Slt zero one awards

Why SLT Zero One Awards is The Game Changer in Sri Lankan Digital Industry?

SLT ZeroOne Digital Awards

The First-Ever Digital Excellence Award Ceremony

No matter the size or the years of experience you have in the industry, an award can help you take a leap of success allowing you to access the front line of your industry -which means more high-paying clients and better industry authority. Now, businesses and individuals in the digital sphere in Sri Lanka also have the opportunity to get recognized for their excellence making an instant impact in their business success. This golden opportunity is the SLT ZeroOne Awards. Identifying the necessity of an award ceremony in the digital industry in Sri Lanka, SLT launched the countries’ first-ever digital excellence award ceremony as SLT ZeroOne Awards in 2016 filling the gap of the industry.


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As a country with surging digital and online practices, such gestures encourage individuals and businesses to push themselves to a more competitive ground -which will gradually enhance the quality of the digital arena even more. Honouring the digital projects, campaigns and innovative solutions, the award ceremony which was held in the Grand Ballroom in the Hilton Colombo on 22nd of June 2017 provided the visibility and the reputations brands deserve for the first time in Sri Lanka.

The Award ceremony is a great encouragement and appreciation from the government for the sweat and tears businesses and individuals shed in introducing and strengthening a new industry in Sri Lanka while opening doors to receive the benefits of this new technology to Sri Lankan’s. It is a substantial admiration for the existing businesses to hold on to for a longer time in reaching new heights.  And it is a significant inspiration for the future generation who has hope in joining the digital and online world for their carrier.

The importance of the SLT ZeroOne Awards
  1. Differentiation: For brands, the SLT ZeroOne Awards helps in verifying the differentness and quality of its achievements from the others.
  2. Visibility: The awards help digital personnel to make their brand or title more visible which can help them in attracting new customers and investors.
  3. Validate: All the awards categories of SLT ZeroOne Awards speak volumes about the quality provided by the brands placing the award winners, nominees, and shortlisted brands at the forefront of the Sri Lankan digital arena.
  4. Competition: SLT ZeroOne Awards offers a new benchmark for the quest for excellence in the field increasing the competitiveness of the industry resulting in an increase in the quality of the services even more.
  5. Hope: For those who are looking forward to entering this new world, such ceremonies provide, strengthen and validate the possibility of in succeeding their ambitions, hope, and goals for the future.

Dedicated to recognizing, honouring, and encouraging excellence in digital initiatives the ceremony presents awards for mainly under three categories as follows,

  • Industrial Awards
  • Individual Awards
  • Lifetime Awards

The ceremony provided recognition opportunities for 154 brands, shedding a spotlight on 47 award winners in the industry in a range of categories including,

  • Financial Industry
  • Information Industry
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Media and Publishing
  • Health Care and Personal Services
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing, Transportation, Storage, and Logistics
  • Government Institutions and NGOs

We Won the best Digital Media Agency Award As Well

With the exceptional quality of our service which is mainly focused on data and results, we at Prime One Global were awarded for the ‘Best Digital Media Agency’ under the ‘Media and Publishing’ category. Providing an array of services from SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and reputation management services for a  local and global client base, Prime One Global was able to conquer this significant achievement competing with more than 400 best brands in the industry.

The constant investment in imagination, creativity, and innovation, challenging the common and accepted practices and methods, and delivering a higher ROI along with the maximum outcome for our clients, have paid off once again for Prime One Global with this newly added SLT ZeroOne Award to our award collection.

Our Sincere Thankfulness To The SLT

Ensuring only the best work is recognized, we are honoured and grateful to the distinguished panel of jury for recognizing our achievements and would like to thank SLT for taking the time to give the recognition and appreciation for brands and individuals deserve uplifting the local talent in the digital media world.

Final thoughts on SLT ZeroOne Awards

Fulfilling the timely need in the digital industry on the island, SLT’s organization of the SLT ZeroOne Awards is an absolute encouragement for businesses, brands, and individuals in the industry. We hope this thoughtful event will continue for many years improving and expanding, honouring more and more brands and individuals who deserve it the most

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