Google E-E-A-T: Why “Experience” Matters for Your 2023 SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, with new ranking factors being introduced regularly. In recent years, Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) guidelines have become more important for website owners to understand and implement it. However, as we look at it in 2023, it’s clear that “Experience” is set to become a crucial factor in your SEO strategy.

Guide to Understanding E-E-A-T SEO

Google uses a set of standards called E-E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Experience, to assess the value and applicability of a website’s content. The addition of “Experience” emphasizes the significance of user experience in assessing a website’s overall quality and relevancy, even if E-A-T has been a ranking factor for some time.

Because it directly affects engagement metrics like bounce rates, time on site, and conversion rates, user experience is crucial. Users are more likely to abandon a website fast if it is challenging to navigate, loads slowly, or is crowded with low-quality or irrelevant material, which will lead to a high bounce rate.

By optimizing for E-E-A-T, you can improve your website’s user experience and engagement metrics, which can positively impact your search rankings. This includes the following metrics:

  1. Experience: It provides seamless, enjoyable user experience on your website that can ensure a pleasant and effortless user experience on your website, it is essential to prioritize responsive design, quick loading times, simple navigation, and the provision of relevant, top-notch content.
  2. Expertise: Demonstrating expertise in your field by providing up-to-date, an accurate and relevant information which are necessary to your users that can be achieved through well-researched content with quality links from authoritative sources, and a strong reputation within your industry.
  3. Authoritativeness: Establish your website as an authoritative source in your industry by creating content that is unique, insightful, and informative. This can be done via leadership, publishing original research, or gaining recognition from reputable third-party sources.
  4. Trustworthiness: Building trust with your audience by providing transparent, unbiased, and trustworthy information. It can be done via clear disclosure of affiliations or sponsorships meantime providing evidence to support claims, and maintaining a strong reputation within your industry.

Therefore, optimizing for E-E-A-T is an essential aspect for SEO because it highlights the importance of user experience in determining a website’s overall quality and relevance. By prioritizing user experience and establishing your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, you can improve your engagement metrics, drive more traffic, and ultimately increase conversions.

Importance of user experience in SEO strategies

While E-A-T has been an important ranking factor for some time, “Experience” is expected to became more crucial aspect in 2023. This means that providing a seamless, enjoyable user experience on your website will be more critical than ever before. Google’s goal is to provide its users with the best possible experience, and by prioritizing “Experience” in your SEO strategy, you can improve your website’s engagement metrics, including bounce rate and time on page.

As an experienced SEO professional understands the importance of search engine algorithms, knows how to conduct thorough keyword research, and can implement effective on-page and off-page optimization strategies that will drive targeted traffic to your website. They also have a deep understanding of the user intent behind the search queries, which is crucial for creating content that meets your target audience’s needs. As we know search engines will continue to prioritize websites that provide excellent user experience, including fast page load times, mobile responsiveness, and easy navigation and SEO professionals will have the knowledge and skills to optimize your website for these factors and ensure that your website provides the best possible user experience.

Additionally, with the increasing use of AI and machine learning in search algorithms, experienced professionals can leverage their knowledge and expertise to stay ahead of the curve and adapt their strategies to the changing landscape of SEO.

Therefore experience is vital for any successful SEO strategy in 2023 and beyond. With experienced professionals on your team, you can be confident that your website is optimized to meet the latest SEO standards and provide an exceptional user experience for your target audience.

Google E- E-A-T for Your SEO Strategy

You can follow the set of rules which Google recommended:

  1. Create high-quality content: High-quality content that is well-researched, well-written, and informative that can support to establish your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.
  2. Build quality backlinks: Build Backlinks from high-authority websites that can signal to Google that your website is trustworthy and credible.
  3. Optimize for mobile devices: With more people accessing the internet from their mobile devices than ever before, it’s more crucial to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices.
  4. Utilize social proof: Displaying, testimonials, reviews and social media followers can help establish social proof and build trust with your audience.
  5. Ensure website security: A secure website with HTTPS encryption can improve your website’s trustworthiness and credibility.
  6. Focus on user experience: A positive user experience is crucial for retaining visitors and improving your website’s engagement metrics. This includes elements such as site speed, navigation, and design.

Enhancing your E-E-A-T can be challenging, but working with experienced professionals can help. Our team of content marketing professionals can help you to create high-quality content, build quality backlinks, optimize your website for mobile devices, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can.

Wrap Up:

As I said earlier in 2023, it’s very clear that “Experience” is a crucial ranking factor for SEO. Providing a seamless, enjoyable user experience on your website will be more critical than ever before. if you want to improve your website’s SEO in 2023, contact your dedicated digital marketing team works from our office space, where they get a fully-equipped working area that allows you to directly communicate with them and Enhance your E-E-A-T, and work with a skilled content marketing team to achieve your goals. Remember, the ultimate goal of SEO is to increase conversions, so prioritize your users and their needs. Start implementing these strategies today to stay ahead of the competition and boost your online presence.

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Nigetha Thurairajah, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Partner's Growth at Prime One Global, Nigetha Thurairajah, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Prime One Global, having more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing industry, specializing in Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Analytics, Google Trends, Site Analysis, Web architecture, Competitor research and Keyword Research. I am extremely passionate about public speaking and doing podcast 🙂

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The pros and cons of short-tail and long-tail keywords for SEO

Targeting keywords for organic traffic is an essential aspect of an SEO strategy that can help drive relevant traffic to your website. Understanding short-tail vs long-tail keywords is crucial for a  successful SEO campaign. The pros and cons of short-tail vs long-tail keywords for SEO should be carefully considered before incorporating them into your strategy. When someone searches for keywords, the search engine can match them with relevant websites and provide the result on the result page (SERP), making it important to optimize your content for the right keywords. By targeting a mix of short-tail vs long-tail keywords, businesses can improve their chances of ranking higher on the SERP and driving relevant traffic to their website.

However, when it comes to choosing keywords, there are two broad type of categories to consider that are long-tail and short-tail keywords. Let’s talk about one by one:

Short-tail keywords are generic and they tend to have a high search volume, but these keywords are really competitive. But the long-tail keywords are more specific and mostly have an average or lower search volume.

According to that, each type of keyword has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right keywords for your website depends on your goals and target audience. When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, keywords are playing a crucial part of any strategy. But there are two types of keywords to consider that are long-tail and short-tail keywords. Both have their pros and cons, and understanding the differences between them can help you to create a more effective keyword strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of short-tail vs long-tail keywords and how to use them effectively. We’ll also answer the common questions about keyword research and provide tips to optimizing your web content. Keep reading to learn more.


Before we get to know the Pros and Cons about short-tail and long-tail keywords, let’s see the meaning of short-tail keywords that are shorter, which means more generic phrases that typically include one or two words. For example, ” marketing” or “shoes” are short-tail keywords. It seems very broad and those keywords are highly competitive, when it comes to SEO, it’s too difficult to rank. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of short-tail keywords for SEO:

Pros of Short-Tail Keywords

There are benefits but let me share one of the main benefits of short-tail keywords is that they can generate a large amount of traffic to your site. Since these keywords are more general, they have a broader appeal and are more likely to attract a wide audience. If you can rank well for a popular short-tail keyword, you can potentially drive a lot of traffic to your site.


Cons of Short-Tail Keywords

The downside of short-tail keywords is that they are highly competitive and this makes it so difficult to rank higher. Because these keywords are so broad, there are often many other websites competing for the same search traffic. This means that you will need to put in a huge effort to compete with other sites, and even then, there is no guarantee that you will rank well. This is one of the disadvantages of using short-tail keywords.


Secondly, short-tail keywords can be less targeted. Since these keywords are so general, the people who search for them may not be looking for exactly what you have to offer. This means that you may get a large amount of traffic to your website, but not necessarily the relevant traffic. This means you can’t drive the target audience for your website. But you can generate more traffic. That never supports you to increase your ROI. this will impact on your future plans as well.


Long-tail keywords are longer, which means these are more specific phrases that typically include three or more words. For example, “digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka” or “women’s running shoes for flat feet” are long-tail keywords. They are more targeted and less competitive comparing short-tail keywords. This will give you a better result when you focus on the long-tail keywords in SEO. here you can see the list of long-tail keyword research tools and their features:

Long-tail keyword Tool Key Features
01. Semrush ✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Check keyword volume
✓ Check keyword difficulty
✓ Check keyword CPC
✓ Check competition score

➥ Get a 14-day free trial
02. KWFinder ✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Search by domain
✓ Search by Keyword
✓ Check competitor's rank
✓ Get search volumes

➥ Create an account on KWFinder
03. LowFruits ✓ Find long-tail keywords
✓ Analyze SERPs
✓ Import or get your keywords
✓ Extract competitor's keywords

➥ Create an account on LowFruits
04. Answer the Public ✓ Free long tail Keyword research tool
✓ Find common questions around a keyword
05. Google Auto Suggestion ✓ Easily find long-tail keywords
✓ Google auto-populates keywords
✓ Type keyword & get auto-suggestions
06. Google Auto-suggest ✓ Advanced version of Google auto-suggest
✓ Find long tail keywords directly from Google
✓ Free version limited to 2 searches per day
07. WordTracker ✓ Find profitable long-tail keywords
✓ Check competitors
✓ Check IAAT (keyword in anchor & text)
✓ Check KEI (keyword effectiveness index)
✓ 7-day free trial

➥ Get a 7-day free trial
08. Long Tail Pro ✓ Find profitable long-tail keywords
✓ Exact Search Volume & Competitiveness
✓ Track Your Progress
✓ Personal Domain analysis
✓ Unlimited tracked domains
✓ Rank Value feature

➥ Get a 10-day free trial

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of using long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy:

Pros of Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords seems that are more targeted and the meaning of the people who search for them are more likely to be interested in what you have to serve. This can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. This is the highlight of the long-tail keywords.

Meantime they are less competitive keywords. Since these keywords are more specific, there are often fewer websites competing for the same search traffic. This means that it can be easier to rank for long-tail keywords and generate more relevant traffic to your website. Based on our experiences we would suggest long-tail keywords to see better rank improvements within a short span of time.

pros-long-tail keywords

Cons of Long-Tail Keywords

Sometimes we missed to check it out the disadvantages, but this is also a crucial part when we focus on the seo. The long-tail keywords are going to generate less traffic comparing short-tail keywords. Since these keywords are more specific and you may need to target multiple long-tail keywords to generate the same amount of traffic as a single short-tail keyword. However, this will give you a better result within the short term.


The second one is that they can be more difficult to come up with. Especially these keywords are more specific and you will need to do more research and brainstorming to identify them.

Now you may have a question:

03) How to Use Long-Tail and Short-Tail Keywords Effectively?

The key to using long-tail and short-tail keywords effectively is to strike a balance between the two. Here are some tips for optimizing your content with keywords:

  1. Use short-tail keywords to attract a broad audience and generate a lot of traffic to your website.
  2. Use long-tail keywords to target specific niche based and generate more targeted traffic to your website.
  3. Use a combination of both short-tail and long-tail keywords to create a comprehensive keyword strategy that targets both broad and specific search terms.
  4. Conduct thorough advanced keyword research to identify and filter the most relevant and effective keywords for your business.
  5. Use keywords in your content in a natural way that provides value to your readers. This will give a chance to get more engagement and drive more traffic to your website.
  6. Avoid keyword stuffing, which can result in penalties from search engines.
  7. Monitor your keyword rankings and adjust your strategy as needed to improve your search engine visibility.

In nutshell, both short-tail vs long-tail keywords have their pros and cons, and understanding how to use them effectively is very important to creating a successful SEO and digital marketing strategy. By striking a balance between these two types of keywords and using them in a natural and effective way, you can generate more targeted traffic to your site and improve your search engine visibility. That’s for sure. Therefore, take the time to do advanced keyword research for your business and optimize your content with relevant keywords, and finally monitor your keyword rankings to achieve your SEO goals. If your company needs help with keyword research, content strategy, or overall SEO help or complete digital marketing solutions, reach out to our team via: [email protected], we’re always happy to support to achieve your goals. Get in touch with Globally recognized Multinational Award-Winning performance marketing agency, delivering Full Stack digital marketing strategies.

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Nigetha Thurairajah, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Partner's Growth at Prime One Global, Nigetha Thurairajah, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Prime One Global, having more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing industry, specializing in Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Analytics, Google Trends, Site Analysis, Web architecture, Competitor research and Keyword Research. I am extremely passionate about public speaking and doing podcast 🙂

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Social Campaigns and How They Work For Businesses

Results-Driven Social Campaigns for Businesses


In a world full of issues and passive publics, Social Campaigns are a great way to voice out against any matter, spread awareness, and address problems. However, when it comes to that subject, people often associate social campaigns with political problems, whereas it also applies to other facets of our lives. In this case, businesses should start applying social campaigns and events to establish themselves in the market.

Here at Prime One Global, formerly known as Extreme SEO Internet Solutions, we help businesses stand out through effective and innovative digital transformations. Based in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka, we are an award-winning performance marketing agency that takes your visions and executes them flawlessly.

A prime example of how social campaigns make an impact on startups is our recent project that was reviewed on Clutch. To help you get up to speed first, Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating platform dedicated to helping millions of users from across the globe. The site hosts a staggering collection of client reviews, data-driven articles, and other industry-related content.

An analyst from Clutch contacted Nevindaree Premaranthne, the senior manager of a government organization based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to gather their insights regarding our old project from 2019. The five-star review highlights our team’s efforts for their social campaigns and video production.

Clutch published the review back on June 11, 2021, and it showcases how our team efficiently and effectively handled the engagement. Throughout our partnership, the videos and the number of likes on the clients’ pages went off the roof thanks to the campaigns. We also handled content development, social media marketing, photography, and videography during the client’s events.

When the analyst asked about what was the most impressive aspect of our team, the client responded:

“The most impressive thing I’ve noticed was their friendliness. It was really easy for us to work with this team as they listened to what we really want and explained everything in a friendly manner. And the other best thing I’ve noticed was, they take ownership of the work. They worked with us as part of our team and we never felt that this is another service provider.”  

— Senior Manager, Government Organization

This review reflects how much effort our team exerts for each of our projects. It also speaks volumes about how powerful our social campaigns are. We are extremely proud to have this review, along with our other clients’ insights, featured on our Clutch profile.

As we move forward, we want to encourage our clients to think about how social campaigns can make a difference for them. We are always here to help them launch their plans, and we are looking forward to seeing more future projects like this.

Prime One Global also ranked highly on The Manifest’s list of the top 100 social media marketing campaign service providers from Philadelphia. For context, The Manifest is a blog platform that serves as a credible resource for those who want to learn more about the B2B space.

Their recognition is a massive endorsement for our team and it goes to show how driven we are. Still, want to learn more about us? Take a look at our services to see if our team suits your needs. Reach out and let’s get in contact!

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Top 10 Recommended WordPress Plugins for bloggers

The content marketing industry is growing rapidly since the early development of the internet. Approximately 70 million new blog posts are created every day and 77 million new comments are getting each month from the internet users. Starting a blog is very easy, but the point is where you post. To get started with blogging, many people tend to choose WordPress, the reason is 409 million people view more than 20 billion  WordPress blog posts every month and at the same time compared to other various blogging platforms WordPress is very easy to manage. Other than that, people mostly prefer to create WordPress for their business purpose, news, magazines as well as portfolio creation. Fortunately, there are plenty of Recommended WordPress plugins out there that can help you to boost traffic and user engagement.

The top 10 WordPress plugins for bloggers!

In this post, I’m going to introduce the top 10 WordPress plugins for bloggers. In the following list of plugins are tested with their most advanced features and have been verified to work quite well to amplify your blog’s performance.


1. UpdraftPlus

WordPress Backup plugin

There are many more plugins that enable you to back up the WordPress site. From them, UpdraftPlus is the World’s Most Trusted WordPress Backup plugin, restore and migration plugin that allows you to create backups, transfer them to remote locations such as Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google drive. If there any technical difficulties may come to your WordPress site, UpdraftPlus can be more helpful for you to handle the situation. UpdraftPlus is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs that will simplify the process of the backup and restoration for your WP sites. You can restore your backup and get back on your blog within a short time period.

If you add three or two blog posts per week, then you can select a weekly backup of the database. But you need to choose where you are going to store your backup files. That’s really important. I’m not recommending you to save your backups in the same location. Because losing your access to that particular location means that you will also lose access to your backup files as well. So, I strongly recommend you to choose a remote cloud storage service to store your backups.

Key features:

  •  Automatic scheduled backup for your contents.
  •  Use fewer server resources for faster processing.
  •  Enables you to back up your content on multiple cloud services.
  •  Easily duplicate or migrate websites with the help of Migrator.
  •   Free dedicated expert support.
  •  After WordPress finishes installing the plugin, with a click you can Activate the Plugin.
2. Wordfence Security

WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence Security delivers Firewall solutions developed particularly for WordPress and blocks attackers scanning for vulnerabilities on your blog page that makes your site 50 times faster and more secure. I strongly believe this is the best security hardening plugin that should be addressed first before anything.

Many hackers and bots out there will try to get an attack into your WordPress site by brute-forcing your password. If you can use Wordfence, there is an option to block every IP that guesses 10 wrong passwords. At the same time, Wordfence will scan your site every day such as upgrading your themes (if you needed, you can), or WordPress plugins updates if the new version is available, having weak passwords and much more. Therefore, I would recommend you to have this plugin as it’s an absolute must-needed plugin to be safe from hackers and make sure everything stays up-to-date in your site.

Basic Options

  • Firewall Mode
  • Protection Level
  • Real-Time IP Blacklist  

Advanced Options

  • Delay IP and Country blocking until after WordPress and plugins have loaded.
  • Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules.
  • Whitelisted Services.
  • Immediately block IPs that access these URLs.
  •  Ignored IP addresses for Wordfence Web Application Firewall alerting rules.
  • Brute Force Protection.
  • Rate Limiting.
  •  Whitelisted URLs.
  • Monitor Background Requests for False Positives.
3. RankMath

Best WordPress SEO plugin

If you are interested to start blogging, you can’t go far without a good search engine optimization. To do SEO optimization, Rank Math is the best WordPress SEO plugin for blogs that allows getting rank higher in search engines. It has been trusted by most of the WordPress site owners because all the main functionalities are included in this tool, also it’s frequently upgraded and to be more compatible with Google algorithms. Meantime they provide much more features that can make your blog effectively better. In my experience, it is one of the most mind-blowing and SEO-friendly plugins to get our content worthy of featured Position.

Do you know why the Rank math is best compared to the YOAST SEO plugin? The unique difference is that Rank Math provides lots of unique features for free, but you need to upgrade the premium version for getting all the features which are provided by Rank Math. Especially the All in One SEO plugin, really that’s the reason we called Rank Math is a game-changer, Have a Look at the feature by feature comparison of three of the plugins to understand why Rank Math is an absolute game-changer for WordPress SEO. Moreover, this plugin helps you to optimize your content properly and give much more power to control over the snippet of your post on Search Engines.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is one of the top WordPress plugins to manage your blog. It helps to speed up your website, provide security, improve website performance & traffic, and many more. Meantime this plugin will also help to monitor the site downtime. This single plugin has many more features that you can enable and disable according to your needs that will help you to lower down at least 10+ plugins on your blog. I have listed down the features of the free version of Jetpack here:

Key Features:
  • Unlimited static files hosting.
  •  Unlimited image hosting with CDN.
  •  lazy loading image.
  • Brute Force attack protection and Secure logins.
  • Downtime monitoring.
  • Automate Social Sharing and Social Buttons.
  • SEO tools and Grammar Checking.
  •  Email Subscription and Blog Followers.
Are you looking to improve your blog performance and attract new readers?

Jetpack provides features to help you manage these tasks a little easier; because of their features you can easily accomplish these goals. If you already upload images on your blog, Jetpack’s features will make them stand out even more attractive. Let me show you one of the examples: If you can Activate the Tiled Galleries feature when creating a gallery within your blog post to showcase multiple images in a way that’s much more attractive than a standard grid of images. The same time, the key to a successful blog is getting more readers to our blog and engaged followers who are keen to read and share every one of your new posts. Isn’t it? Yes, Jetpack is an Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers to get more readers, so try this Jetpack features and I can ensure you that you can boost readers’ engagement on your blogs.

5. Akismet

Spam Fighting Plugin

Akismet is a spam-fighting plugin that protects WordPress sites from spam comments and spam contact forms. When it comes to blogging, we always enable the comment option to get engagements. Yes, we all know some of the bots and visitors will write spam comments like advertisements in our blog comments. To omit the spam out of your entire blog website, Akismet is the best solution for you.

The Spam comments are totally irrelevant for any blog content and down your website ranking as well. So, Akismet is a very essential plugin to eliminate the spam comments. As far as I know, many of the bloggers are struggling with how to avoid spam comments and contact forms. So, the Akismet plugin will help you to solve this issue and this Plugin will monitor all incoming comments and figure it out the Spam one.  It’s a pretty awesome Plugin.

Key Features:
  •  Automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam.
  • Each comment has a status history, so you can easily see which comments were caught or cleared by Akismet and which were spammed or unspammed by a moderator.
  • URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.
  • Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user.
  • A discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam, saving you disk space and speeding up 
6. Everest Forms

Best Free WordPress Forms plugin

There are plenty of free contact form plugins available but the widely use one is Everest Forms plugin. You can go through it and get to know that it’s one of the greatest WordPress contact form plugins which let you to create forms efficiently. That means you can easily drag-and-drop form builder. When publishing your blogs, the readers might be even more than keen to contact you to ask some questions about it. These are the things that bloggers expected from their readers. So, you need to create contact forms for conditions like these. There is no doubt at all, you may straightly go with one of the best plugins for blogs when it comes to adding a form as this plugin is a very user-friendly interface for customizations as well as the drag and drop fields. So, you can simply modify your forms however you want.

Key Features:
  • Create unlimited forms without any restrictions.
  • Drag and Drop Form fields.
  • Supports all commonly used form fields including radio, dropdowns, checkboxes, date and more.
  • 100% responsive form template.
  • Supports multiple column layout.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Multiple email recipient.
  • Mulitple email notifications.
  • Smart Tags for dynamic email message, subject and more.
  • View Form entries from your dashboard.
  • Quick Form Preview option.
  • CSV exporter for entries.
  • Provides two different form template design.
  • Google Recaptcha Supported.
  • Editable successful form submission message.
  • Redirect option after submission.
  • Editable Email Settings.
  • Editable form validation message.
  • Translation ready.
7. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Most popular image optimization plugin

Smush is the most popular image optimization plugin, do you know why the blog pages are taking too much time to load? Yes, one of the important factors for slowing down the WordPress blog is Image. It’s very true, If the Image is not optimized properly, your blog page will load slowly. The Images can be compressed and reduced in size. For this purpose, I highly recommended you to choose Smush Image Compression plugins to optimize images without losing quality. If you don’t have any knowledge in image optimization, this plugin will help you to automatically compress the images after you upload it on your website. Also, it has a feature to resize the image for responsive design.

WP Smush is very easy to use, and you can optimize your images without losing quality. You may want to optimize your old images, you can directly go to your Media section and find out the WP Smush to bulk smush, here you can smush 50 images at a time. So, this is a very easy way to optimize your images and improve your blog performance.

 Key features:

  • Bulk Smush: Optimization of existing images in your media library (limit 50 on the free version).
  • Directory Smush: Optimizing images outside of your uploads directory.
  • Integrations: Integrates with Gutenberg, Amazon S3 and photo galleries.
  • CDN: A premium feature that utilizes WPMU DEV’s CDN for multi-pass lossy compression and auto-resize features.
  • Lazyload: This feature defers the loading of below the fold imagery until the page has loaded, adjustable by page/image type.
  • Settings: General plugin settings.
8. wpDisc

Best WordPress Comment Plugin

Blog post comments are the most reliable way for you to get feedback from your readers. Notably, this is a great idea for all the bloggers to connect or interact with their readers. But, the core WordPress comments method does have some capacity for improvements in it’s functionality.

When we look at the past there are a couple of plugins that can help us to enhance the commenting system with real-time discussion capabilities including a Thank page which is displayed to your readers after they’ve left their comment and also an additional option for enabling email notifications for comments. The wpDiscuz plugin recently released the core blog post commenting solutions to help WordPress users. It allows you to customize the appearance of the comments form that includes changing the text, altering the colors, and even adding your own custom CSS code as well. As a blogger, you must have this plugin for your WordPress blog.

Some of the highlights of this plugin includes:

  • Comment voting with positive and negative ratings.
  • Multilevel nested comment threads.
  • Auto-update to display latest comments.
  • AJAX load more comments button.
  • Automatic image sourcing from URLs.
  • Comment author notifications.
  • Built in anti-spam protection.
  • Posting sharing options.
9. Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

I would recommend you to add a very essential plugin which is the major part of driving traffic to your blog. There are many plugin supports to enhance the blog performance but the Social Sharing plugin is one of the easy ways to drive more traffic to your blog post. Easy Social Sharing plugin helps your readers to share the content in their social media. We are well aware of social media and how it’s growing consistently. Accordingly, we can easily reach our target audiences through social sharing. So, Easy Social Sharing is a social media plugin that can help your blogs to reach your audience very quickly. This plugin has more features and your content can be shared on more than 18 different social media networks.

Key features:

  • Floating sidebar layout attached and fixed to the screen border.
  • Sharing counts to display the number of shares on social media.
  • Live preview of the sharing design at the backend.
  • Six different design layouts to choose from.
  • Easy user settings with the intuitive settings panel.


10. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

One of the best things you need to do for your business is to pay more attention to the traffic. When it comes to the blog, you have to keep your eye on who visits your blog and how long they stay at your blog, and then it will help to formulate a plan on how to make them respond even more positively. This is not an ideal solution but if you plan to use analytics that will definitely evaluate your site’s performance very easily. 

Are you Looking for the most reliable analytics plugin for WordPress? According to my analysis in the market, MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin that comes with Google Analytics. It delivers you more profound insights without affecting your site speed or any other WordPress security. More than two million WordPress websites are using this plugin. So, I and most of the WordPress site owners believe that it’s a very easy way to double the traffic for your blog page.

 Key features:

  •  Audience Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Content Report
  • Ecommerce Report
  • Forms Report
  • Search Console Report
  • Custom Dimensions Report
Wrapping Up:

Before we wrap up, I want to share one tip for you all. You will get success if you can honestly care about the User experience and publish well-informative content through your blogs. I hope the above Top 10 Recommended WordPress Plugins will help you to amplify your blog performance and to achieve your business goals. But, before you start choosing and installing the plugins, make sure that you have a suitable WordPress blog theme for your website. I can understand that you guys are on very busy schedules and don’t have enough time to read lengthy blogs. I’m here to help you. If you are looking for professional  WordPress SEO provider or need the advice to get more traffic to your website, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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Top 10 Secret Sources To Generate Traffic and Conversion To Your Website

Driving massive amounts of traffic is one of the key points for successful digital marketing. As a business owner, your goal is converting people into your customers. But, if you do not have any visitors for your website, you cannot convert them into your customers. You cannot survive without a website’s traffic. In order to get more sales and get happy customers, you have to drive people to your website. Do you want Secret Traffic Sources to generate more traffic for your website? Here are the Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website and the top 10 Conversion Strategies in 2019.

Every website needs to have a proper strategy to get more sales and it is the best driver of our businesses growth. It helps you to:

  • See how your marketing is working
  • Gather insights about your audience to make right decisions
  • Improve your search engine credibility
  • Generate more leads, increase conversions and get more customers for your website

A number of ways to optimize your website in order to generate traffic and conversion, the first step is to be attracting the right visitors to our website in the first place. Including CTA (Call To Action) and lead capture forms in the right places. This is very important to drive the traffic for our brand.

Every business owners have their own strategies to grow-up their business and revenue. The goal is driving more valuable visitors to their website! That means, there is no matter how many percentages of visitors we have, the thing is we need to get the valuable customers for our website, that will give more benefits for us. To achieve that, you need to use multiple strategies to bring new visitors to your website.

Here are the Top 10 secret traffic sources to help you to generate more traffic and conversion to your website today!

Before you initiate the strategy, you need to create a better plan and implement it with a right time. That is highly important to the success of your website. If your strategy will work properly, then only you can get a huge number of traffic. Otherwise it will not work. Always focus on the strategy which is really suitable for your businesses niche. The wrong strategy will be getting your business down.

Most of the brands are focusing with all their efforts to get higher range of conversion rates. But some of them are getting very low amount of traffic, the reason is, they are lacking to implement the proper strategy. Before you convert the people, you need to drive traffic to your website first. Once you get the visitors, you can convert them based on your strategies.

Audit Your Website

A lot of ways to optimize your website for generating traffic and conversion. But before you get started, you want to track an A/B testing solution. That means, before you start growing your website traffic, you should know your current traffic stats. This is your baseline to get to know how your efforts are affecting to your traffic’s growth.


Instead, of just doing things, take a strategic approach & audit your website to create a comprehensive plan so that you can focus on the highest range of leverage opportunities to drive more traffic and increase the conversion rate. If you are a newbie, you can easily get a variety of secret sources from online using this term like Conversion strategies in 2019, however, before you get to know that, you should audit your website to generate target traffic to your website.

This way to help you figure it out why you should work on that, not only that,  you can see how your changes are affecting on your traffic and conversions in a positive way. To do the A/B testing, you can get more tools through online, especially, Google Analytics is a free tool and very easy to use, it can help you to drive further traffic to your website. This will enable you to identify which kind of strategies and types of content works, where you need to focus to get the improvement, and the most important thing is where you do not want to waste your time. From this tool, you can track the links for your marketing campaigns and also regularly check your website analytics.

website audit


The best way to generate your website traffic from the organic traffic, it is truly increase the number of page’s visits that can help to rank-up through your targeted keyword terms. This means, it will help where you can add new pieces of attractive content through visuals, quizzes to target specific keywords or add new category pages and update new blog posts on your website.


Speed Up Your Website

Google has announced a website speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to ranking pages

A website loading speed is a major part to drive the traffic for your website. It reflects how website quickly responds to the web requests. not just for the website owners, it helps to all the Internet users. If your website is loading as fast, users can make an instant judgment about you and your business and immediately take a strong first impression. Everyone should give high priority for your website speed, because of it all depends on the UX (user experience).

page speed - site speed

Better SEO makes to increase your website’s visibility to the people who are trying to find you online. When you consider your website’s speed, you can get more traffic because of the search engine is able to crawl your content through your website faster and it helps to the indexing process as well.

How to speed up your website in 2019?

Before you get to know the speed optimization tactics, you need to switch the better host for your website, that’s very important to perform the website as fast.

Here are the ways to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion in 2019, mostly focus on the front-end performance.·

  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Reduce redirects
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Improve server response time
  • Use a content distribution network
  • Optimize images

Try and reduce your page load time and increase your website traffic and conversion rates!

Do Content Outreach & Guest Posts

Guest Post is one of the hottest and very easiest ways to drive more traffic. This can be really helpful to add more variety of your content and helps to show your visitors that you are active in your field. Guest posting can help grow your online audience.

Determine Your Guest Blogging Goals

Guest posting can help every business to grow up in online audience.

Before you go, you have to decide what your goal is and why you’re targeting guest blogging. First knowing your goal, it’s playing an important role to choose the right kind of blogs to submit guest posts to achieve your target. Typically there are three major goals for guest blogging.

  1. Positioning your-self as an authority and well-known name in the industry.
  2. Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website.
  3. Building back-links to your website

guest posting

To be successful as a guest blogger, you must write contents that should be high quality. you can find many reasons through online why guest posting is such a key point to every bloggers to build their online influences. I’ve mentioned below some them are:

  • Guest posting builds relationships
  • You can reach new audiences; they are usually your highly targeted audience.
  • You can build authority in your field.
  • You can increase your domain authority through the high-quality and relevant backlinks.
  • You can generate inbound sales and more business opportunities.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

  • The content is focused on your niche / industry.
  • The audience of the blog will be interested in your industry.
  • The blog has engaged readership (posts have been shared socially and commented upon).
  • The blog owner is active on social media (so you know that they will be promoting your work on their site).

Tracking Your Results

My final thought is, Still the Guest posting is a great way to connect with new visitors and get your name out-reach. When you decide your goals is generate traffic, the results are very essentials and it should definitely be measured. based on that, I’m here to tell you guys to do this, Obviously, you can create an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics. it will help you to determine the success of your overall guest blogging strategy in terms of getting traffic and making conversions.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the best and most popular ways of free marketing tools and also it plays a major role for your website to drive traffic using social media channels to promote your content.

When we investigate Social media usage, it has been increasing at a rapid rate for the past decade or so. Just have a look at the below image, from that, you can get to know the user-growth across social networks from worldwide.

 increase your social media presence

Do you have only the Facebook page? It’s not only enough anymore. You have to make sure that you have an active presence on other social media channels as well, such as:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

Please do more than just create a profile. The below-outlined points will definitely help you to social media platforms.

  • Share useful and your targeted audience/ relevant content on a regular basis.
  • Share Niche related blogs, images, or videos on your all active social media platforms.

Try the above things and get more followers for your brand through your social media. when you create posts that should encourage your target audience to get engaged more. Same time, you should respond to your followers directly to entice communication. This action should make it easier for you to generate new leads. Constantly posting links on your social media platforms will increase many chances you to increase CTR and traffic.

Start Blogging

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2019?

The blog is one of the ways to drive more target audience for our product or any services. If your website doesn’t have a blog  (you need to start ASAP), don’t wait and give a priority and make creating bogs. Doesn’t matter what type of  services you are providing, Blogging is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and generate new leads. it’s a trending point as well. that’s why I recommended you to focus on Blogging.

blog post tips

If you already have a blog, it gives a reason for people to keep coming back on your website. Blogs also help to improve your SEO because if you have blogs, you will constantly adding new/trending content on your page, that will give chances to get back on our page.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

A majority of online businesses aiming to increase search traffic for their websites to boost their brands’ growth.

A high bounce rate will damage your website’s page views and conversion, not only that it can even hurt your SEO as well. Is your bounce rate too high? Do you want to reduce your bounce rate? Before that, you need to understand the formula of the percentage of bounce rate.

  • 80%+ is very bad
  • 70 – 80% is poor
  • 50 – 70% is average
  • 30 – 50% is excellent
  • 20% or below is likely a tracking error

reduce your bounce rate

If you’re getting higher bounce rate for your website, first you need to Identify the root course and fixing the problems to increase your traffic. So many reasons could be caused for the higher bounce rate such as poor navigation, bad design, slow load time, poor usability, lack of clear call-to-action, etc.

Before you start your work, identify your top pages with the highest bounce rate. then only you can implement the right strategy to increase your conversion. You can do this through Google Analytics and click on Behavior » Site Content » Landing Pages, finally you can see the view like mentioned below snapshot:

Highest bounce rate

Here are a few tips to reduce your bounce rate and Quick Tricks to Drive Traffic.

  • Provide a Better Overall User Experience
  • Optimize Your Call of Action Placement
  • Make Your Site Readable
  • Improve Your Site’s Speed
  • A/B Testing + Targeted Landing Pages
  • Use Videos To Engage Your Audience
  • Use High-Quality Images to Captivate User Attention
  • Plan a Consistent Content Strategy

I hope you got some good tips to reduce bounce rate for your website and the most effective ways to increase your Conversion Rate.


Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

I’m sure you all know, mobile use is on the rise.

In fact, over 60% of Google searches coming from a variety of mobile devices.

Comparatively mobile users are consistently improving instead of desktop users. It’s going up so fast that it’s actually overtaken computers and desktop devices. The important thing is Google recognizes the mobile-friendly website ranks accordingly.

optimize your site for mobile devices

If your site is not optimized for mobile-friendly, Go and optimize immediately. because if you are not focus on your site for mobile devices, maybe it will prohibit your user experiences, not only that, it’s affecting your ranking.

According to the Internet Usage Statistics from worldwide of statista, 52.2% was generated through mobile devices in 2018. Meantime, when we go through it in 2019, nearly 80% of internet usage is expected to be mobile devices. (Source: Business2Community)

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile users.

Produce Video Content

Text-based content is always good, but video can be a more valuable resource to attract new visitors and making your site more engaging. That’s why 87% of marketers produce their video content online. Through the Videos, you can increase in organic search traffic as well. Not only that, like 46% of users act after watching a video advertisement which is you produced for your brand.

The Power Video Marketing

People mostly love to spend their time to watch a video instead of  reading lengthy text content about your services or products. This is a top reason helped marketers to increase their website traffic through the video content.

The Power Video Marketing

As reported by the HubSpot Research report, more than 50% of customers engaged with videos from the brands compared to any other type of content.

Basically, videos can be help you to generate new leads and increase your website traffic. Therefore I would recommend you to start as much as possible to maximize your reach.


Use Influencer Marketing To Establish Credibility

Credibility is more important for every website. Comparatively, this is the major part of to generate more traffic for your brand. that means If your website having a good reputation and credibility, you’ll be able to generate more site traffic.

Do you want to get the credibility for your brand?

It’s not a big deal but something difficult. you can’t get the credibility within a short period. it’ll take time.

One of the best ways to gain credibility for your brand is to leverage your relationships with the right influencers. You can approach this strategy in different ways to achieve what you are expected. In order to approach this, you can use celebrities to promote your brand.

influencer marketing

To find the right influencers for your brand, you need to fact check and do not pick someone’s randomly. Before you go, please make sure that your influencers are aligned with your company’s reputation. If you have any ideas to bringing up an influencer to help your marketing campaigns, you can on-board micro-influencers as well. don’t wait for chances, this is your right time and great chance. I would suggest you to use micro-influencers effectively, this will increase your service/product credibility and brand awareness. why I’m suggesting you to for micro-influencers, there is a reason. Actually, through the influencer’s marketing, we can reach a wider audience. but the problem is,  for our celebrities, you want to pay to pitch about your services/products. that’s why I recommended you to go for a micro-influencers. this is one of an alternative solution, you do not need to worry about it,  micro-influencers also can increase your product credibility.

If you have any ideas to bringing up an influencer to help your marketing campaigns, you can onboard micro-influencers as well. don’t wait for chances, this is your right time and great chance. I would like to suggest you use micro-influencers effectively, it will increase your service/product credibility and brand awareness.

Improve Your SEO

One of the best ways to generate traffic is through SEO. As you can see from above what I have already mentioned to implement a few of other Spectacular Traffic Sources, it will automatically help your SEO. When someone is searching for something online, whether it’s your product or service, they will probably start with a Google search. Actually it’s something difficult to get higher ranking. because of the competition is high.

best SEO strategy

SEO ranking improves when visitors often view your website, more pages, stay on your website longer and get back to them as a return customer. The more user-friendly your site is, the more likely this is going to happen. In fact, 85% of consumers use Google to find more details about their services before they make a decision. From the below snapshot, you can find out the statement.


In order to improve your SEO, you have to do an advanced keyword research based on your business niche. it will be easier to generate more traffic for your website.

I hope you can get them back to visit your website if you’re master of your SEO strategies including to delivering high-quality content that will generate more leads. Your content needs to be high quality, recent, and relevant.

 Use the best SEO strategy and generate more traffic for your brand.

Summarizing Up!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Every website needs to have a proper strategy to get more sales and increase better ROI. This is the best driver of our business growth. Actually, it’s very hard to get high traffic to your website. If you’re struggling, check out this post and get to know the Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website and the most effective ways to Increase your Conversion in 2019. Start with your Spectacular Traffic Sources from the ten listed above.

Now I would like to hear from you  what you have to say about which technique you are going to try first? Use the below comment box to share your opinion regarding this!



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Top 10 WordPress Performance optimization Plugins

“You can’t ignore the website speed if you want to see your website rank high in Google and other search engines. Also, it helps in SERP ranking,  contributes to enhanced user experience, and reduced the bounce rate.”


As Marketer, our aim is to get more traffic to our website. The digital world has intensely changed the way how businesses market/execute their services and how consumers react to it. It’s all depends on customer experiences. If the user is not satisfied, we may lose the recurring customers for our brand, so we need to give a high priority to UX.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great strategies out there that would make your life easier and you can see the success. But, why some people failed in their business? There are reasons for it; they didn’t consider the important part which is really needed for the beginning of the business. If you are going to market your product or services using the website, the loading speed is more important. If the site is loading slowly, you can’t expect that the user will stay on your website until the site is completely loaded on the browser. The user will immediately exit from your page and go to another site, they can be your competitors. This normally happens. We can’t predict user behaviour without a session on Google analytics. Therefore the website loading speed is very important than other factors.

There are plenty of plugins available in the WordPress framework that are handy and reduce a lot of work on our part.  Officially, we can get nearly 54,000 WordPress plugins and countings. That means there are plugins for almost every function or feature which you need on your website or webpage.  This is actually great news for WordPress lovers! I have chosen 10 WordPress performance optimization plugins among the lists of the WordPress plugins that you need for increasing your website performance and loading speed. This post includes both free and premium plugins which are essential for WP performance. This post is all about showing you the top 10-speed optimization plugins for WordPress that you can use to boost your website speed. Hope you find this article helpful. Try any of these plugins and you’ll see a dramatic improvement on your page including the page loading time, the image optimization, caching plugins, minifying plugins, lazy loading plugins, and some additional plugins that allows you to make various tweaks to your website.

The best speed-enhancing WordPress plugins

1. W3 Total Cache (Freemium)

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins and probably the best caching plugin for WordPress.It has a variety of caching methods that support your website. It includes advanced support for CloudFlare and various CDN services. It has options to minify of the HTML, JS, and CSS files and HTTP compression, so you can save the bandwidth up to 80%. W3 Total Cache plugin is something that difficult to use. This plugin has page cache, object cache, gzip compression, limited minification support, CDN support, and many more. Not only this there are so many options available in this plugin, but it’s not that easy to set up the configuration and if you don’t know how to configure it properly, you may crushed the website or you could break something on your website. That’s the reason only advanced users should use this plugin. Check out the below snapshot to get to know about how to configure it properly.


I have listed down the features of the W3C Plugin:

  •     CDN Support
  •     Browser caching
  •     Database caching
  •     Object caching
  •     Minifying and lots more

If you can reduce the loading time of the website, you will get a better ranking on search results which continuously result in high traffic and more conversions.

2. WP Rocket (Premium)

WP-Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin to improve the WordPress performance, However, it’s a paid plugin that cost about $49. It’s provided by WordPress Experts. you can get a faster website with a few clicks. Don’t waste your time,  just purchase and install it immediately. Yes, It’s a premium plugin but It’s worth the money.

Why do users love WP Rocket?

It’s by far the best and simple plugin, we can get faster speed for our website and It’s more convenient for users. You can get all of the caching functionality from this plugin which you are expecting, along with a bunch of new features that you probably wouldn’t expect. It’s the easiest cache plugin to configure and you can get a frequent update of new features in this plugin.

 WP-Rocket caching plugin


WP Rocket has many features which  most caches plugins haven’t:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimal tweaking required for speed improvements
  • Minify CSS, HTML, and Javascript
  • Page caching
  • Cache pre-load
  • Image lazy loading
  • Advanced caching rules
  • Database optimization
  • CDN integration
  • Direct Cloudflare integration
  • Google Analytics integration to load the code from your server
  • Settings import and export
  • Version rollback

Price: From $49.

In nutshell, WP-Rocket is an automatic cache control of the database objects, posts, pages, content and etc. It improves the server-side performance, reduces the download times, and provides smooth CDN integration for faster site speed. It’s not a free plugin but it’s completely worth the cost.

3. BJ Lazy Load (Free)

BJ Lazy load plugin actually does a pretty good job. It’s a popular plugin and provides support to images, thumbnails, iframes, Gravatar images, and much more. If you have a lot of images used on your website, it may take too much time to load. Actually, this is annoying to the users that often result in higher bounce rates. Lazy-load-plugins-to-make-your-wordPress-site-faster


Usually, when a visitor enters your site, all the content on the page is automatically loaded. It doesn’t matter how much content is there. But If you have so many images and content then the loading speed is naturally going to be slower. But in WordPress, there is a solution to every problem. Actually, the truth is that you don’t need an entire page to load at the same time, especially images which usually take the most time to load. That means the ‘lazy loading,’  a specific element that only loads when they are needed. Rather than loading the content that the user is not ready to access, BJ Lazy Load delays loading until the user is ready. It will display the content (images) only when a user scrolls the page. Therefore, your site loads become faster and save bandwidth as well.


I have listed down the features of this plugin:

  • Replaces post images, Gravatar images, and post thumbnails
  • Replaces content iframes with a placeholder until content need to be load
  • The plugin uses jQuery to operate
  • Serves scaled-down images with responsive designs

In addition, it works with text widgets, embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo and etc. It is such a great plugin for website performance optimization.

4. WP Super Minify (Free)

WP Super Minify is giving you the idea of minifying to combine JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files that can be compressed and served to the users in a way that reduces the website loading time. This plugin gives you the option to disable compression of JS or CSS just in case there are any conflicts. They are using the Minify PHP Framework. If you want to improve your page load speed on Google page speed and if you care Y slow grade on GTMetrics, you can easily activate this plugin. By activating this plugin, you will see the source of your HTML, inline JS and CSS will be compressed. But this plugin won’t increase the Google page speed as much as some other technical plugins. However, most of the users can expect an increase of 2-4 percentages in loading speed. Exactly they provide the following features:


  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Option to disable compression of CSS/JavaScript
  • Extremely straightforward and easy to use.


5. WP Fastest Cache (Free)

This is the highest-rated FREE cache plugin and It’s super easy to configure. It has a great set of features and very easy to use. WP Fastest Cache plugin creates a static HTML file that multiple the users who will reach the same static page rather than having the page render repeatedly. There are some plugins that are too basic and some plugins that are too advanced.  The developer of this plugin has definitely found the middle ground and they fully focused to create this plugin as easy as to use. Especially I loved this plugin because it is easy to set cache expiration times for certain URL strings. As well as it gets better day by day that’s why this plugin is used by over 200,000 people and received positive reviews on


  • Easy setup
  • 1-click to clear cache and/or minified CSS and etc.
  • Minify CSS and HTML
  • Set posts/pages to exclude (some like admin area excluded by default)
  • Set expiration times for all posts/pages or certain URL strings
  • CDN integration
  • Premium version available with extra features
6. CAOS | Host Google Analytics Locally(Freemium)

This is a free Complete Analytics Optimization Suite, developed by Daan van den Bergh. It allows you to host Google Analytics locally on your WordPress site. Just install this plugin, enter your Tracking-ID, and CAOS will add the Tracking Code in the header or footer of your theme, download, and saves the analytics. js-file to your website’s server and keeps it update automatically by using a scheduled script in the wp_cron.

caos - host google analytics locally

CAOS is more compatible with (Monsterinsights) and other options. The main benefit is to hosting your analytics script locally which reduces your external HTTP requests to Google from 2 down to 1 and now you have full control over the caching of the file. You can get rid of that annoying leverage browser cache warning caused by Google’s own script. It will fix the leverage browser caching item in the GTMetrix by hosting Google Analytics locally.


I have listed down each feature of this plugin:

  • Host analytics.js/ga.js locally,
  • Allow tracking always or only when a certain cookie exists or has a value — Read more about GDPR Compliance,
  • Add tracking code to header, footer or manually,
  • Enable compatibility with Monster Insights’ Google Analytics for WordPress (and WooCommerce),
  • Enable compatibility with Analytify for WordPress,
  • Save analytics.js anywhere within the WordPress content (wp-content) directory to avoid detection by WordPress security plugins (such as WordFence) or removal by caching plugins (such as WP Super Cache),
  • Serve analytics.js from your CDN,
  • Set-Cookie Expiry Period,
  • Set Adjusted Bounce Rate,
  • Change enqueue order (prioritize the order of loaded scripts),
  • Force disabling display features functionalities,
  • Anonymize IP addresses,
  • Track logged in Administrators,
  • Remove script from wp-cron, so you can add it manually to your Crontab,
  • Manually update analytics.js by the click of a button!


7. WP-Optimize (Free)

WP-Optimize is a simple and highly effective plugin that solves the problem with very less time. It’s automatically cleaned up and optimize your WordPress database.

If you wanted to clean up your WordPress database automatically to runs at its maximum speed, I will suggest you to choose the WP-Optimize plugin, because it will be the best choice for you. It always recommended to take a backup of your database before updating this plugin. Once you enabled this plugin, you can define a schedule which will automatically clean-up your database by removing all unnecessary data from your WordPress such as spam comments, trashed content, compact/defragment your MySQL tables, show database statistics, potential savings and more. It’s highly an effective tool that removes all the unnecessary DB on WordPress. There are so many tools available online, but WP-optimize is the best plugin.



8. Autoptimize (Free)

Minification is one of the best ways to speed up the page load time and boost website speed. It’s the process of removing unnecessary whitespace from the source code, characters such as the newline characters and reduces the file size. Autoptimize is one of the top plugins in WordPress with more than 6,00,000+ active installations. This plugin is the tool that will come to help you to minify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files of your website.

This is the easiest speed optimization plugins for WordPress which doesn’t require any technical skills. you don’t need to worry, If you are a beginner user of WordPress, with this plugin you can easily optimize the website and improve the site’s performance.

The-easiest-speed optimization-plugins-for-WordPress


9-WP  (Freemium) is the fastest, easiest and best-performing image compression plugin for WordPress! It’s an online service from Yahoo which helps you to compress the images without reducing the file size. This is a great image compression plugin and it helps your website to load faster. But the latest version of this plugin has added a new feature and it’s called “Bulk”. The plus point is, once you installed and activated this plugin then whenever you upload any fresh images on your website or blog page, it will be compressed automatically. So, this will be time-saving and it’s always the best idea to work very smart than work hard. We can find so many image compressor plugins on online, but how can we assure that those are trustworthy? Ask this question to yourself! I highly recommended to go for, through this plugin, you can optimize and compress all of your images and it’s 100% free WordPress image smusher plugin. Smush Pro is available in the premium version, where you can optimize unlimited images. But no need to worry about that, free version of the plugin also has so many features; I have listed down some of the features here:

  • Strips un-used colour from images
  • Strips metadata from JPEG’s
  • Optimizing JPEG compression
  • Integrates with the API
  • Choose to run existing images through the plugin

Before you install the plugin, you need to check the ratings and reviews that are very important; because some of the image compression tools destroy images quality as much as a 30%. But if you are using plugin, you won’t be able to notice any difference in quality. It only reduces the image file size without affecting the appearance.


10- Perfmatters (Premium)

Perfmatters is a lightweight website performance plugin; it was created by two brothers who are in love with WordPress. They have developed the perfmatters plugin with simplicity in their mind. It differs from other WordPress cache plugins in order to increase the WordPress speed because it takes a different approach to improve the loading time of the website than other plugins. From this plugin, you can make a small improvement on your WordPress site by reducing HTTP requests and web page size. It can be allowed to enable and disable scripts per page or post basis. You can get all the crazy web performance hacks from here. This plugin is very simple and easy to use. Check out below to know how it can help your site to increase the speed.So many plugins are available but we can’t trust all of them, because some of the developers who build plugins to make money, but Perfmatters plugin is not like that, the purpose of building this plugin is to solve the problems first.

perfmatters - premium

Mainly this plugin helps you to speed up your site by disabling things that might not be used on your site. For example, There are default emojis on the site to load on every single page of your website and if you don’t use them, then you can disable that, by disabling that, the script no longer loads and it will reduce your overall number of HTTP requests and your website page size. Other than that, this plugin has a great optimization that will limit your post revisions. These post revisions can quickly fill-up your DB and slow down your website. By limiting them, you can easily ensure a fast and snappy database. The users will easily configure this plugin without having to edit functions.php or wp-config.php files.

Here are some of the current features in the perfmatters plugin and a lot more features will come soon! The important point is we can get rid of 6 plugins and a bunch of messy hacks, as they all have come in the perfmatters plugin.


The main features of Perfmatters are listed below.

  • Works with an existing cache plugin
  • Disables default WordPress options
  • Disables scripts on each page
  • Supports DNS preload


Summarizing Up!

This post is all about showing you the Top 10 performance optimization plugins for WordPress site that you can use for boosting your website speed.

Directly or indirectly, the speed of a website has an undeniable impact on SEO and user experience. When we consider an inbound marketing perspective, it will affect the conversion rates as well. If you want to win the customers and convert them into valuable leads then you must be very serious about the website performance.

Have you had any experience with any of the above plugins? If yes, Please let me know your experience in the comments section and if you are a newbie for these plugins then I’m Looking forward to getting some interesting questions from you.

Good Day Ahead 🙂



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