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10 Effective ways of Link building without creating content

Effective ways of Link building without content?

Of course, content plays a crucial role in link building, and we all know that. The nature of the content, makes the link builder’s job easier. However, we have learnt not to generalize things when it comes to marketing strategies. Content is important, but it isn’t necessary to build links. In fact, experts suggest that there are more tactics than content that goes into helping you acquire useful links.

Link building is no rocket science. All you have to do is find a relevant link and convince them to link. Now comes the next question, and an important one at that. Why would the other site link to yours? The other site might link to you for a variety of reasons:

  1. Because there is a relationship between these two sites
  2. Because the site is talking or discussing about your product
  3. Because you are valuable to their customer base and they don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with more customers
  4. Because you are involved in the same community events.

While its known that content doesn’t necessarily play the key role when it comes to link building, it should be kept in mind that you need to work on existing relationships and connections if you want to build links without creating content. You will have to provide some value if you want to earn links. It will be difficult to earn links if the other site doesn’t feel you are valuable enough for them and their online business.

Remember, link-building tactic can be easily abused and you shouldn’t inculcate relationships with other websites solely for securing their links. When you pursue links only for the SEO value, you get yourself into a strained relationship, which could go on to damage your brand’s reputation. Subsequently, you end up with low quality links, which does more harm than good for you.

The key here is to first deliver value when you are looking to build links without content. When you do so, you are guaranteed of good links as an added benefit.

Given below are 10 great ideas to build links without content.


The easiest and most convenient way to secure links without new content is to resort to online mentions. People need to be talking about your company and your offline marketing and PR will have to come up with strategies to build the brand further. Brand mentions are the most common form of mentions. Your business brand, executives, products and services will have to be frequently mentioned online. Mention opportunities are derived from:

Effective ways of Link building

  • Well-known products
  • Prominent employees
  • Company buildings
  • Proprietary images
  • Sponsored events
  • Brand representatives and spokespeople
  • Slogans, taglines and catchphrases

It should be noted that even controversies with media coverage will help build links. If someone makes a reference to your company online, in any way, it creates a link opportunity for you. These references are usually ignored and this is where your PR and marketing team plays a crucial role. You can take the assistance of Google Alerts, Rankur and similar tools to find relevant mentions.


Relevant Niche Directories

Relevant Niche Directories

Before the existence of search engines, directories were used to navigate the web. Directories focus on websites as a whole, rather than specific parts of the content and hence you don’t need to create new material. When you link your website to a directory, you can get valuable traffic. While directories have fallen in relevance because of their diminishing quality and assurance, you can still build links when you connect with relevant directories.




Meaningful partnerships with other companies that include referral business, cooperative marketing, product collaboration, lead to link opportunities. Another effective way to use partnerships would be to co-author content. Your offline partners can also help you in link building online, without creating new content. Making your company part of a professional network or association also helps in building links. Offline partners already have a connection and it helps to make it evident online.


Reviews and Testimonials

Before Google came into prominence, online reviews were the place to cite useful information and credibility. When you get a review somewhere it automatically becomes a great place to link your website. You also get the opportunity to show your users the positive review that the company received. When you become reviewed, you not only build links, but also get credited as a reputable company.

reviews and testimonials

Make sure that you provide testimonials only if you believe in the company that you are endorsing and not just for the purpose of building a link. Yes, writing a testimonial or review is considered as content creation, but adding a short quote or description requires less number of resources than writing an infographic or blog post. You can get potential reviews and testimonials from:

  • Distributors
  • Merchandise suppliers
  • Local Vendors


Community Involvement

If you want to build links without content, becoming a part of the community is a great place to start. The moment you become a part of the community, helping it better, you get the chance to partner with other brands in the industry and this increases the visibility. Partnerships forged while giving back to the community is a great way to build links.

community involvement

While relationships and community activities are a great way to build links, make sure that you don’t give preference to your needs more than that of the company and the society.

Here are some ways in which you give back to the community and earn your right to build links:

  • Scholarships to students
  • Charity work
  • Hosting local events
  • Sponsorships

You can also become a part of an online community like Quora, Reddit, Google+ Communities and other social network platforms.




Another great way to build links is to associate with the marketing activity of another company, be it in the form of content creation, and authority building. Contests are another great way to do so. They are ideal in boosting your online engagement since you get social media shares and mentions. These go a long way in building good links. If you are thinking of interesting ways to acquire more links, then you cannot miss out on the contests.


Roping in Outdated Resources

Outdated resources would be the sites that had a niche like yours, but stopped updating their website and changed their brand names, or dropped the product or services similar to yours, or have completely shut their business down.

roping in outdated resources

There is a high chance that many sites are using the outdated resource to link, without having any idea that they are no longer updated or that the business has closed its shop. If you end up using the outdated link, you automatically link to these pages.


Broken Link Building

brokenlink building

Broken link building is the best tactic for building strong links. The practice involves finding broken links that point to pages and sites that are similar to yours. You can then connect with them and tell them that you would want to showcase the broken link on your website. You can also use broken links to reach those who are linking the old link and show them your latest and superior content. Using broken links is extremely popular right now.


Image Links


If you have images that have found their way into other websites, it is time to stop being angry. Instead use the incident to your benefit. When you find out that the website with your images and logos is worth linking with, ask them to convert these images on their websites to links. There are different tools you can use to track down-convert these images into links.


Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out is a website that helps reporters find quotes and sources. HARO helps by alerting a company if a journalist is looking for a quote in your field. You can immediately respond and provide the journalist with the quote that they are looking for. There is no denying the power of the press and the resulting publicity that you would get. You need to work with HARO if you are looking to secure yourself as a strong contender in your industry.


Before You Go!

The guide with the ten ideas to help build link without content has been tried by different companies. You have to consider the option of building links without new content critically. The content will never fade out in importance, but the published content can be a great way to boost the brand.

You have put in your time on to the content and there is no need to rush and change it every time you want to build links. Content promotion is as crucial as writing a new piece of content and you need to explore different strategies for the same. Make sure that marketing your content generates more lead and increases your index so play it smart when it comes to content. Check out our link building packages at much affordable and reasonable rates.

Rewriting isn’t always the clue to success.

Do you think these 10 strategies can help you build links without generating fresh content? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Chris
    Apr 8, 2017

    The content is required in every link building strategy for example what I will share to a person if I have my own business … ?
    Link, but for that sharing link is needed along with the content. One more example if doing traditional marketing there i have to tell others about my business with content. So content is necessary, I don’t think without content link building is possible, after all Content is KING!


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