Readers Choice Award Winner 2015

Prime One Global LLC Takes Home Reader’s Choice Award for Best Digital Marketing Agency 2015

We are pleased to announce that we are the winners of Promotion World’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2015.

With over 5500+ votes cast across myriad categories, The Reader’s Choice Awards are a flawless indicator of a company’s influence in its genre of excellence. We are grateful for being able to work in such a positive community, with like-minded employees and comforting clientele that have supported us in every hurdle we faced.

Kokul Krishnan, The new CEO of, said, “Another medal on our chest, a milestone in our journal that we have set our eyes on for the last five years, and many more years to come. It is such an honor to be nominated as the best Digital Marketing Agency of 2015. We have been in business since 2008, and since our inception, we have endeavored to create a company where the employees are eager to come to work and contribute enthusiastically. We are thankful to all our friends, family members, partners, stakeholders and clients for their unwavering support and loyalty towards Prime One Global. This success is just one of the many we aim to conquer under the shade of your love and guidance.”

This is not merely an award for us. It is the emblem of our drive to build a ground-breaking and ever-growing market of services in a highly competitive business environment. We will strive to improve ourselves over the coming years and deliver even better and realistic results for our clients. Results, which will boast of better returns on every dollar they choose to spend on Digital Marketing.

With new trends and technological advancements in the Marketing Industry, the likes of content marketing, retargeting, pay per click, mobile adoption, and video marketing all pacing ahead into 2016, the marketing landscape is ever-changing and it requires companies to rapidly evolve according to its dynamism. It is vital for all Marketing and Ad Agencies to embrace the change and stay update with best practices, hunt new opportunities and take calculated risks to stay ahead of the game. This cannot be simply achieved by looking for clients and dispersing services, but by being actively involved in the community through video outreach, guest speaking, blogging, seminars, webinars or teaching. Our ultimate motive in 2016 would be to become an even more active participant in the Marketing Community than last year.

Shan Dilan (Director of Operations) exclaimed, “A massive round of applause to all my colleagues, back-office staffs and Mr. Sharanyan for making this victory possible for us four years in a row. Yes! For all of you who are unaware or have joined our company recently, we have won Reader’s Choice Award of 2013, 2014, 2015 and this year, we have done it again! Thanks to all our clients and partners as your unbiased feedback and unfaltering support have helped us live up to our own expectations.”

Our devotion to quality and client satisfaction has led us to many awards winning moments, all of which have earned us high honors in the Digital Marketing Industry. As a fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency, We’ve won quite a few awards for accomplishments in entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, social media management, and web design. We have already set Reader’s Choice Award of 2016 in our future milestones because we know for sure, the best of us is yet to be seen.

The team at Prime One Global LLC would like to give a big thank you to everyone that voted for us in The Promotion Readers Choice Award. We are voted as the Internet’s favorite Digital Marketing Firm of 2015.

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