Freelancer Vs Entrepreneur Vs Businessman. Which type are you?

“I have an idea and going to get into a startup.”  “I don’t have to go somewhere else for work; I can take over my dad’s business.” “I am interested in working on my own.”

These are a few conversations we happen to come across in our daily lives. We see youngsters dreaming about the way of making money, and we wait to see some succeeding and another failing in one way or another.

Why do a few succeed while others’ dreams vanish into a “poof”?

I think it is because of what and how we define every future vision or the ways to make ourselves wealthy.

There are lots of definitions which are going or are waiting to, describe who we are in this life journey and every part of our life.

Talking about every particle of life in a blog is impossible. Therefore, I am going to take you on tour around the part of life where we turn to make money to determine our lives and the lives of the individuals who are us.

The top way to earn money, these days, is to get into a business. But there are different roles in this business world, and this blog focuses on the top three options: freelancer, entrepreneur, and business-minded person.

Let’s look at what their lifestyle is like, and you can, in the end, choose who you want to be.

Freelancer for the beginning

According to the definitions provided widely, a freelancer is a self-employed individual who works on several assignments as he or she prefers. But, being self-employed doesn’t mean that you are a freelancer because it is a  life with several attributes and attitudes of yours.

So what does it look like to be a freelancer?

Firstly, If you are a freelancer, you are an independent worker. You are not going to work under someone, or going to take orders from anyone but you. Freelancing is going to be your world, and you are going to rule yourself. Therefore, you can choose your clients and your work location. Your clients are going to be short-term ones and your working locations can constantly be changing. You can work from your room, coffee table, a cafe or from your vacation spot. Your workplace is not going to be restricted to a 5 feet cabin. Also, you determine how much you are going to get paid for a task to be done. Every extra work you do for your client doesn’t have to be free, and you can be demanding a few $$$ for that.

Freelancer Vs Entrepreneur

Most of the freelancers are work-oriented, and as I have already mentioned, their life revolves around freelancing. There will be a thirst for money induced through the multi-tasks that fill your bank accounts. This attitude of yours will be driving you away from your family, friend circle, and society. It also means that you are going to be alone on this journey. Plus, your work sticks to the deadlines of your several commitments for several different clients. Unless you are good at finishing your projects before the deadline, you are going to suffocate without fun and travel.

The Final thing about being a freelancer is, it wouldn’t give you recognition in your society. It is mainly because of job insecurity. You will have projects today at your hand, but your future projects are never sure. You might or might not have projects in your hand. You might be rich through freelancing, but people would still question the lasting of your money.

And making money isn’t everything, is it?

That is the general lifestyle of a freelancer. But, the lifestyle of a business person is going to be entirely different. If you are a freelancer who thinks that you are a business person, let me guide you into the lifestyle of a business person.

How does the life of a business person look like?

Like the freelancer, the business person is going to be independent too. Again, you are the boss of the company, and you are the decision-makers. You can decide your clients and colleagues. Since most of your time will be shared with your business and your company, it provides all the possibilities for you to learn, and enhance your business. Plus, all the rewards of the company will come unto you, which will eventually give you recognition in your community.

But, the lives of a business person is not easy as it seems. Most the business minded individuals enter the industrial world with existing ideas. Either they take up an existing company, or an idea. Working on an existing idea means, you have to compete with the existing champions and keep up the hard work to stay on the top.

Most business individuals would want to do this for the sake of profit and scared of losing what they have invested. It is mostly about money. Avoiding taking risks or trying new chances, you would only want to focus on what you could do instead of the risks.

Business Person's life

And, your business mind will enforce you to think of the possibilities where you can invest your money, rather than risking taking with that money.

Your mindset is going to see competition seriously and will make you want to win the race. You would want to think of all the possibilities to beat your competitors.

This would also mean that you are going to get everything you could from your employee’s skills. The relationship between you and your employee will be a more boss-employee relationship, than a friendly one.

You can be a better Business person now, but life is not all about business, is it? Still, you can try to be a mixture of a business-minded entrepreneur. But wouldn’t you want to know what it looks like to be an entrepreneur?

What is it like to be an entrepreneur?

If I ask you to name a few entrepreneurs, you would start from Mark Zuckerberg, our Facebook Boy, and go on to Walt Disney.

What makes them so special and recognizable in the world?

From the biographies, autobiographies, and interviews I happen to come across these game-changers, they live a unique life.

Let’s have a look at Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook guy; he came up with the idea that has shaken the social media world and almost the digital world. If you look into his story, he and his team came up with the idea that involved their skills. This idea and skills put together eventually turned into a startup that is now a big company providing a job for thousands of co-workers.

It is how most entrepreneurs start their journey. They turn into one who wants to change the world in some way, and they use their ideas and skills to work on it.

Although the foundation of such startups will be laid by one man, or a few individuals who worked on the idea, the company, its tasks, and its future are mostly automated and the workload is shared among the staffs.

elon musk

Most of the entrepreneurs are “start then, and there” type and they are risk-takers. Most of the famous entrepreneurs’ risk taking actions began in dropping out of school or colleges. Since they are instant decision-makers, they know that it is better to give a try and either succeed or learn a lesson, than to regret it later in life.

An entrepreneur is a very much good at managing his/her time for his/her office life and his/her personal life. It is because they have their tasks automated and shared among their staffs so that the entrepreneur is not struggling alone like a freelancer.

Naturally, entrepreneurs are leaders. They believe in working, collaborating, and bringing the best out of their colleagues. The boss-employee relationship is taboo, and it is mostly”all colleagues are equal” type of relationship. Entrepreneurs are good at taking care of their co-workers as a parent caring for his or her children, which would make the staffs feel comfortable in the workplace and out of the workplace. Also, an entrepreneur is always willing to share his or her knowledge with colleagues and be more transparent.

In a few words, an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, manager, risk-taker, a parent to his colleagues, and inspiration in the office.


No job is easy. Let it be a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business person you have to face quite a lot of struggles. If you are a freelancer, you can be self-employed and rich. Still, you would have to worry about being not recognized among your circles and not spending enough time to spend with your family and environment. Being a business person, you will have your company and professional network. Still, you’re going to miss your personal life. Although an entrepreneur at the beginning has to struggle, gradually you will learn to manage your official and personal life. Since you are teaching everyone around you to walk beside you rather than follow you, you would have a positive environment around you.

In this Freelancer Vs Entrepreneur Vs business person race, you are to decide who you are. So decide what you want to be: a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business person.

Also, I have only given an overall view of the lifestyles of the freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business guys. You might be one of them I have spoken of, or you might have happened to work with them, hence let your thoughts and experiences flow in our comment box.

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