Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in 2019

” Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” –       Jeremy Smith 

How can a business keep its daily updates without knowing its incoming website’s visitors?

• The initial number of visitors, visiting your site each day.
• The relevant clicks they are making.
• Their interests & dislikes about your business!

Conversion rate optimization tools are structured design in the process of making a website more and even user-friendly for its target audience helping with the analysis. However, in the present world of competition, investing in the right conversion rate optimization tool in 2019 is equivalent just to make a huge business decision. It does not fundamentally involve whether you are an in-house business, start-up, enterprise, or conversion optimization agency. Google often recommends a lot of advised tools from the experts whether a tool is good or bad, downright or upset until now or then.


To understand the tools you can filter out which tool you want based on the rating, and the size of the company it works on the best, Whether the tools help you eventually in things of applying it, it will not necessarily compare the premium accounts if it wants to be successful.

Conversion Optimization Rate Tool in 2019:

Calculating conversion rate formula: 1 sale + 20 visitors x 100%= 5% Conversion Rate

Did You Know: UBISOFT used the A/B testing to increase its conversion by a 12%

Down below are the Conversion rate optimization tools in 2019 that you could eventually use to increase the percentage of website visitors to your site by understanding how users move further through your site, their actions, and what is so complicated about them competing for your goals.

1. Google Analytics 360 Suite

This advanced tool helps you to get a much better understanding of your consumer’s behaviour with much-advanced analysis. Conversion optimization form is all about data aiming to help marketers to get an overview of your online marketing efforts.

google analytics

Google Analytics 360 Suite intends to help marketers to connect across different marketers, such as PPC, mobiles, and offline marketing channels. As per your convenience, not everyone who has access can see the Admin tab. Suppose if you can see it, it means you are an administrator. However, you may not have access to all the menus still being an admin.

2.  VWO

If you are alternatively looking for a conversion rate optimization tool in 2019, that runs an optimization program that continuously improves your visitors’ experiences, then VWO should be given a try. This holds a reliable structure that can handle billions of events per hour making A/B tests without reducing the actual basic performance.
The A/B testing is more or less methodical fashioned. On-page surveys alone will not help you identify that your users find confusing. All the functionalities of this tool will take care of all your conversion rates. This tool will help you easily gather all your metrics under one roof monitoring. The major advantage of this software is that if you find any new element on your website, it can help you with the best, whilst not going deeper.

3. CrazyEgg

A heat map is a software simply a data visualisation tool. To find out which tabs, links, etc are being clicked on and the part which is being ignored by your customers. CrazyEgg will get to know where your visitors click on!

crazyeggan alytics
Apart from these activities, you will get a chart that will show your user behaviour on your website. This helps with interaction in real-time & in recording user experience. Since users are very authentic and objective a recording at their view is important. Find out the user behaviour on how your email and ad campaigns are being visited. Understand eventually how people investigate from a buyer’s point of view!

4. Mixpanel

In this fortunate world of Google, Google Analytics helps you to know what is currently happening on your website, Mixpanel, this software allows you to easily understand who did what? Mixpanel also helps you to encounter your second data helping you to compare it against Google data.

This is an analytic platform for the web and mobile aiding your business to instantly analyze your consumer behaviour, tracking down people’s actions rather than page views by helping your business to learn and deeply understand the behaviour of the consumer. This software helps you to learn desperately from your convenient data. This encourages the increment of sales, by making a huge increment to your visitors on your website, navigating the best relevant results of people visiting your site. Furthermore, helping you with tweaking your site.

5. A/B Tasty:

A/B Tasty is a software-based in the origin of France which aids in providing A/B testing, also with the process of content optimisation. Designed for the masses, along with enlarged factorial common user experience. Evolving with great GUI (graphical user interface), great content with an affordable pricing structure.

abtastyThis software will help you to measure your visitors’ preferable actions to measure transactions, subscriptions, leads and a large volume of visits to have analyzed the relevant figures needed. Perhaps, imposing the winning variations will significantly improve the rate and return on investment. The dashboard when the software installed will consist of a plain list of tests on a white background. Where each test will have 2 main options an ”Edit & Report.” Holding a separate page for both. Simple!
Moreover, for a clear result, the company that uses AB Tasty must have absolute diversity and should be well organised to fully take advantage of it.

6. User Testing:

Engaging with your customers plays a major key role in almost every business. User Testing is another tool that helps to see, hear & talk to your customers as they engage with your website. Putting your customers at the center of your business is so very important.


This tool will help you to gather your audience’s data’s by engaging with them helping you to identify their likes & dislikes. This tool allows you to prepare your customers a set of convenient questions, whereas they will have to complete the task that is asked. This will let you know the problem areas of your business in your conversion rate optimization tools in 2019!

7. Marketo:

Driving in more quality of traffic to your website and landing page is a vital part of a business’s basic activity. Marketo compares your keyword rankings to your competitors and getting recommendations for higher ranking web pages. Discovering inbound links by targeting keywords and competitors link is also equally important.

This tool helps you to get to know your conversion rate, also get help with getting personalized messages and on customers are. Their problems, interests, what annoys them & encourages them. Methodically, marketers & webmasters can combine the what application interface program, from your marketing automation tool using the social platform, with any number of platforms similar to a ” Social login.”

8. Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics is common knowledge in the digital world that the success of a business relies upon a strong basement of data. The collection of the whole bunch of data allows you to benchmark your business’s success, set goals, all this will serve your business at your best.

adobe analytics
With the help of the Top 20 Analytics Tools, huge data gets organised where you will get powerful easy to read visuals of your website. The number of visitors your website gets. This acts as a connector making it important to envision needed tools to further bring in your visitors. This software will help you to focus on r searching your data and find more detailed insights about your customers.

9. Adobe target

Adobe target to start your business with the analytics to advertising and commerce to perfect content creations. This tool will help you with identifying an amazing customer experience.

adobe target
If you are looking for your visitors to change into your customers, then you have to start using tools that will help you reach your fundamental increase in your SEO optimization. This tool eventually will help you with targeted content. This tool helps with automated behavioral with the acquired data using the IP address, the URL, and brand affinity.

10. Webpagetest

Webpagetest is one of a kind tool that will help you with the SEO tool, however, this tool will also help you to keep up with the conversion rate optimization tools in 2019.

Which means a two in one luck! This tool will help you with testing your website’s speed. A video will be gathered by gathering all data together, to see the results of all the pages together, comparing the overall speed and effect. If your business needs a competitive advantage then this tool is necessary. The demand for your website particularly relies on the speed, run a test from several locations and connect everything, the number of visitors you get, and move on.

Final Note:

There are hundreds of Conversion rate optimization tools in 2019 you could use from the internet, some of them are free whereas some of them are premium tools that can be quite expensive in dollars. All of the conversion rate optimization tools 2019 listed above certainly have the potential to help you increase your website’s conversion rate. I support you to try at least a few of them to see which one works best for your business, test, and keep testing until you get the desired results. Nothing is proven unless you have tested it all by yourself!

I’m so much interested to know your feedback if you have been using any of the newest conversion rate optimization tools in 2019 I have mentioned above. Come back here and do not hesitate to leave your feedback in the comment section below. I hope you would have something to say!

Assume nothing. Test everything. Optimize constantly. 

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20 Fastest growing e-Commerce sites in Sri Lanka

‘’The faster your service is, the faster you gain more loyal customers.’’ 

Traditional shopping can be challenging. Sometimes they work beautifully for you, and sometimes not!

While it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact easiness and complication of both online and traditional shopping, let the simple question down below make you choose your willing answer!

What is your style of buying & selling online, ‘’ the e-Commerce way or the traditional way?’’

While starting with a typical question. This might be a little confusing whilst helping you figure out the genuinity of your purchasing style! Here, the question being simply asked is, would you rather go for the online shopping way or the traditional shopping way?

From your point of view, the answer would preferably be, Yes, the e-Commerce way! Therefore, ‘’ you & me,’’ would definitely pick online e-Commerce, since we are moving towards the 22nd century.


20 fastest growing e commerce sites in sri lanka 1

The current generation of ours has let e-Commerce penetrate easily into a huge success, you know this fact very well perhaps!

Besides, as you know this has taken over the world, in contrast, almost half of the population is not willing to purchase in the traditional way these days.

We happen to see this every second around us. The more you feel comfortable, the more you tend to shop, that is why shopping malls are planned in such beautiful ways!

What are the factors every e-Commerce owners need to be sure of?
  • Customers are satisfied with what they pay.
  • Again satisfaction ( to operate the purchased product) ”A business’s first priority should always be customer satisfaction.”
  • At every point being updated about the purchase and shipping process

Before you figure out Sri Lanka’s Top 20 fastest growing e-Commerce sites, let this article make you even more interesting hence, knowledgeable with the following ‘’ Did You Know,’’ facts about the e-Commerce world, that would probably keep you awake all night wondering!

  • In 2012 Paypal made $4,423 in transactions per second: Making it one of the world’s best online payment solutions without actually giving up your credit card information.
  • E-commerce actually began in 1979: What Michael Aldrich did was, ( An English inventor who brought the concept of e-Commerce) he connected a domestic television with a landline to make online shopping, in the 1990s before the internet became famous.
  • The first-ever e-Commerce website was Amazon, which launched in 1994, however, it did not make any profit for the first seven years. (so does most any business)  Today, it is being known as one of the best e-commerce sites in the world!

Take a look at the ‘’ Top 20 fastest growing e-Commerce sites in Sri Lanka,’’ that are subsequently ruling the name and your expectations in fulfilling your online purchasing.

These e-Commerce startups have been creating a healthy economy for the  Sri Lankan market for the past complete years. Why do not you stay updated with the trending e-Commerce sites in the nation to make your purchasing more easy & informative!


”Transform the way you purchase!”

Imagine it is your special one’s birthday, you are living in the United Kingdom & want to gift your loved one your favourite cake!

Here, comes an all-set experience of a combination of love & desires along with the professional online gift delivery service in international standards global shopping.!


Dulith Herath Founder & Chairman of began his career with Kapruka in 2002. Being a Sri Lankan born, he did his schooling at Royal College Colombo, later on graduating from the University of Kentucky.

He made his way in success over the past 16 great years! Over the past business years, Dulith was honoured and awarded with the following criteria of awards, making him become one of the top entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur Award, 2013

Eisenhower Foundation Recognition, 2017

CSSL ICT Leader of the Year Award, 2017

 ‘’Send gifts to Sri Lanka,’’ values Kapruka, with over 25000 products and  30 types of distinct services, Kapruka has set a footmark standing in the 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka.

Offering you a huge variety of products such as electronics, homeware, stationery, mobile, cell phones, accessories with a budgeted online purchase.

While letting you easily find all your essentials-  with a single click, indeed! The newest feature ‘’ Kaprukka Global Shop,’’ allows you to order from the biggest e-Commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart.


”Quality Without Queues.”

The story of a fashion retail shop in Pakistan founded in 2012, becoming one of the 20 Fastest growing e-Commerce sites in Asia.

Have you ever searched an e-Commerce site for your easy purchase with over 2.5 products onboard?

So much in so little time! One of the hottest shocking news that we all happened to hear in 2018 was when Alibaba acquired ( with the key people Bjarke Mikkelsen, Jonathan Doerr) with an unrevealed amount. is one of the 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka.

If you are an Asian, at least once in your lifetime you might have tried purchasing or else would have visited


Now acquired by Alibaba, was founded in the year 2012 by Rocket Internet (a German venture capital company) Right after Kaymu acquired in 2016, their operations began in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

This is where you all were introduced to the world of Daraz. Since 2015 has been serving you with the necessary needs in deftly categorised options you happen to see while you click in. made it is way now in the Asian world.


”All set to buy. Just like that!”

‘’Sri Lanka’s largest lifestyle store.’’

Lahiru Pathmalal Co-founder and CEO of introduced the Cash on Delivery (COD service) to the Sri Lankan market.

This young man who dared to fight against his family to reach for what he wanted, was a psychology student in the US.

He decided on quitting his job while being in Afghanistan, wishing to settle back in his motherland! Then he got hired eventually to a different field of job and ended up with the idea of along with Dilendra Wimalasekara & Murtaza Moosajee, making his dream come true company being born. was ranked as the number one start-up in 2015 by Daily Mirror within the first 3 years of its beginning. It offers a variety of consumer electronics for you.’s goal is to empower Sri Lanka through its culture to make you access anything on spot.

Payments made on are secured via Sampath Bank, Commercial bank & Nation trust bank. offers you premium products, with the best quality, brand new, and quality products. From items with cash on delivery service up to Rs. 50,000.

Since customer service always matters for them, contact can be made through phone, email, social media, and live chat. helps you to find the best range of electronics goods you are looking for at an attractive price online!


” Snap. Chat. Sell.”

Are you looking for a wide range of selection of popular second-hand items around Sri Lanka? Then is the right online portal for you.

Founded in 2012 by the team with over nearly a decade in the online world, has been conquering your love and desire towards a budgetary purchase ever since 2012.

Furthermore, was ranked as one of the 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka. Perhaps, in order to sell the products, you have been willing to sell for a long time.

Sign up for free on with your account and post an ad for your product. Get it sold! It literally takes less than 2 minutes. ( with a step by step guide provided)

If you are looking for the best deals of cars, cell phones,  house properties, computers or even a pet, is the upright place for your purchase!

The origin word comes from the Sinhala word ‘’ඉක්මන්’’ meaning quick & fast. Moreover, from’s subsidiary website jobs  you will be able to find jobs all over Sri Lanka as you desire, everyday being updated!



” Expect more. Pay less.”

 A completely owned subsidiary of Dialog, born in 2011 which was found by Reeza Zarook was ranked as the highest e-Commerce online start-up back in 2015, officially ranked by Daily FT with an SR score of 77,347. has been running successfully since now, still holding a top place in Sri Lanka’s top e-Commerce sites. is an e-Commerce company actively offering to both international and local consumers.

If you are looking to find products and services in seconds, then is the right place for you.

Using your preferred item in ”search,”  you can find products across you are willing to purchase.

Although, certain terms & conditions has to be followed! Meantime, you can filter the list of searched products you are looking for, and then contact and buy your preferred product while getting it delivered right away on your doorstep.

With just the simple online purchase way!



” Your choice is what matters! ”

Discounted goods right away at your doorstep! Born in 2013 was initially started with the objective of a struggle free internet shopping in Sri Lanka, along with the founders Christopher Wijeysoorya & Mirfaz Mohideen! was ranked at the 8th spot startup in Sri Lanka by! holds a variety of categories such as mobiles, cameras, healthcare, electronic/home appliances, toys and many more.

The word Wasi is a sinhala word, ‘’වාසි’’ meaning to profitable, for your own good! Launched in 2013, with just 3 products, soon after experienced a rapid growth in the economy. Getting appreciated by the customers! Soon after, introduced Visa/Master online payment system to their site.

Making an island wide delivery of your ordered goods within 4-7 business working days.

In July 2014 was announced as one of the 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka and now it is ranked as the 8th in the Startupranking system with all SR score’s analysed.



”Don’t worry, We have it.”

Dinindu Nawarathna founded in the year 2014, with a motive to make the best customer satisfying online path in the Sri Lanka’s e-Commerce ecosystem. is an online clothing platform which gives you the opportunity to find elegant designs of clothing with a variety of collections, that you demand according to your lifestyle.

With an SR score of 41,551 & SR web score of 46,144 holds the top place in Sri Lanka’s e-Commerce sites currently existing.

Whereas purchases can be made via credit card systems & a cash on delivery (COD)  service. Interestingly, you will happen to meet your instant needs,  with a flagship store that is open from 10.00 am – 8.00 pm onwards at 22, Bagatalle road, Colombo 03

If you are willing to make your purchase of clothing in a glamorously dominant & elegant way, is the fair way to you!



” See what’s selling best!”

Born in 2013, made its way up high since now. It has been, and still is an online e-Commerce site where you can purchase any electronic item to any furniture around. With a range of high quality products you could choose from.

From electronics to sports and fitness products. The right lifestyle to an e-Commerce site. Shipping around the whole Island from the North, East, South & the West.

Each goods are sectioned according to your convenience, with travel and leisure bookings along with special offers that you will happen to see on the website.

Apart from this helps you bring expertise in social media marketing. It will help you create brand awareness to advertise your business to a massive amount of audience to help your business reach the next level of what you are expecting up to! The right direction, solely!



”You’ll find it here.”

Imagine you are in search of high-quality products and you could not find it elsewhere, shopping can be very annoying!

If you are looking for the hard to find high quality brands around Sri Lanka. Retailgenuis , Sri Lanka’s leading online marketplace should be the right one!

Where buyers and sellers are let to interact with goods and services online (which simply defines that you are let to make your desired purchase). Abishek sithampalam Thushan Shanmugarajah are the founders of who started in 2015 with the intention of letting all you buy goods and services from entire Sri Lanka.


With an additional service, Retailgenuis lets you (SME’s & merchants) sell your goods and services at a reasonable price every month to your customers, with exciting offers! It also allows you to sell used products too.

While letting you contact them through any connected device, to all the things right away at your step.

Accompanied on 150 different cities, with over 30 categories listed on the site. Set your purchase way, to Retailgenuis! Count your days, with online purchases.




The chronicle of Kumar Melvani Founder, and the Co-Founder, SEO Specialist and Managing Director Damitha Ginigaddarage of  ( now resigned) began in November 2011.

The current Chief Executive Officer Riyaz Ismali has been running the site ever since the resignation of the two founders.

Considering being their product, offers you with great deals, performing a little differently where you do not have to bulk purchase to activate your deals & offers.

Whilst, providing you with valuable, quality products and services with a variety of options such as restaurants, electronics, hotels, concerts & services, you could choose from.

Back then in 2011 they started with just three employees, and today the company exists with over 70 dedicated employees onboard.


As a matter of fact, is ranked as one of the top 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka on with ( website that analyses your daily page views per visitors, bounce rate and other factors)  as the top e-Commerce company in present.

The major indication of your trust is that has been making a highway through Sri Lanka’s online world.

Saving you to say hello to’s followers, with a genuine existence over the past decade.


”Fashion with zero boundaries!”

Your taste and desire on fashion becomes endless with Born in 2013, is an online doorway in that offers you with over 7000 different fashion clothing, accessories and lifestyle products to your destination.

This fashion landscape born in the 20th century promises you to offer with the best high quality affordable deals around the country from worldwide.

Ensuring the highest degree of customer satisfaction so far. With an Island wide COD (Cash on delivery) service packed!

Your ordered items will be delivered right away to your doorstep without any misfortune . For a proper regularised maintenance maintains a well conserved Return & exchange policy to make sure a safe online purchasing, just for you!



”Feel-good shopping.” 

Are you looking for a one stop online shopping platform? Hence, launched in 2015, which is considered to be one of Sri Lanka’s leading e-Commerce website in the present, is ranked as one of the top convenient eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka, whereas you are able to find almost all your needs!

In 2017 LMD’s brands annual 2017 edition ranked as the 3rd best e-commerce online retail site.

myshop has been performing at its best in customer service and effortless marketing ever since the beginning. If you are looking for the best quality products to be delivered right away at your home, then is the best you could go on with.

You can make your payments accordingly after you are delivered with your order within 1-2 working days. Another additional feature is that, when new products are added you are able to compare products on the table! offers you with a range of electronics, furnishings & accessories with your daily routines on an affordable price. With over 11- 50 employees onboard.

It also offers you a variety of ultimate payment & discounts . Eventually, being recognised as one of the fastest and youngest growing e-commerce website in Sri Lanka.



”Need it. Want it. Done.”

Increase your number of choice! You should be more often related with the title ‘’Abans,’’ as most of  you all do your home electrical appliances purchase frequently with Abans. has been in collaboration with the best serving Abans group of companies since 2007!

Abans has been making its way up high since 1968, and is now expanding throughout the world across countries like Australia, Italy & Cyprus.

The Abans groups of company is providing an uninterrupted service through (owned by Abans group of companies) which lets you with a delivery service across entire Sri Lanka. Born in 2007,, became a valuable customer contact ever since it began its way!


Unlike other electrical appliances e-Commerce sites, lets you select,  reserve & purchase your desired product at Abans Duty Free shop ( Bandaranaike International Airport)  to collect on its arrival. With a  notification ahead, 7 days before your reservation.

Differently from its rivals buyabans ( if you are given) will be processed officially within 4-5 working days.

Which will be done to your credit card/bank account ( however, duration time of the refunding is not guaranteed based on your banks duration of process)


‘’ Revolutionizing the Sri Lankan shopping experience.’’

The story of a humble man, who is an aeronautical Engineering Degree holder, and now the Chairman & CEO Malinda Muthumuni . Currently, changing into one of Sri Lanka’s leading e-Commerce site.

The site gets you into a cast of blog,  the Chairman & CEO Malinda Muthumuni & Director of Operations Kalana Muthumuni are the core wedges of

What the site eventually offers is the best online shopping experience to you! Offering a guaranteed, safe, qualitied & durable products online, right from your home.

The site happens to sell you with the styliest and the newest things all around the world.

All you have to do is visit the site and go for a simple click, to make shopping easy from your hectic day off.



”Shop here. Shop everywhere.”

Started in the year 2012, ever since they began. Their ultimate goal was to provide you with what is shown on the website. The site was founded by M I A Rahman & M A M Akthared!

Ever wondered about getting your household items under one roof, just by sitting back at your home? an even online platform lets you to collaborate with the product’s description and purchasing way you are looking for.

laabai-online-shopping-in-sri-lanka has been serving you from the past 8 years with exclusively dedicated household and kitchen needs. With the best quality items around the nation!

Also, running successfully with a bunch of blogs on their site, helping you to figure out shopping related blogs. also lets you visit their store  and pick up your products right away, incase, if you are urgently in need of. Indeed, you can also join as an affiliate, and earn a 4.5% commission with every item you sell for



”Find it. Love it. Buy it!” is Afthab Azeez’s product (Chief Operating Officer) bringing a very resourceful site into the land of beauty. His aim was to introduce the right efficient platform to the right target audience nailing it with almost the top success.

With the care of your needs, was founded in 2011, now holding one of  the 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka.

The online doorway offers you with products as per your convenience with your essentials you are in need of, from audio devices to shavers & trimmers.

Interestingly,’s services are broadened to an Island wide service. Moreover, you are also listed with the weekly deals on the site, this works out according to your budget deals & offers!


”A great place to shop.”

Unlike other commercial sites, will give you a shopping mall experience. is owned by Laugfs Holdings, ( one of Sri Lanka’s largest high end diversified conglomerate ) currently under operation with Linfinity pvt Ltd.

With a choice of island wide delivery service, they offer over 5000 different qualitied goods, making e-Commerce easier to you & each categorised accordingly.


The good business mind of was lead to the citizens of the country, interestingly bringing a success from the past years. It has let your satisfaction to hype first, has been doing good ever since.



”The right way to shopping!”

Although there are many successful e-Commerce sites, just as its name defines, it has set a recognition among the locals.

The subsidiary of Seetha Holdings Private Limited selling online a range of electronic and furniture items, in the island with a safe and secure payment system.

rightway has earned the top spot in Sri Lanka’s top e-Commerce site, interestingly with the help of you people.

People love shopping on Rightway,lk because of the simple  and easy payment method if offers and the offers and discounts it gives.


19. Singer Sri Lanka

”Your Goodness, Your Appliances.”

Singer Sri Lanka began its first sales , a sewing machine at a Colombo store in the early 1800’s. There is nothing really annoying like going to a electrical appliance shop and rushing to buy a product without the right information.

This is why e-Commerce Singer Sri Lanka a franchise of Singer was born in the year 1877, following centuries in business has never failed to give up its best in satisfying your needs and wants.

singer sri lanka

Unlike the competitors, Singer Sri Lanka was the first Consumer durable site in the Sri Lankan market.

In 2014 Singer Sri Lanka opened it’s 400th retail store, making it as one of the largest companies around Sri Lanka. Also in  2012 Singer began a huge scale of of smart phones in sale on the name of – ‘’ Singer Digital Media.’’

When buying from Singer Sri Lanka, you can experience your belief in their innovative products, promising that you are provided with the highest quality products that will ensure your time being spend.




”Saving time for good things in life.”

The phone is ringing aside, nobody is home and you are in need of sugar. Where would you go, to the shop?

Here, comes the role of, an e-supermarket that sells groceries, beverages and households around the country.

Whilst, getting you delivered with all those ordered items at your doorstep. The platform was born to rise the living standards of people and make your day to day life easier.

Although, your ordered groceries and needs gets delivered to you, the delivery fee depends on the ‘’order’’ you make, the size and the weight.

The shopping site previously owned by Lfinity Pvt Limited, is now under the umbrella of Now, with you do not have to worry about wasting time carrying loads of groceries

Make it perfect, just the way it will be!



Most of the above given 20 Fastest growing eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka are still progressing, however fast moving in Sri Lanka’s e-Commerce community.

You can see that all of the startups mentioned above are local ones thriving its way to reaching the utmost level of success in your satisfaction within your expectations.

The market penetration through e-Commerce is rapidly increasing. I personally feel that such enormous interests of these startups in innovation should be considerably appreciable.

Take a deep look at every e-Commerce site mentioned above that is currently empowering the Top 20 Fastest Growing eCommerce Sites in Sri Lanka. Make your day-to-day purchasing easy with these above sites.  I bet you will have something to say, here!

Have you ever had the opportunity to purchase from any of the sites above? Let me know them down below!

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The all-new Google My Business app

The all-new Google My Business app- why you should be using it  “GMB”


  • How do I manage my business profile on Google?
  • How do I engage with customers on the go?
  • How do I make my business stand out with photos?

Are you a business owner looking to manage your business profile? Eventually, every contact you have with your customer influences whether or not they will come back searching for you. So you have to be great every time you offer your service or else you will lose them! Try forming an emotional connection for your customers with your company. Meaning for instance: if you are the owner of a coffee shop your customers will always look to be a part of the family (your hospitality) for a better comfortable experience and loyalty, so is the same with auto-parts companies whose customers demand responsive high-quality service. The betterment of your business relies on the utmost level of customer service & satisfaction.

You are very much sure that people are searching for businesses like yours, twirl those people into your beloved customers, with the help of the Google My Business app.

what are serp features_google serps

Get yourself started with the new, free Google My Business app! Google My Business app will help you with sharing your business stories and making a good bond with your searches. It is an easy-to-use free tool for businesses like yours to help manage your online presence across Google, by editing and verifying your business with the help of Google Maps & Search.

Let us look at some of the major interesting facts and the latest updates about the Google My Business app and how it helps you to make a better connection with your beloved customers.

Direct interactions:

The direct messaging option in the Google My Business app will help you with exceeding communication with your customers. When your customer has any questions about your product/service they can directly message you from any of their preferred devices, where you will instantly receive their message via Google Allo or to your messaging system.

google serps instant messages

You can even set up a chatbot on times you aren’t available.

Interacting with customers:

Your updates on photos would work efficiently in attracting your customers, this would create more attention to your customers for them to click into you. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are based on how much quicker your replies to their reviews are. GMB app will help you interact with your customers instantly to help you respond to them effectively leaving you a notification.

interacting with customers

Businesses that add photos to their listings receive more requests from Google Maps for driving directions than those businesses that don’t!

Manage your information:

Make double sure that your business is perfectly listed with the right information. So that your customer could easily contact you such as your website, hours, and street address. Manage the information you have provided for the products or services you have offered.

manage your information

Businesses that often clearly verify their information with GMB app have an increased chance of customer’s loyalty, making it easy for them to leave reviews instantly and making their preferred books

Understand your customer’s presence:

Expand your business relationship with your customers by using Google My Business, as you can see insights into your customer’s way of searching and where they are coming from. You can also know the number of customers who called you with the help of Maps & Searches.

Make way to your bookings:

Using this new easy app, customers can make short-in-hand bookings for them. And when you are done seamlessly track and create your smart campaigns to spread more wordings about you

Google My Business app: v3.0
So what is new about the latest version of Google My Business app v3.0?

Connect with your Customers via google my business

1) The Post button.”-

This simplified option allows businesses to upload their photos, create updates, events, special offers, and deals or any other additional information a customer needs to know.

2) ” The Customer Tab.”-

This option has allowed businesses to keep in track of messages and people who are following their profile, from those who have messaged them and their replies for the reviews. The ” For You,” section of the mobile maps apps allows seeing your clients who are following their Business Profile. Since these sections will show your posts.

3) Edit your business information:

The business editing thing once you were doing via your browser using, can be easily done with your mobile through GMB app! You can edit in real-time within the profile Tab, across the Maps and Searches you use. Although this makes editing easy it can be pretty dangerous if your clients are not well educated about updating their profiles themselves, Always remind them that accidental editing can lead to a listing suspension!

Curtis Galloway- Engineering Manager, Google My Business

The little story behind, the Google My Business app!

Galloway came from a family of small business owners. His grandfather was a serial entrepreneur and an inventor, who built his successful machine tool in Arkansas. His father continued running the Galloway Lumber Company back then in the 40s & 50s. He was a strong man who always wanted to build strong bonding’s with his customers as customer satisfaction was his priority! Curtis Galloway’s team helped him to build the new Google My Business app, so what Curtis did was he kept business owners like his father and grandfather and mind and focused on giving priority to customer satisfaction this is where he came up with the idea of building the GMB app!

Final Thoughts!

Watch your business grow. Say hello to your next customer!

Google wants you to spend more efficient time on your profile, so what Google will organically do is help you to gain, see & do valuable things. I can predict that we will see more of the new updates on this in the upcoming years, with new updates on how your profile and posts are doing hopefully! How does Google My Business app help you? What do you make of it? Is it giving too much of an advantage in the hands of your clients or are you satisfied to see the way the ROI of your business more transparently? I would be so much interested in hearing what you think down below in the comments.


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08 Digital Marketing Trends you Need to Know in 2019

”Marathons are more than just a single run, digital marketing are more than just a single activity.”

The future of every single business is being transformed into technology! Keeping this in mind, Here’s a quick elegant question possibly you could think of at times in digital marketing trends.

”What is the biggest obstacle for your company’s growth?”

While thinking about the answers to the above question, how does a business with the latest technology conquering the world function without the help of digital marketing? Can you remember seeing artificial intelligence and visual searches in movies? For example, I Robot movie ( could you go back to those memories?) Leaving at in your good old memories these technologies have been coming into reality for businesses in the present. Brands and businesses do need to use digital marketing trends to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you in the past years might not work for you in the upcoming years. Social media, SEO, content marketing and a lot more are experiencing a dramatic shift in 2019.

This article will help you give a quick insight into the latest trends of digital marketing that you can not simply ignore. And to stay ahead of the competition you might want to invest in these insanely futuristic technologies down below.

Did you know: Canada has the most active Facebook users compared to the rest of the countries.
 1)  Artificial intelligence taking over the digital marketing trends in 2019

AI will take over the world and currently is!

Well, what does AI do?

Putting this in simple terms, Artificial intelligent can easily study consumer behaviour by using the data that is available on the internet or social media by the user. This simply helps all your businesses using AI to increase the optimization of your business activity efficiently. AI has made jobs much simpler. For example, email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo have customized smart email categorization. Many government organizations are using AI for security purposes.

Did you know: Some of the tech leaders are worried about AI

Elon Musk- CEO of Tesla– is no stranger to you. Has made a confession that artificial intelligence could eventually be dangerous to the entire human race. He wants people to follow certain regulations and ban on any type of autonomous weapons, to save humanity. Keeping this aside, governments are already working on hidden projects on AI-controlled weapons.


artificial intelligence taking over the digital marketing


Another example is companies like Uber and Microsoft- you can try using robots in parking lots that could read license plates and report suspicious activities to prevent crime. They do this by collecting data and reporting it to their owners. This technology has been in use which seems to be less expensive compared to hiring a human security guard!

2) Voice search: The dictators!

In the current world, for example, you will find it easier to ask Siri about the distance of your top travel destination in Sri Lanka rather than manually typing in the query. With this keeping in mind, further, it is estimated that by the next upcoming year’s a higher percentage of web browsing will be done without tapping the screen. This is because of Alexa and Siri’s engagement with the human-level smartness becoming incomparable. However, the disadvantage of voice search is that it is quite different from the typical text search.

 top travel destination in Sri Lanka , voice search


 For example, when you Google a question you will get hundreds of result pages. But if you ask the same thing to your voice assistant, it will only give you certain results (a few) more than that you will only get one result!

3)  Video marketing 

You might question yourself whether using videos for promoting your business would worth it? The answer simply is: Yes, not because every business is using it but moreover, it is a very profitable tool for digital marketing trends in 2019. To deeply get connected with your target audience, video marketing can be the best way as they are dominating photos and infographics compared to other ordinary advertisements.

digital marketing and video marketing trends in 2019.

Since videos are more appealing and easier to share than large content. With inexpensive methods, such as quality smartphones, and film equipment. Companies all over the world are using personalized videos to create ”real authentic publicity.” Do not just think that YouTube plays here. To get more engagement using your video marketing, you can go live on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

4)  Chatbots:

You might have definitely experienced online purchasing. And you might have noticed yourself being answered for your queries in a few seconds or minutes by a chatbot, that will have instantly answered your questions. This will bring a closer connection to you towards your customers. Many customers prefer communicating with chatbots since they are quickly responsive. Giving instant answers to what you are exactly looking for modestly and responding to you without losing its patience. These virtual assistants aid in customer expectations, customer service and performing accurate tasks, which means you can literally focus on your other important tasks.

Chatbots helps for queries

Many businesses have already started using chatbots which include, for instance, Uber helping customers to communicate and making it easier for them to hire Ubers easily. Other brands such as Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, and Slack have started using Chatbots & digital marketing making it efficient. Chatbots have completely changed the way digital marketing looks at its services. Giving companies a better perspective of market sustainability.

5)  Social media stories:

Brand awareness can be easily be promoted and engaged by making good use of live videos. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube stories have been coming alive for the last half-decade. First came Snapchat with the concept of ”My Story,” followed by Instagram, Facebook while Youtube unrevealed their story format.

social media stories trends

Through social media stories, businesses can directly market themselves to their audience by reviewing their product, showing them ” behind the scenes,” of the products, or about the employees who have been apart? With these effective methods, you can easily target your desired audiences effectively almost anywhere and everywhere!

6)  Social Messaging apps:

You and I every one of us are into messaging with each other. The recent trend is social messaging apps whereas people are spending more time texting each other, it makes total sense that marketing your products and services here is the right place for you to engage with your potential customers.

social messaging apps

These apps can be very beneficial in sending messages to your customers directly, whether it is an instant sales reply or feedback! Furthermore, people expect businesses to be present in messaging apps so that they could directly deal and interact with you. Also, 70% of the world’s population are willing to shop at companies that interact with enough social messaging apps.

7) Virtual Reality & Augmented reality:

Virtual reality aims at creating a computer-generated experience for customers using specialized technologies and software. You can use VR to make your products/services advertisements 10x more appealing to your customers than an ordinary advertisement. Augmented reality for digital marketing trends in 2019 has made businesses in recent times to reach out customers effectively in different technologized ways. If you are not sure whether to use this tech or not, you should probably clearly understand the benefits and what it offers to you in real tech life.

virtual reality & augmented reality

For example, an international brand in India IKEA is where it allows and helps place their furniture accordingly to your customers’ expectations. Here, customers can enjoy every bit of looking at their furniture placements.

8) Geo – location-targeted advertisements will become popular.

 What is the significant thing in any digital marketing strategy? Location!

Location is the main key role whether it is advertising or marketing your product. Showing your product/service at the right time in the right place is an important digital marketing trend in 2019.

Other than that, appearing in the right location is equally important. If you want to make your brand withstand the most compared to the rest of your competitors then you will have to start communicating brand messages in the user’s native language, which will make a difference.

geo- location

On the other hand, also demonstrating geo contents to your users will help you get into business more easily. For successful branding, you may also implement local content marketing strategies for your campaign leading it to a trend. Therefore, partnering with local influencers will help you get easily handle local advertisements around!

Final Wrap:

The era of digital marketing has absolutely no ending for the upcoming decades in trends changing, until dusk till dawn!

Being said this, meantime I hope the above given ” Digital marketing trends in 2019,” might have brought in some ideas on how the newest trends that already exist looks like, also helping you with foreseeing the upcoming trends for the next decades.

Have you started following them, yet for your business? On the downside topic, I have given you the top 08 digital marketing trends currently conquering the 21st century. Take a deep look at every trend and know how it is or would work for your business and customer relationship. Further side, it would be great if you could come back here and tell me about your most beneficial trend that would help your businesses’ enhancement. I bet you will have something to say!

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Top 15 link building strategies you need to look into 2019

Why does link building still even matter? 

For tiny businesses, more links= more search traffic= more customers.

When Google began its way the main factor they considered was, the number of links a webpage has.

The very basic concept was, the more links a webpage consisted of the more popular content it would have. Links to your websites are like votes, the more votes you obtain, the most popular you become on the result page. So, now the question might be ‘’Why not rush to create thousands of links?’’ Well, this is a good question but before that, you are supposed to consider one thing, here is a question that would help you figure out.

1)    Which of the following link do you think are more valuable?
  • A link from an article on to your site.
  • A link from a normal site that has 4 blog posts from last year.

Obviously, the article from is more valuable. Before everything gets under control, strategies for building links are important as it equals to your aim in link building. These few factors would help you with your link-building strategies.

Relevancy: If you are a Software Developer, getting links from a website similar to your Software development is more valuable than that of the non-related ones. If your links are relevant it would help search engines to figure out what your site is.

 Authority & Trust: Some sites are considered to be highly trusted and valuable.

Diversity: If your website doesn’t have a natural ‘link profile,’ it can be red-flagged by search engines.

 Broken Link Building:

Being a member of the world of Seo, it is important to make calculations. Most of the websites do have a lot of content, which automatically will tell us that there would be, so many of the links to a website that could range in hundreds or thousands of links eustacy. The higher the number of links is, the greater the chance is to get broken links. Many website owners do not realize that the reason for their SEO rankings getting low is broken links.

Screen20Recording202018 03 3120at2002.0420pm


Broken links are the best ways to get in touch with your owner, and to create good branding. Above all, the significant fact is that you get a high-quality link in return. Before you do anything, you have to ensure whether the broken link is relevant to the content you are publishing or you are about to publish. Since most of the website owners are aware of the result of acquiring a broken link, they will be looking for a quick instant solution that is high in quality.

The overall plan of this– Acquiring broken links with high quality in return for the content that is relevant to your site.


Here’s an interesting fact about infographics shared 3x on social media channels more than any kind of content that gets shared. Have you ever thought to yourself about reading something and gaining more absolute knowledge from that, but have not got enough time.

the state of content marketing strategy

Welcome to the 21st century.

We are in a fast-moving world whereas everyone wants everything instantly in their hand. This gives readers an instant overview. Most of the marketers have reported, that infographic has the most engaging effect compared to any other form of visual content. Creating infographics that are simple yet appealing can help readers process information and make them more engaging. Once you are done, you have to create an HTML that attaches the infographic to a webpage and links it back to the relevant website.

After being done with this you can share this with other bloggers who also share the related content or else share your infographics to other sites to earn more backlinks.

Strategic guest blogging:

Strategic means where you have to set a clear goal from the initial stage itself. Since you want more links, search for blogs that would feel free to accept your guest post and also look for owners, readers who would love to share their guest post on social media networks. Once this is done, your website will be expired to people who will link it creating the perfect strategy to publish your guest post on blogs. Those already high in ranking would bring your guest post stand on Google’s top 10 results.

what is guest blogging

The perfect keyword does magic. Before guest blogging makes sure to write them on the specific site that search engines do not end up penalizing your blog. The more you understand your audience, the easier it gets you to write your content.

Social Media:

Social media has been conquering the world leaving everyone depending on it. I use Facebook, you use Facebook hence the entire world uses Facebook ( not only Facebook but other social media networks as well) Since social media networks have become the king in the digital world of technology, it could create a large advantage for your link building plans and guest post efforts, nevertheless, if you are not active on a regular basis sharing new posts, images and updates about your brand, it means your brand will face a recession in an even shorter period of time.

social-media-daily active users

It is all about making your brand active on social media, you will tend to explore your brand and site URL to more people making them share it with your target/audience. 

Resource links from trusted sites:

Resource pages are considered to be the next best source for links, so a good resource page tends to link to other fine resource pages making it a lot easier. To find resource pages on the related site use Advanced search tools.

Everything you choose to accept the quality of the resources also the trustworthiness of the site as a whole.

resource links from trusted sites in 2019

So, you could tap into creating your own resource page with high authorized sites and blogs. Is a high authorized site similar to your niche that has made a number of blogs to your industry where visitors would easily find what they are really looking forward to?

There is a need to take care of your personal branding:

Your brand starts forming from your mind that it begins to express it outwardly. Once people recognize your brand is growing. They will naturally link it to you without any expectations in return. A natural link is a link that has it’s organic in the context and is earned.

[blockquote photo=”” author=”” ]”Your Personal brand is what differentiates you from others” [/blockquote]

It all depends on the quality of your content and the brand. Jeff Bezos clearly said,’’ A brand represents yourself when you are not around,’’ the more you blog, the more attention you gain. A brand always begins with value.

Again, the broken link strategy? How does it work

As simple as it is, you have to find pages on blogs with broken/ dead links and hopefully request to the blogger to replace the dead link with a link similar to your content on your site.

broken link strategy in 2019

For example: If you are linked to a webpage from a person’s blog and found dead links with a similar with another high-value resource. If the page belongs to you then both SEO and a valuable link are what you will get.

 Review and Analysis:

 Evaluating the Seo’s performance of the backlinks. RVC (you might be wondering what RVC stands for)

link building 8


RVC stands forRelevance, Value & Creativity.

Relevance: The content must be relevant to the targeted audience, and must be relevant at least in some sort of way to the business.

Valuable: A company needs to proposition to make publishers get interested.

Creativity: A creative mind needs to be evolved to grab the attention of top-tier publishers.

Diversity:  If your website does not have a natural ‘link profile,’ it can be red-flagged by search engines. To make sure your profile is diverse, consider the following hits

  • Website diversity
  • Bloggers ranking about your business
  • People sharing your website on social media.
  • Reviews on high PA DA site
  • Comments that you have left on websites and blogs
Checking quite often at your rivals’ backlinks:

Factors that help websites rank in search engines

1)    Social media activity

2)    On-page SEO

3)    Domain name+ Domain age

4)    Links to your website

The main reason for a website to rank higher on any search engine is the number of links it acquires.

The fundamental truth is that the more links you earn, from highly authorized websites, the more appealing you become on search engines.

So, what are the reasonable benefits if you go for an analysis of your competitor’s backlinks? Halfway through go, checking your rival’s backlinks.

Check whether the link is Dofollow or Nofollow:

One of the most important factors you have to consider while link building actually check what type of linking you are building for. Meaning whether the link is Dofollow or Nofollow.

Nofollow is probably not the apt part of an effective link-building strategy. Although it has a good place in online marketing. Even though they can drive in a number to your website it doesn’t notify any sort of relevancy to Google’s recognition. This what Google says as its minimum.

do follow and nofollow-Links 2019

If you want your strategy to stand up with its backbone then considering Dofollow SEO will be perfect as these are the only links that are counted. It is a fact that Nofollow links are associated with most pages ranking well, sites do have these and authoritative sites. While most top-ranking competitors have an average of 70%, it might be quite strange if your website holds 95% Dofollow links. This tends to have been happening naturally.


The search traffic for a particular keyword starts to explode once a story starts to trend. What Google does is, it ranks the story at its first results page with this help the story will get highlighted by Twitter’s trending topics. When you hijack the story at the right time, you will be able to get the attention of a huge set of audiences while it is still being built. Although the newest release of stories could be high in competition there is a huge chance of getting links from other outlets who would use them as a reference. Hence, Newsjacking can provide both long- and short-term benefits.

Furthermore, use Google Trends to get updates of trending news around the world and Google Monitor to inspect keywords.

The usages of expired domains:

There are quite a large number of sites that run auctions for those expired domains. Some sites even let expired domains on auctions on a very regular basis for instance: GoDaddy! Even though Google is not crazy about the concept of using expired domains, many people still tend to create private blogs from these expired sites and use them for backlinks to paid sites.

expired domain with backlinks

Many SEO strategists use a variety of link-building strategies to eventually help them build links with expired domains. The sensible usage of these domains can be quite valuable

Link Reclamation:

Link reclamation is a great sensible way for link building. This maintains a positive user experience and gets you quite a number of backlinks. Finding removed/broken links to your prospective site and replacing them with an updated URL will work out. If you want to maintain your link profile and your ranking then link reclamation is a vital part. Link reclamation opportunities are based on the type of content you have produced apart from the brand and mentions you use.

link reclamation

Nevertheless, there are lots of other uncontrollable factors. Therefore, however, you can not guarantee that you will be getting at your efforts. So while finding the opportunities go for deeper ones.

Testimonial Link building:

A daily basis testimonial has to have its, old demands and keywords in its right position. Be in high quality also offer enough high authority and class. There is a number of testimonials links on several sites. It may not be the perfect infographic you display. Reviews and testimonials provide great content.

testimonial link building

Testimonial links and reviews can notify whether your page has been updated providing you with opportunities depending on the reviews. Audiences who look into your brand’s offerings will also get exposure to their brands via their website’s links

Reverse Engineering:

One thing that pops into everyone’s mind is the rival’s performance. Reverse engineering can advantageously and improve your strategy.

Site structure plays a major key role:

The best way to look at your competitor is by looking at the comparison; this will give you an organic understanding. For reverse engineering, trust flow is needed. The most relevant topic belonging to your competitors will be featuring high authority of trust.

reverse engineering seo

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide of the best easiest ways to Reverse- Engineering your competitors Organic SEO strategy.


Acquiring high-quality backlinks are a necessary part of the SEO world. These help you to gain and spread as far as a wide range of audiences throughout the entire web, only if the right strategy is made. Links are the main signal t0 Google that your site worth’s in the citation, that is why mostly all websites are under link building, which earns a site’s ranking high. An effective link-building strategy should always bring in more attractive audiences via backlinks to your website.

However, this a tough task unless until the right team is conducted together with the help of the right leader. I hope you will find the above given  ” Link building strategies,” helpful well on your way to online success. Do let me know if you have any questions or points beyond the above-given ones down below in the comment section.

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Top 25 Instagram Fashion Influencers

”Being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly,” Groom your personalities with the perfect sense of dressing!

Imagine uploading stunning fashion pictures of yourself at least every 3x in a week and you becoming a fashion superior Influencer on Instagram? This powerful identity will, in turn, bring a certain level of happiness within you. Most of you will know the types of designs you prefer and will have found the right influencers compatible with your taste of styles,

The more recognizable influencer you become the more opportunities you will be sought with. Adding multiple flattering filters, angles & touch-ups could bring in huge appeal to your photo, however, the significant thing is to think about how standardized and loveable it becomes after being posted on Instagram. What does Fashion look like on Instagram? Instagram with the combination of Fashion can get addicting most of us don’t fail to check Instagram & Facebook as soon as we wake up. The absolute truth is it is more addicting than coffee, whereas we spending at least a minimum of 20 minutes in the mornings!

Did you know: 

” When 50 Instagram fashion influencers posted pictures of themselves wearing the same Lord & Taylor dress on the same day, they requested the Instagram Fashion niche that the dress should be a must have with an unexpected turn all the dresses were sold out the following week.”

Instagram is showing no signs of a recession, with over 1 billion users of March 2019 and a massive number of 500 million daily users. The app is forever exceeding downfall expectations!

What does this have to do with Brands?

Brands are likely to make increasing Instagram communications for their influencers. This gives them a wide range of exposure to their targeted audiences letting them give an unpredicted reach all over, to generate sales & develop a brand identity. It is a common practice among businesses to promote a hashtag for customers to be used while posting their outfit. This helps the brand to build a better brand identity and a sense of community with their league of Fashion influencers.

With this keeping in mind, take a look at the ”Top 25 Fashion Instagram Influencers.” and acknowledge whether these influencers fit in with your taste. Before you get to know the influencers here’s an even interesting fact you should know about Fashion & Instagram which will eventually urge you to become a Fashion Instagram influencers!

Did you know:

”Fashion influencers with up to 1 million followers can earn $ 10,000 per post, and followers with more than that will get into the territory of getting paid up to $100,000, some even get $250,000 for a single post.”


1) Alexa Chung

A model, author, presenter, writer, DJ, designer, entrepreneur and fashion journalist. Alexa Chung as a result of her attractiveness, Alexa became the brand of many expensive prestigious brands making her an everything person. She even collaborated with High- path brands Marks & Spencers! She has been the brand page of Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar, and also represented brands like Gucci & Mulberry, leaving her to the utmost level of popularity.

top-25-instagram-fashion-influencers- alexachung

The 30-year-old is getting collected with 1.5 U.K Pounds, according to the latest reports. Her peculiar style and persona make her Instagram account joyful and unique in style bringing in more attention. If you are looking for more glamour and styles her Instagram account with 3.1M followers is a must!


2) Danielle Bernstein

Instagram followers 1.9 million!

‘’We Wore What,’’ was started by Danielle Bernstein, as a fashion student in the United States. Today, leaving her as one of the most top fashion Instagram influencers. The long native has her branding styles where brands are willing to pay her up & 20,000 per post. We Wore What was stated as a fashion blog making it now an interior with touches for designs and menswear. She launched two of her brands in 2016.

danielle bernstein

Danielle has worked with a lot of brands for accessories, designs, fashion such as MANGO, Silvia Tcherassi, and Armarium and Nordstrom. Also, meantime promoting travel and hospitality brands industries. If you are more into fashion, don’t miss out to give her a follow and stay updated!

3) Julia Engel

Julia Engel has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and was named as Forbes Top Influencers back then in 2017, working with high branded campaigns which include Tiffany & Co. and Nordstrom. Berolzheimer & Tory Burch. When Julia started her fashion blog back then in 2011 she had no idea that this would be something turning out to be successful.

julia engel

She began sharing her unique styles in persona with her before now her husband. Now Julia has her clothing line, Gal Meets Glam Collection, which manufactures a line of female dresses sold at their site. One unpredicted start of a career luckily ended up so well for Julia Engel, so does would not it for you. Don’t forget to give her a follow if you are missing one already!


4) Chiara Ferragni

With over 17.5 Million followers equivalent to the Netherlands population, the 31-year-old Chiara Ferragni the founder of the Blonde Salad, a fashion blog has turned into a wanted icon. For more than 10 years she has been writing her blog, in both Italian & English, the blog began a major take off and made her recognizable for hugely successful brands. She was selected as a cover girl for Vogue magazine back then in 2015 making her the very first fashion blogger on Vogue’s cover. Following that she appeared on almost 50 plus covers.

chiara ferragni

Pantene in January 2016 making her the brand ambassador of Mattel Inc, which was created in 2016. A barbie version was created of Chiara Ferragni with a white T-shirt, black leather jacket and her collection of shoes.

5) Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg began her career as the first blogger making an appearance with fatikini on Instagram, fashion-forwarding clothing for women in all shapes and sizes, holding with over 590,000 followers and being the top fashion blogger on the list.


Gregg made the word fatkini trendy by building her name for all women in all shapes and sizes. Recently she launched a plus-size design Swimsuits for all women in sizes. She began an icon ever since her market value for the dress collection made for all women in shapes and sizes started conquering the fashion world industry.


6) Jenn Im

Jenn Im is a life and style superstar with over 1.6 Million followers worldwide on Instagram, whose digital influence spans all over the world, including her social Media & YouTube popularity ” Clothes Encounter.” Her fashion line, ”Eggie.” sold out in merely a few minutes of collections with colour pop and Mejuri, representing true dressing confidence among every individual.

jenn im

Jenn is known as the most charming, striking personality for major brands and publications. She made her recent partnership with Calvin Klein, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Levi’s, Smart water, the NBC Olympics, Target, Smashbox & Clinique, Macy’s. She is into empowering the fashion world with her polished and accessible style. Don’t forget to give her a follow if you are missing one already!

7) Susie Lau

This woman has been into fashion blogging since ages, she started her first debut blog in March 2006. Which had a lot of her fashion thoughts, personal experiences, and spotlights on the trend of the young generation of fashion? She is currently working for huge brands like Vogue and The Guardian now holding over 403, 000 Instagram followers, settling her as an Icon. Susie Lau is a British Born Chinese who also speaks at conferences about the role of fashion in Social Media and their trending relationships. She plays crazy street style looks with her charming looks. Give her a follow, today!

susie Lau

8) Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason being a Blogger, Designer & Digital Star began her blogging in 2008 while working with a design firm, she never expected her surprise contact from Vogue which ended up so well for her career. From there, she was asked by Vogue to write their ” Curvy” vertical, and the rest became history for her. In 2017 with fellow influencer Gabi Gregg she launched her plus-size apparel line Premme.

nicolette mason
Instagram followers: 162,000!

9) Leandra Medine:

Instagram followers 600,000!

This lady is the founder of Man Repeller, a fashion blog. She works on trending quirky concepts and novels that women love and men hate. Her fearless fashion opinions and honesty made her stand out as one of the top fashion influencers in the world. Leandra Medine combines fashion with a comedic approach making her unique among the rest.


She doesn’t take everything so seriously and yet is indulged with her passion for the fashion industry, this is what makes her so much interesting for the public. An interesting character to keep up with!

10) Shini Park

”It’s all about fashion & style when travelling around the world.”
-Shini Park

shini park

Just like the rest of the students, Shini Park did not go down the ordinary way. Instead, she decided to be a digital consultant, photographer, author, and graphic designer also running her blog Park & Cube!

This was the platform she used to express her thoughts on styles of chosen subjects like fashion and food. Apart from this Shini is also a photographer as she posts a lot of sensationalized stunning photos online. Holding a record of 209,000 followers on Instagram.

11) Maja Wyh

Today, holding 262,000 followers on Instagram, Maja Wyh is a digital fashion tastemaker from Germany. She st5ands out to be unique for her oversized clothing designs with a vintage look.

Maja Wyh

Her love is towards loose and vintage clothing, through years she gets the feeling of what fits best for the public. She has been a huge impact in the Fashion industry for her outraged style of dressing and has been called the Queen of oversized outerwear.

12) Candela Pelizza

Candela Pelizza is a Model, Social media influencer & blogger who has walked the runway and has also modelled for huge brands like Gucci, Kenzo, Vera Wang, and more. Brazil-born, Italian-based model has over 505,000 Instagram followers. She consistently is stealing the focus with her willowy frame, making the 34-year-old a real big deal in the fashion industry.

candela pelizza

13) Camille Charrière

This fashion icon is a French model conquering the fashion industry’s leading influencers, well known for her sharp take on the fashion bloggers at present. Camille Charrière has collaborated with brands like Chloé, Mango, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Harrods.


She got the focus on herself by bringing in French style and luxury mixes together as a combination worth of style. Now living in London, she has over 639,000 followers on Instagram and runs her trending blog

14) Garance Doré

Garance Doré is a French illustrator, author, and photographer well known for her fashion blog. She was working as a freelancer in France before blogging. Soon after she began her blogging, she started incorporating writing into her posts perfectly.


She also started photographing around Paris in 2007 for her blogs making it a unique street style subject. Since then she began working with huge brands such as Chloé, Chopard, David Yurman, Tiffany & Co., Surprisingly making a rank at New York Times magazine as the ” Guardian of all style.”

15) Pandora Sykes

Pandora Sykes is a speaker, podcast co-host, and journalist from London, famously known for her enthusiastic hard work on broad array of platforms. Currently working as an Editor & digital communist at ELLE magazine.

pandora sykes

She has written for titles including, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, GQ Marie Claire, Man Repeller, and The Telegraph. Pandora has been working for pop, fashion, social culture, mental health and has also interviewed a lot of celebrities around. Her core goal I to make women feel less lonely and more understanding

16) Gala Gonzalez

The 33-year-old all-star supermodel is a designer, DJ, fashion designer being recognized as the first Spanish fashion blogger. Gala Gonzalez became a fashion Instagram influencer due to her unique outcasting style and photographs, making the utmost supermodel in the world also being an influencer on Instagram. She makes regular updates of her photos and looks, plus the behind the scenes of the Fashion weeks and shows.


17) Ines de la Fressange

This 61-year-old French model, style icon, fashion designer, aristocrat & perfumer. Ines de la Fressange was one of the top supermodels and was named the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in the ’90s. Now she has settled with her ” Evergreen Look.” Becoming one of the major fashion Instagram influencers who regularly combine with brands to produce the best collection ahead, with her settlement of styles.


18) Jeanne Damas

Sometimes it can get a little awkward when looking at what the fashion Instagram influencers are wearing. You might be wondering whether if it is even possible to wear that thing to feel the goodness.


With Jeanne Damas that is not the case, she puts together an enviable look that could be perfectly matched with the brands of collections you choose t wear.
Jeanne Damas is an actress, model, and founder of her clothing line ”Rouge.” She made her debut in few films and appeared on the Forbes under 30 list.

19) Madelynn Furlong

Madelynn Furlong is an all-natural model, blogger, designer, and stylish. She won Wide Eyed Legless blog site, where she shares her thoughts and experiences about all her designs and styles. She later became the top fashion Instagram influencers, street style, plus photos of her adventurous life with a combination of model


20) Alex Stedman

If you are looking for a budget-friendly look, then Alexa with over 166,000 Instagram followers should be given a click. She has been working as a Fashion stylist and journalist for the past 15 years in London. Furthermore, starting her blog, The Frugality with absolutely zero plan. She posts legitimate photos of herself showing off enviable but surprisingly charming affordable looks, becoming a huge fashion Instagram influencer in the world.


21) Reese Blutstein

Reese Blustein works along with her twin sister, Molly. The twins living in Atlanta, Georgia decided to maintain an Instagram account and post pictures of themselves with their outfits on Instagram. Their inspiration was her grandmother, they started by looking at the interests of others in posting on Instagram and two years later, naming their profile, @double3xposuregetting over 161,000 followers on Instagram, which drove them of becoming the two major Instagram Fashion influencers.

reese blutstein

22) Giovanna Engelbert

This 39-year-old star is an Italian born fashion stylist and Creative Director, she is a street-style designer and editor for Japanese Vogue living in New York. The supermodel with over 737,000 rising followers, works hard with little sleep posting irresistible photos of herself on a daily basis meaning-making her the up-ranked model fashion influencer on Instagram.

giovanna engelbert

23) Patricia Manfield

patricia manfield One unique feature that makes her stand out the best in her ‘’ no filter’’ pose on her Instagram stories since she has flawless skin. Her feed is high-value fashion with a successful engagement on Instagram!

24) Helena Bordon:

Helena Bordon is a famous Brazilian fashion blogger & socialite, she co-founded the high street fashions of Brazil with her childhood friends. She started offering a wide range of men’s and women’s accessories with high-quality styles. Being an avid blogger, she keeps on updating regularly about her fashion, style, beauty tips, style and more. In 2013, Helena made her first creative set of Jewell collections with a limited range called LOOL.

helena bordon

25) Olivia Palermo

She first began her career as a reality TV show host and model, becoming a style icon with millions of Instagram followers making the top fashion influencer in the industry. She is the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Olivia Palmermo Inc, her passion for design and appreciation for quality has led her to be followed by a lot of people around the world. She owns her style of confidence, creativity, and entrepreneurship.


Fashion Thoughts!

The betterment of a personality depends on one’s dressing as well! Being said this, meantime I hope the above given ‘’Top 25 Fashion Instagram Influencers,’’ might have brought in some ideas on how fashion looks like, also helping you with foreseeing the upcoming trends for the next decades. Have you started following them, yet? In the downside topic, I have given you the top 25 fashion Instagram influencers currently conquering the world in the 21st century. Take a deep look at each and every fashion influencers Instagram profile and know your taste of fashion and style. It would be great if you could come back here and tell us about your most favourite influencer and style you loved the most looking at. I bet you will have something to say!


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