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7 Easy Hacks to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The primary role of an eCommerce site is to earn money. It doesn’t matter if the website is generating a lot of money if it cannot generate sales. If you feel that your eCommerce site isn’t earning you money then you should start focusing on conversion rate optimization, and include affiliate marketing in your brainstorming sessions. The winner in the eCommerce game is the one who can get the majority of the conversions down the hole. There is a very thin line dividing those who force customers to make complete sales and those that smartly get a large number of customers through a complete transaction.

As an eCommerce marketer, your aim is to improve the terrible conversion rates, but by using the least amount of money. Improving eCommerce conversion rate isn’t about spending any money. You need to know how to play it smart. Here are some tricks that can help you optimize your eCommerce sales conversion without any cost.


1. Work on the Product Images

The easiest way to get people to click on a product would be to make it look attractive. Experts claim that the images on the eCommerce website are the primary factors for boosting conversion rates. Improving the quality of the images is one aspect of the website that you can change without spending a lot of money. Use high-quality images with a lot of white spaces around it. Users love to check the product out in its entirety, so it works when you use a lot of images. Show the product from as many different angles as possible. Also include the option of zooming in.

ecommerce product image


2. Improve your Product Description

The product description is another factor that matters. The customer can see if you are trying to sell a product with pomp and grandeur. Make the description honest and genuine. Provide all the relevant information that the customer might require about the product. Don’t shy away from mentioning all the information for fear of a long description. Engage the customer and make them read it. Apart from the detailed description, provide a short summary for the customers to glance through. The concise description should also carry the essence of the product.



3. Incorporate Testimonial Videos

You don’t have to spend any money on making the videos. Tap onto the existing customer base and ask them to send you a video of their product testimonial or ask them to send a video of them using the purchased product. You can also shoot home videos with your office and use them for the same purpose.

 product video


4. Exclude the Shipping Cost

While 50% of eCommerce sites offer free shipping, the other half don’t. Many websites offer a condition before offering free shipping while others do it for every occasion. It has been seen time and again that free shipping is often the primary deciding factor for customers looking to purchase. Many customers abandon the product in their cart because of the high cost of shipping that gets added to the final price of the product. If you want to find out how crucial shipping cost is, you should consider how Amazon’s sales increased in every single country where shipping cost was done away with.



5. Include Product Reviews

In the age of smartphones and apps, it is easier for customers to compare products on different websites before purchase. This is where the product review comes in handy. Given that the price for the product is more or less similar in the different eCommerce sites, the customers read the review and make their purchasing decision. You can either use plug-ins or widgets that allow reviews on your site or ask your existing customers to provide their reviews. Make sure to include a healthy mix of negative reviews as well since all positive reviews are too good to be true.

include product _reviews


6. Improve the Quality of the CTA Button

The customer should never have to search for anything on the eCommerce site. It should be an easy transition from searching product categories to adding products to the cart to final check out and payment. Experts claim that improving the quality of the CTA button makes a huge difference in the conversion rate. Make the button attractive and colorful. The key is to make the whole website look attractive.

improve the quality of the cta _button

7. Make Contact Details Visible

Adding contact details on your website can make a huge change in the way customers look at your business. Adding contact details help build trust. It helps more if you are a small eCommerce site that doesn’t have the reputation of a large brand. Include the name and contact details on the header so that it is easily visible to the customers.

contact us

When you pick any of the methods mentioned above, try it out and test how your conversions are improving. No matter what your eCommerce conversion rate is, know that it can always improve.

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