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Smart Telecom is an Internet service provider based in Canada. Along with internet service, they also provide Home & Business Phone Service and Long Distance Calling Service. Smart Telecom delivers smarter service and superior experience to their valued customers with their state-of-the-art Data Center located at one of the highly secure core data centers available in North America with the latest and the greatest technology of the internet service sector.

When Smart Telecom approached us, they were suffering from low website traffic. So, we analyzed the Smart Telecom website and all other related metrics to identify the major problems that were preventing them to generate a decent amount of traffic. Our analysis showed that the main reason behind this problem was their negligence of making a backlink profile that is more diverse in terms of platforms, IP’s and domain names as well as proper brand social media management.

Smart Telecom’s Scope

  1. Their main objective was to boost their website traffic from the specific targeted areas
  2. Optimize their website for a better user experience with good architecture that gives easy access to each webpage
  3. Get a higher ranking for the website on search engines that would increase their brand visibility in  the potential markets
  4. Enhance the social media presence of Smart Telecom and create a brand buzz around them.
  5. Increase their brand awareness and engagements amongst the target audience


The Problems We Found on Smart Telecom

As stated above, their major concern was a fall in their website traffic which affected their overall sales.  And it was because of their ignorance of making a quality backlink profile with diverse platforms, and domain names as well as poor maintenance of social media. After our deep analysis, we were able to figure out the major issues on the Smart Telecom website, and they were:

Non Performing Keywords

Keywords ranking and positions play an important role in a website’s SERP ranking and outreach. In this aspect, Smart Telecom’s website had a poor SERP ranking due to the inappropriate use of keywords and the low rankings of keywords, because of this they aalso had insignificant traffic from search engines.


Insignificant Backlinks Profile

Another setback we found was the insignificant Backlinks Profile. Although Smart Telecom had a significant number of backlinks, they lacked quality, relevancy, and diversity which was the main drawback for the failed backlinks. It won’t help their website anyway. Link Diversity is really important for a website.

smart-telecom backlinks

Improper Page Loading Speed

This is one of the main drawbacks Smart Telecom’s website had. The website had some coding errors which affected the loading time of the webpages and made the website slower which is one of the main reasons for low website outreach. Also, it increased the bounce rates which were hurting their sales.

before loading speed

So, you get a clear picture of what the problems were and, now, let’s get down to how we helped smart telecom with our results-driven strategies to solve the problems. It’s impossible to cover all parts of our Enterprise SEO work in the Case Study. However, we will show you most of the major parts that can be easily consumed and understood.

The Solutions We Provided for Smart Telecom


Strategic Link Acquisition Plan and Execution:

Our deep analysis of Smart Telecom revealed a weak backlink profile and a lack of proper Link Acquisition planning from authoritative sources. So, we planned to acquire new backlinks for Smart Telecom from relevant sources with high TF and DR / PR. Our plan worked well with good results and we were able to significantly increase the link velocity and domain authority of Smart Telecom in a few months. Previously they had only 142 backlinks (From 29 Domains), which increased to 288 backlinks (From 65 Domains) after our Link Acquisition plan execution in a period of 3 months.

after backlinks

Website’s Loading Speed Optimization:

We analyzed the UI of Smart Telecom’s website and its performance through GTMetrics and Google Analytics. We optimized their website’s speed which drove significant users to their webpages. Along with this, their entire Backlink profile was quarantined and coding errors were corrected and validated. Our intention was to make sure that their website gives quality performance and a better user-friendly experience for their website visitors.


Enhanced Social Media Brand Buzz:

After solving the website loading speed issue, link acquisition velocity, and resolving all coding errors we found that the organic traffic of the website had significantly increased. We had laid a good foundation for SEO, and it was time to build the brand’s social media profiles and create a brand buzz around “Smart Telecom”. Within a few months of our social media marketing campaign implementation, Smart Telecom had gained a large social media fan following and there was a buzz around their brand on every social media channel. The social media insights report revealed that most of the people who were following the company’s social media pages were either their existing customers or had purchased their services in the past. These followers were not only opting for Smart Telecom’s services but they were also recommending it in their close network in other social media channels.

Ultimate Keywords Positions Improvement:

Not just the page loading speed and the backlinks profile, the keywords positions along with the traffic on the website gained a good boost after our strategic link acquisition plan and execution. The keywords positions gradually began rising up on the SERP even the numbers of website visitors are growing each day. Now, the website is generating all the necessary traffic that it lacked earlier.


We performed activities like optimizing website images, meta tags, website robot.txt file, schema, link building, website page loading speed optimization, advanced website architecture optimization and many more tweaks on smart telecom website. And by doing these SEO tweaks and optimization, we were able to take their business to a whole new dimension.


Outstanding Results

Once again we analyzed the website’s UI and behavior with the help of GTMetrics, and Google Analytics and witnessed significant improvement in click-through rates (CTR) resulting in low bounce rates. Also, Smart Telecom traffic increased significantly which meant the website visitors were spending more time on the website and engaging in Smart Telecom website activities.

Finally, with Website Loading Speed Optimization, SEO Analysis, Link Acquisition Strategy, and Social Media Campaign Implementation our Enterprise SEO Team was able to solve the problems that were preventing Smart Telecom from generating decent organic traffic. Through the 100% boost in organic traffic, now, they’re scaling their business with significant conversions.

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