08 Digital Marketing Trends you Need to Know in 2019

”Marathons are more than just a single run, digital marketing are more than just a single activity.”

The future of every single business is being transformed into technology! Keeping this in mind, Here’s a quick elegant question possibly you could think of at times in digital marketing trends.

”What is the biggest obstacle for your company’s growth?”

While thinking about the answers to the above question, how does a business with the latest technology conquering the world function without the help of digital marketing? Can you remember seeing artificial intelligence and visual searches in movies? For example, I Robot movie ( could you go back to those memories?) Leaving at in your good old memories these technologies have been coming into reality for businesses in the present. Brands and businesses do need to use digital marketing trends to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you in the past years might not work for you in the upcoming years. Social media, SEO, content marketing and a lot more are experiencing a dramatic shift in 2019.

This article will help you give a quick insight into the latest trends of digital marketing that you can not simply ignore. And to stay ahead of the competition you might want to invest in these insanely futuristic technologies down below.

Did you know: Canada has the most active Facebook users compared to the rest of the countries.
 1)  Artificial intelligence taking over the digital marketing trends in 2019

AI will take over the world and currently is!

Well, what does AI do?

Putting this in simple terms, Artificial intelligent can easily study consumer behaviour by using the data that is available on the internet or social media by the user. This simply helps all your businesses using AI to increase the optimization of your business activity efficiently. AI has made jobs much simpler. For example, email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo have customized smart email categorization. Many government organizations are using AI for security purposes.

Did you know: Some of the tech leaders are worried about AI

Elon Musk- CEO of Tesla– is no stranger to you. Has made a confession that artificial intelligence could eventually be dangerous to the entire human race. He wants people to follow certain regulations and ban on any type of autonomous weapons, to save humanity. Keeping this aside, governments are already working on hidden projects on AI-controlled weapons.


artificial intelligence taking over the digital marketing


Another example is companies like Uber and Microsoft- you can try using robots in parking lots that could read license plates and report suspicious activities to prevent crime. They do this by collecting data and reporting it to their owners. This technology has been in use which seems to be less expensive compared to hiring a human security guard!

2) Voice search: The dictators!

In the current world, for example, you will find it easier to ask Siri about the distance of your top travel destination in Sri Lanka rather than manually typing in the query. With this keeping in mind, further, it is estimated that by the next upcoming year’s a higher percentage of web browsing will be done without tapping the screen. This is because of Alexa and Siri’s engagement with the human-level smartness becoming incomparable. However, the disadvantage of voice search is that it is quite different from the typical text search.

 top travel destination in Sri Lanka , voice search


 For example, when you Google a question you will get hundreds of result pages. But if you ask the same thing to your voice assistant, it will only give you certain results (a few) more than that you will only get one result!

3)  Video marketing 

You might question yourself whether using videos for promoting your business would worth it? The answer simply is: Yes, not because every business is using it but moreover, it is a very profitable tool for digital marketing trends in 2019. To deeply get connected with your target audience, video marketing can be the best way as they are dominating photos and infographics compared to other ordinary advertisements.

digital marketing and video marketing trends in 2019.

Since videos are more appealing and easier to share than large content. With inexpensive methods, such as quality smartphones, and film equipment. Companies all over the world are using personalized videos to create ”real authentic publicity.” Do not just think that YouTube plays here. To get more engagement using your video marketing, you can go live on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

4)  Chatbots:

You might have definitely experienced online purchasing. And you might have noticed yourself being answered for your queries in a few seconds or minutes by a chatbot, that will have instantly answered your questions. This will bring a closer connection to you towards your customers. Many customers prefer communicating with chatbots since they are quickly responsive. Giving instant answers to what you are exactly looking for modestly and responding to you without losing its patience. These virtual assistants aid in customer expectations, customer service and performing accurate tasks, which means you can literally focus on your other important tasks.

Chatbots helps for queries

Many businesses have already started using chatbots which include, for instance, Uber helping customers to communicate and making it easier for them to hire Ubers easily. Other brands such as Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, and Slack have started using Chatbots & digital marketing making it efficient. Chatbots have completely changed the way digital marketing looks at its services. Giving companies a better perspective of market sustainability.

5)  Social media stories:

Brand awareness can be easily be promoted and engaged by making good use of live videos. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube stories have been coming alive for the last half-decade. First came Snapchat with the concept of ”My Story,” followed by Instagram, Facebook while Youtube unrevealed their story format.

social media stories trends

Through social media stories, businesses can directly market themselves to their audience by reviewing their product, showing them ” behind the scenes,” of the products, or about the employees who have been apart? With these effective methods, you can easily target your desired audiences effectively almost anywhere and everywhere!

6)  Social Messaging apps:

You and I every one of us are into messaging with each other. The recent trend is social messaging apps whereas people are spending more time texting each other, it makes total sense that marketing your products and services here is the right place for you to engage with your potential customers.

social messaging apps

These apps can be very beneficial in sending messages to your customers directly, whether it is an instant sales reply or feedback! Furthermore, people expect businesses to be present in messaging apps so that they could directly deal and interact with you. Also, 70% of the world’s population are willing to shop at companies that interact with enough social messaging apps.

7) Virtual Reality & Augmented reality:

Virtual reality aims at creating a computer-generated experience for customers using specialized technologies and software. You can use VR to make your products/services advertisements 10x more appealing to your customers than an ordinary advertisement. Augmented reality for digital marketing trends in 2019 has made businesses in recent times to reach out customers effectively in different technologized ways. If you are not sure whether to use this tech or not, you should probably clearly understand the benefits and what it offers to you in real tech life.

virtual reality & augmented reality

For example, an international brand in India IKEA is where it allows and helps place their furniture accordingly to your customers’ expectations. Here, customers can enjoy every bit of looking at their furniture placements.

8) Geo – location-targeted advertisements will become popular.

 What is the significant thing in any digital marketing strategy? Location!

Location is the main key role whether it is advertising or marketing your product. Showing your product/service at the right time in the right place is an important digital marketing trend in 2019.

Other than that, appearing in the right location is equally important. If you want to make your brand withstand the most compared to the rest of your competitors then you will have to start communicating brand messages in the user’s native language, which will make a difference.

geo- location

On the other hand, also demonstrating geo contents to your users will help you get into business more easily. For successful branding, you may also implement local content marketing strategies for your campaign leading it to a trend. Therefore, partnering with local influencers will help you get easily handle local advertisements around!

Final Wrap:

The era of digital marketing has absolutely no ending for the upcoming decades in trends changing, until dusk till dawn!

Being said this, meantime I hope the above given ” Digital marketing trends in 2019,” might have brought in some ideas on how the newest trends that already exist looks like, also helping you with foreseeing the upcoming trends for the next decades.

Have you started following them, yet for your business? On the downside topic, I have given you the top 08 digital marketing trends currently conquering the 21st century. Take a deep look at every trend and know how it is or would work for your business and customer relationship. Further side, it would be great if you could come back here and tell me about your most beneficial trend that would help your businesses’ enhancement. I bet you will have something to say!

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Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Startup?

What is the best business plan one could ever plan for? Quality!

Starting an own business with that full passion and self-confidence is the biggest happiness a person could ever hold onto, but sustaining in the competitive world can be quite complicated. As soon as you start a business you cannot expect instant success, you will, in turn, have to go through a lot of trials and temptations to lead yourself into the path of success.

You would not believe that 50% of the startup businesses will fail in the first five years! The often-related problems are fraud, neglect, lack of experience, lack of management and lack of incompetence.

Usually, the goal of every startup is an experiment, discover and sustain a place in the market as their vision says. Every single hour, minute and second in the present acknowledgeable world thousands and millions of new brands are being launched in the market. The new products being launched needs to have a separate, unique identity for it to stand out with long-standing companies and with millions of marketing campaigns. Good market research along with a SWOT analysis would play an advantageous role for the startups.

The only outgoing hope of being successful in the market is to be than the old business that already exists, otherwise, a good profit can not be anticipated. For example, if you own a startup (booking site) you will always have your plans made in a lean budget, which means that you will have your entire process engaged and made out the most with a limited range of finance.

Did You Know: 70% of new entrepreneurs to start their own business possibly developed their idea from company’s while they were working under someone else.

In a matter of fact, our current life is dependent on the internet & technology where we rely on the internet with whatever questions or answers we are looking for. Since the internet has enabled businesses to interact with their targeted audience in real-time, digital marketing has been taking over the world for centuries which will never fade away but increase in no time!

Here are the topmost reasons why a startup needs the help of digital marketing to sustain itself in the market. Let us take a decent look at why it is necessary.

A start-up needs marketing to reach its targeted audiences. When compared to traditional marketing digital marketing can be done at a much lower cost. For instance, it can cost thousands of dollars to make prints and television advertisements, while an online advertisement may cost only a few hundred dollars giving an expected outcome. Blogs are playing a vital role in the digital world making thousands of readers for the cost of producing articles and paying to create a server.

Lower Cost:


Did you know: Businesses that blog 20 times or more per month get 5x more traffic than those who blog 4 times or less per month.

To connect with your customers more controversially, you need to be publishing blogs that will benefit you to connect with your customers. With active comment sections, you will be able to know your visitors and their response to your brand, whereas you will be able to respond quickly, targeting your audiences through high quality, relevant contents.

Digital marketing is the gateway that allows startups to reach new clients and incubate relationships with customers by taking away the traditional cost of marketing.

”A brand is no longer what we tell consumers, it is what consumers tell each other.”

Social Media The King:


If you want to stay synced, updated and connected with your customers, then social media is the latest trend in marketing you can not possibly ignore. If you are a business existing already with a huge fan base then, you can tweet or post on Facebook where your message will instantly be reached to thousands of users around the world.

For example, if you are selling a software product, social media can keep them updated and informed about the newest upcoming updates and releases. Also, helping you to find new customers, educate your customers who already exist and keep them on track. It is important that startups quickly adjust to the changes in social media before they become dead.

The world of digital marketing compromises assets like bookmarking, content marketing, videos, SEM, and a lot more. However, a startup should always keep in mind to only invest in tools and platforms that make sense to their business.

 Content is King:


”Good content is not storytelling. It is telling your story well.”

The quote simply defines that content is everything, which directly means the better your content is, the more time your customers will spend time on your site. This will make them more interested, keep them on track and give them opportunities to become familiar with your brand. Therefore, this will automatically generate a huge conversion rate. It is always a great thing if your visitors stay for a longer period on your website, which can be lead by great content.

Content does not have to necessarily be in the form of a blog. It can be in the form of GIFs, webinars, memes, infographics & images, these all can be part of the startup content strategy. A company’s online content can be something that is even liked or shared.


Each share that is made in social media is counted as free advertising and new successful ways to get new prospective clients for the new business. When people go through your content, they will be imagining an impression of your brand’s presence. In case, if they find it helpful for them, then a trusted entity will be formed for your startup. Hopefully giving your brand an enlighten making them think highly of your brand.

 Increasing Web Traffic:



What is the most important thing a website needs to be a success story?

Traffic, traffic, and traffic!

Eventually, more traffic means more revenue. Entrepreneurs need good website recognition to grow their startup and develop it further. Hence, more traffic means more brand awareness and good exposure to your website. Some business owners engage in SEO so that they could boost their credibility, visibility, and authority, to generate organic traffic. More website organic traffic than paid traffic can help your business to expand its revenue in the long run. Helping it with hiring new employees, offerings, ideas, and locations.

Apart from this, some startup owners invest in PPC advertising. This helps them to increase their leads to their website. The preferred method you use depends on your businesses need. By looking at the PPC benchmark you will see a good knowledge about your investment and leads who are interested in making a deal with you.

Even though a PPC might bring you a few leads, it cannot simply be the main source of lead generation. A few years ago, PPC advertisements were the main source of advertisement conducted by online marketing. Today, this method has gone out of use and has a far lower impact than the current marketing methods that are being used. Paid advertisements are being so-called in use for promotions than educational ones.

Maturing with the right digital marketing approach:

  • PPC campaigns
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social, media marketing
  • Creating a website
  • Search engine optimization

Start-ups can use the above elements apart from the different methods available in the digital world. For a startup, planning has to be carefully focused. When creating a strategy, you have to make your approach carefully. Since emails, advertisements and contents are integrated into each other. From creating a website to posting a post on social media, all the techniques have to be carefully planned and executed.

For a startup operating in a lean budget, SEO needs to be effective. The backlinks acquired from other websites, social media or blogs will help generate more traffic. Each backlink is a clear indicator that a third-party website found on your website to be interesting or useful for them.

At the end of the result, a page with more backlinks will get its page ranked high compared to the pages with no backlinks. Digital marketing will help start-ups identify which preferred products and services should be created to match a customer need.

Final Considerations:

Making a name for themselves and competing against businesses that already exist in the market can be a difficult challenge for a startup. However, with the help of digital marketing, you will be given the opportunity of a wide success story in the long run, even with the ongoing competition.

As soon as your startup is formed, digital marketing needs to be done so that you will be able to reach your customers, convert your leads into sales, and increase your conversion rate. Since technology is rapidly making its growth in the 21st century, and you are at your early stage, remember that building brand and creating great content should be perfect.

Up above, I have summarized, the main key importance of digital marketing for a startup, in short, hope this blog may benefit your startup. Since a startup will essentially face its ups and downs during the first 5 years of its business. Always begin your startup with digital marketing! Feel free to leave your discussions down below in the comment section as I’m looking forward to your ideas too. I bet you will have something more interesting to talk about!

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

We are halfway through 2016 and you must be scrambling for Digital Marketing Predictions for the year ahead.

“What’ll trend in the next season?” or “Which technology will overrule the Internet Market?” are some of the common questions that we all would like to know the answer to.

Some of you may have come here to devise the next best marketing strategy for your business, and some of you may have just come to stay ahead of the curve. Whatever be the case, you will surely leave with some insights that will give you a better grip over the scene.

The biggest misconception that marketers have when establishing a strategy is that they put “TECHNOLOGY” in the middle of everything. They make it a bulls-eye. But, technology is what binds us all together. Technology is the foundation of every organisation. And, technology is merely a means of communication. Therefore, your strategy shouldn’t be Technology-centric, instead, it should be focused more on the people using that technology.

“Digital Marketing is not only about technology, it’s also about people.”

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. As a business, you should constantly be on the lookout for new technology on the web to try and adapt that feature for your brand’s growth. All this while, taking into account whether or not your consumers are actually a part of it or not.

Here are the top few Trends for Digital Marketing, I think are worth paying attention to in the times to come:


It seems to hold true that the potential of social media has fully not been realized by companies out there to market their content. SFB (Statistical Factbook by DMA – Click on Image to Buy The Research Paper) shows that 70% of businesses are still not tuned to social media channels while collecting data regarding consumer interests.

However, things may be looking up on that front like 47% of companies say that they would be investing more on this aspect, while 37% give more importance to emails and websites. 26% think SEO is the most interesting.

According to DMA SFB, the growth of social media will be up by 14% from today’s meagre 10%.

The increasing attention being given to social media is also in line with the gradual recognition of the importance Millennials have in the consumer sector.


“Google will buy Twitter for tens of billions of dollars” …and 24 other predictions for #contentmarketing in 2017 https://t.co/xhkhJmT7y9

— Andy Crestodina (@crestodina) July 5, 2016

The importance that social media holds can be understood by Andy Crestodina’s prediction of Google buying Twitter for some tens of billions of dollars, after which there will be an increased inclusion of advertisements, whose cost will increase as well.



This may not be surprising, considering the concise, precise and driving home nature that the medium employs. However, the preference is more for videos on social media than on TV, whose ad prospects are decreasing.

Moreover, the craze for videos is going to be supplemented by partiality towards Virtual Reality (VR), with many social networking sites like Facebook already having Augmented Reality (AR) and VR support. (Reference: The Verge)


The number of consumers preferring video content is four times more than those preferring text. 69% marketers in the US say that they are going to increase the budget for video content.

However, according to Hana Abaza, digital marketer and VP of Marketing at Uberflip, the focus will also be on the long-form content of substance as writing is not going to die anytime soon.

While this is debatable, she seems to have John Jantsch in her support, who says that a substantial set of 1500-2000 words is what is going to be the best bet.

So it seems that a majority believe in the rule of videos, and good, longish, less frequently generated text content as the trends.




“Best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy. –Rand Fishkin 


With more than 2 million blog posts being created every day, and with an increasing portion of it being below-par content, it is imperative that there would be a crossing of the saturation point.

Consumers today are just tired of the extent of freedom to choose, they think they are in a world where content is no longer the ending but the beginning of business ventures.

So it is imperative that they turn towards things that specifically apply to them instead of looking at the literal mountains of data that is available to them. This brings forth the creation of niche content, with low volume but high engagement.


According to Arion Agius, interactive content is the key, with professionally programmed content having an interface enabling the viewer to click on the desired option among multiples available to them, and it would be a welcome change from the text-loaded platforms that presently predominate. So user-generated content is the key here.

As will be the promotion through live events, which will attract massive crowds of consumers provided that they have efficient spin-off marketing for them as well.

Also, as Adrian Cordiner points out, the visually appealing approach would be more successful, with gamification and interaction being the driving factors. This is also due to a result of fatigue of the consumer with the faceless, impersonal, yet sickeningly sweet seller at the other end in an increasingly distraught world, and thus personalization is something to look forward to.

Also, there may be an increase in cost per engagement (CPE) post-click options when it comes to buying, to be provided by the home advertising brands, service providers and third parties.




This is predictable and brings with its share of problems. 80% of millennials use their phone in-store, and 74% of them are welcome to location-based mobile alerts.

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study, almost two-thirds of the population possess smartphones, and 4 out of 5 American keep at least one smartphone with them every day, which is much above the global average of 3 out of 5.

Moreover, they are not going to be irrelevant any time soon, though they are going to be slower in the bigger picture having more competition and less time.

An increase in the number of messaging platforms is on the radar, as is the bigger entry of advertisement in those platforms.

According to DMA’s SFB, by the end of this year, one out of every four Americans will have a wearable device with them, and this would involve changing of platforms.

Moreover, that means much work for the marketers, who would not only have to keep the various technological nitty-gritty of changing platforms in mind but also have to take into consideration the context, time, place and choices of the individual customers.

Comscore has also published some detailed insights about the rising effect of smartphones all over the Globe.




Synopsis of Video:

“In this video, Rand Fishkin – Founder and Wizard of Moz,  Sam Mallikarjunan – Head of Growth of HubSpot Labs, Benji Hyam – Founder of Grow and Convert, Larry Kim – Founder of Wordstream and Sujan Patel – Founder of ContentMarketer.io are giving their opinions on ‘How will Content Marketing evolve in 2017?‘. “

This is something that has already been touched upon before. People are no longer willing to jump for click baits and eye-catching headlines that fail to deliver, as they have grown, and justifiably so, extremely conscious when it comes to their inboxes.

The data is going to determine the content in the sense that it has to be proved that the content being created is saleable.

It is going to be difficult for small companies, whose problems with inadequate resources and unsatisfactory content creators are only going to increase by the day when there are new companies and content creators and news every day. Research shows that around 70% of B2B content usually goes to waste.

This was telling when a study by CMI and Marketing Profs had shown that more than 70% of B2B and B2C in 2016 had planned to produce more content than in 2015, but as of yet, it has been seen that only 20% of them had had any substantial success.

It will be good for the bigger businesses and those who are tenacious, though, as the consequent lagging behind of the smaller companies will see them failing when it comes to short-term results.

Also, the almost endless recycling is already creating a standstill, and algorithms are going to increase in their importance, with the focus now gradually shifting to the individual consumer.

Note: These pointers are not in any particular order. All of them hold equal importance.


What do you think about evolving trends in the Digital Industry?

What channels are going to be most beneficial for your business in 2017 and why?

I am inquisitive, I want to know more about what you think.

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