to offer them useful content on all platforms:

📌 Publish blog entries and lead magnets on a regular basis that are industry-specific.

📌 Use LinkedIn to share news, advice, and actionable insights through articles, postings, and newsletters.

📌 Establish your credibility by collaborating with review sites.

📌 When necessary, start new initiatives like podcasts and webinars.

To help with lead generation, set up a score system in your CRM. This will enable you to provide qualified leads to your BDR and sales teams for immediate processing.

🔶  Optimizing customer acquisition through sales and marketing alignment

Use a deliberate approach to customer acquisition rather than a reactive one that involves cutting costs or adding additional salespeople. Start by optimizing processes to amplify productivity, beginning with your CRM and sales enablement

In order to strengthen human strategy and communication, automate monotonous chores. Systems for sales and marketing should be synchronized to allow handoffs through established flows. Take an omni-channel approach to understanding conversions from many touchpoints. Continually evaluate what inspires teams and assist individuals in realizing their influence on common objectives. 

Your current campaigns and talent can drive growth sustainably if the proper structural foundations are strengthened by marketing.

🔶  Transform your customer acquisition strategy with these proven tactics. Explore ways to enhance sales team productivity, optimize your lead generation efforts, and align your sales and marketing processes seamlessly. Boost efficiency and performance for sustainable growth. Are you ready to elevate your strategy? Contact Prime One Global, your partner in performance marketing excellence.



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