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Aspen Services is a 100% Australian owned and operated company that has abundant experience in providing cleaning, restoration, and repairing services for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. They provide a top-class cleaning service in Brisbane and Gold Coast area. Aspen Services incorporate the use of high-quality products and cleaning equipment with the latest technologies to achieve the best results for their customers.

They were suffering from a lower amount of website traffic; especially on the keywords that can generate sales. Well, the main reason behind this problem was their website not properly optimized for better user experience or even not friendly for search engines. Even their backlink profiles were very low and it’s not sufficient for improving domain Authority or even ranking their primary keywords on Google.  Also, they were not so much concerned for social media or even search engine guidelines, and it was hurting their business a lot.

Aspen Services’ SEO Objectives:

  1. The primary objective was to boost their traffic from the targeted local areas
  2. Make their website user-friendly with proper architecture that facilitates easy access to important pages
  3. Get the top ranking for the website on search engines that would increase their brand visibility in potential markets where consumers were present.

The Designated Problems from Aspen Services

As mentioned above, their major concern was a fall in their sales. And it was because of their negligence of making a backlink profile that is more diverse in terms of platforms, IP’s and domain names as well as social media. After analyzing the Aspen Services website and all other related metrics we were able to figure out some of the key problems that were just too important to be missed.

Low SERP Ranking Due to Poor Keyword Positions

SERP rankings play an important role in determining a website’s outreach and Aspen Services’ website had insignificant SERP ranking due to the improper use of keywords and the poor rankings of keywords, because of this they had insignificant traffic from search engines.

keyword positions (Before )

keyword positions

Poor Backlinks Profile

Yet another drawback was the weak backlink profile. Aspen Services backlink profile doesn’t’ have Quality, Relevancy, and diversity backlinks which was the main backdrop for the failed backlinks. It won’t take their website anywhere. Link Diversity is necessary.

Backlink Status (Before)

aspen services backlinks
Lack of Proper Page Loading Speed & Website Architecture

This is one of the major setbacks we found out after our deep analysis of the website. The website is filled with some coding errors along with a number of broken links which affected the loading time of the webpages and made the website a lot slower which is one of the key reasons why the website outreach is so low. Also, the poor architecture of the website resulted in increased bounce rates which were hurting their sales.

Website’s Loading Speed and Performance Status (Before)


Our Solution for Aspen Services

  • Website Architecture Optimization and Code Cleaning:

We analyzed user interaction on the Aspen Services website and performance through the GTMetrics, and Google Analytics. Their website architecture was given a revamp which drove users to significant pages of the website. Along with this, their entire Backlink profile was quarantined and broken links were removed, coding errors were corrected and validated. Our motive was to ensure that their website’s design gives a better user experience to the users and the site loading speed delivering exceptional performance improvement to the website visitors.

Website’s Loading Speed and Performance Status (After)


  • Smart Link Acquisition Strategy and Execution:

Our deep analysis showed a very poor and weakening backlink profile and an obvious lack of Link Acquisition planning from authoritative sources. We decided to acquire new backlinks from relevant sources with high TF and DR / PR. Our plan worked wonders and we were able to significantly increase the link velocity and domain authority of Aspen Services in a few months. Previously they had only 13 backlinks (From 6 Domains), which increased to 88 backlinks (From 26 Domains) after our Link Acquisition plan execution in a period of 3 months.

Backlinks Status (After)


  • Brand’s Social Media Profile Building & Brand Buzz:

After fixing the website architecture, link acquisition velocity, and resolving all coding issues we found that the bounce rate of the website had significantly decreased. We had laid a good SEO framework, and it was time to build the Social media profiles and create a brand buzz around “Aspen Services”. In a few months of our social media campaign implementation, the company had gained a large social media fan following and there was a buzz around their name on every social media channel. Statistics revealed that most of the people who were following the company’s social media pages were either existing customers or had purchased the services in the past. These followers were not only opting for Aspen Services’ cleaning services but they were also suggesting it in their network in other social media channels.

Keywords Positions and Traffic Improvement Overtime

Based on our personalized Digital marketing strategy, Not just the page speed and the website architecture, the keywords rankings along with the traffic on the website gained a good boost after our smart link acquisition strategy and execution. The keywords positions gradually began climbing up the list and even the numbers of website visitors are growing with each passing day. The numbers are continuously increasing and the website is gaining all the necessary traffic that it lacked earlier.

Keyword Position (After)

after keyword status

Website Traffic Improvement Overtime

Remarkable Results

As a result of the Website Architecture Audit, Loading Speed Analysis, SEO Analysis, Link Acquisition Strategy, and Social Media Campaign Implementation our Enterprise Optimization Team was able to deduce the problems that were preventing Aspen Services from being able to reach their primary milestones and scale their business.

We analyzed the website’s user interaction and behavior once again with the help of GTMetrics, and Google Analytics and saw significant improvement in click-through rates (CTR) resulting in more time spent on the website and low bounce rates. Also, Aspen Services traffic improved significantly which meant the website visitors were spending more time on reading the individual service details and engaging in Aspen Services website activities.

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