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10 Questions To Pick The Right Digital Marketing Partner For Your Growing Business

Marketing is the door to any successful business. These days, marketers are spoilt for choice with regard to marketing technology. It doesn’t matter if you have a large multi-national company or a small boutique, you will have to make use of your marketing team for success in the world of business. For a marketing team to figure out gimmicks to market the company, it can get a tad overwhelming if you are on your own, with no prior knowledge on the subject. If you go by the recommendation of the marketing gurus, digital marketing is the easiest way to take your business to places.

The evident benefits from digital marketing is easily witnessed and there’s no doubt that Digital Marketing is the preferred choice for most of the brands. More and more companies are resorting to digital marketing to bring in new clients and subsequently grow their business. You might have heard about the influence of digital marketing in the business world and hence taken the decision to step into the bandwagon.

When you decide to go for digital marketing, you have to realize that it will take a lot of time and energy and you will need an expert to guide you through the process. This is where the digital marketing outsource companies can help you out.

How can the digital marketing outsource companies help you?
  1. They help kickstart the digital marketing service for your company, which will help it grow
  2. They tailor-make services that are suited for your needs and budget
  3. They help you gain access to the whole team of experts required for digital marketing- web designers., content developers, social media specialists, SEO experts and campaign designers
Why should you go for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the new mantra to success these days. With all the companies seeing a surge in their business with digital marketing, it is one trend that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Professional Help: With consumers spending so much time on your mobile and laptops, there is a demand for less tracking cookies. For the companies, it is important to note how and where their marketing data is sourced. It can get difficult to track customer’s data very rigorously since that reduces the trust factor. This is where a digital marketing team comes handy. You have a team of experts who track your marketing data responsibly, while you can focus on the business aspect and help your company improve.
  2. Advice on Marketing Technology: It is common to get overwhelmed with so many marketing technology. If you have to pick any one tool for our company, you have to go through them all, which will take time and money. A digital marketing partner helps you in such times. You get a digital marketing model that has been tried and tested multiple times. You cut down on time by having an expert pick up the marketing technology that works for you.

Now, when you are joining hands with a third party to improve on your digital performance, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. The digital marketing partner can provide you the opportunity to create great content and interesting campaigns, which result in great sales. Since it’s all about the brand image and sales, it is an important task and a small mistake can end up costing you, big time. Therefore, be cautious when it comes to choosing a digital marketing partner for your business. There are certain things that you need to clarify before you enter a commitment with a third party for your digital marketing.

Five questions to ask your digital marketing partner:

Q1. Can you provide a reference list of your current clients?

Before settling with a digital marketing partner, it helps to know their client base. This will not only help you understand the quality of your marketing partner but also help you realize which companies are seeking help from them and watch their market performance. Given that digital marketing is a booming business now, a lot of inexperienced people are entering the workforce to make easy money. Make sure you don’t end up paying an inexperienced team when you go for a partnership. Make sure you have the reference list of clients and go through it carefully before you make your selection.

digital marketing partner

Q2. Do you offer guarantees for your service?

Every service provider offers guarantees on their service, so don’t shy away from asking your potential digital marketing partner for the same. If the answer to this question is a vague one, it is better to continue looking and if it is too good to be true, we suggest that you continue with your research and check into the company track record in the market. When a digital marketing agency guarantees to take your company to the NO.1 position in Google, they will offer the same to all their clients. The success in the digital world depends on the update of the competitors, new entry and exists. Decide on set goals and see how well your potential digital marketing partner can achieve them and then go ahead.

guarantees for your service?

Q3. What is their take on a successful client-agency partnership?

Talk to them clearly about the partnership since their take on things might be very different from what you are looking for. The difference won’t help in forging a good relationship for the long run. You need to match your way of working with the agency you ae partnering with. Many companies have a certain level of adaptability and will go that extra mile for their clients. If you want something specific from your digital marketing partner don’t be afraid to ask them for it and be very clear about your wants.

take on a successful client-agency partnership

Q4. How experienced is your team and is it helpful for my industry?

The company might be in business for a century, but you need to know how aware they are of the digital marketing scenario and how frequently have they worked on what you expect them to do. You need to know about the nitty-gritty and see if the experience applies to your industry and needs. Be careful with the use of the term “experience.” It is a subjective notion and make sure that the experience amounts to work that is relevant and maintains a certain standard. For instance, there are many individuals who can competently use Facebook, but they won’t be able to use it as business tool. It is necessary for the partner to have the required set of skills since they won’t be able to meet your needs otherwise.


it helpful for my industry

Q5. Who will be working on my account?

The company that you want to connect with might have a great client record and have in the past created successful digital marketing campaigns for their clients. However, you might not get to work with the same team since they have been assigned to a more prestigious account. You might be stuck with the newbie, who has limited experience. It is important that you meet the individual in charge of your account. When you meet the team or the person responsible for holding your company’s digital marketing, you can decide if they are the right pick for your business and needs.

working on my account


Q6. Do you focus more on your commission or the success of the client?

When an agency makes a recommendation to you, they might be aimed at helping you out or might also end up helping them earn increased commission. Be very careful about the reputation of the company before you go for a partner. Be certain that the recommendations offered to you are in the best interest of your business and not to help the agency earn a high commission.

success of the client

Q7. Are you utilizing proprietary digital marketing technology?

Digital marketing has become complex these days. The best way to achieve success in the digital world is to combine digital marketing with digital technology. When you pick your digital marketing partner, make sure that they are focused on both digital technology and digital marketing. When the agency has both digital marketing and technology capabilities, it helps you be in sync with the rapid development and opportunities in the marketing sphere. If you are digital marketing partner is able to develop in-house technology that you can benefit from that becomes an added bonus, since many other companies might not be able to access the same technology.

digital marketing technology

Q8. What percentage of your total business is focused on digital marketing?

If you go for a company that focuses on different core areas, you might lose out. A company that is focused on too many things might not excel in all. Work with an agency that focuses primarily on digital marketing. If you go for a small agency that looks into digital marketing apart from many other things, you might end up wasting your money. Even if you are a small company, it helps to work with a good agency. You are taking a huge risk in your business when working with a digital marketing partner, but they might not understand the gravity of it.

focused on digital marketing

Q9. Do you offer all digital marketing solutions?

It can get a tad difficult if you have to work with multiple vendors for the same line of work. Digital marketing requires SEO technology, web designing, CMS technology and many other things. If you work with an agency that offers only SEO technology, then you will have to look for web designers and meta search marketing and social media solutions among other things, elsewhere.

If you have the same company that focuses on web designingSEO, inbound marketing, meta search marketing, mobile marketing, social media and SEM, then you don’t have to worry. Also, getting different agencies to work together can makes things confusing and difficult. There are confusions with regard to deadlines and communication, which can have a detrimental impact on the final product and affect your business.

digital marketing solutions?

Q10. What percentage of the work is handled in-house?

If the potential partner covers all your digital marketing needs within the company then you are in a better position to work out a cheaper deal with them. If they delegate the task to say freelancers, then you will have to bear their cost. Also, you won’t be able to communicate with those working directly with your account. When majority of the assignments and tasks are met in-house, there is less chance of error as well, which ensures the quality of the campaign.

percentage of the work is handled in-house?

And lastly…

What is the strength of your workforce?

If the agency has a small group of people, there is a chance that they might outsource some of their work. Given the marketing technology these days, a small team can’t handle the complexities in the field of digital technology and marketing. A larger team will have all the expertise on board and will get the task moving fast.

strength of your workforce

Before You Go!

These are the ten questions that you need to ask your potential digital marketing partner. A company that provides you with the answers that you are looking for from these questions, will be the right pick for your business. Connect with the best and watch your business soar. If you are completely clueless about where to start from, then head on to our Official Facebook or Twitter Page or comment down below for any advice. Working with an expert will automatically reflect on your company’s profile, so make sure that you don’t shy away from the best. Digital marketing can be a tad expensive, but it pays off in the long run.

A trusted digital marketing partner can transform any business and help you achieve success in the digital world. Working with the complex digital world is the task of the digital marketing experts, so it’s better to delegate the task to them. Your work is about looking at the business aspect of the company and with the right digital marketing partner you can do what you do best without worrying about other aspects.

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